Bleacher Report

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Maybe there was a 2nd spitter 😂
Another Harden step back. Another Clipper down. 😬
KD got nice with it 😮
Three games in and Trae is making noise
Kareem Hunt. Cheat code. 😳 (Via @thecheckdown )
Trae Young was PULLING UP on the Cavs 👀
A QB class of their own 🐐
Breaking: suspensions for #SpitGate , per @wojespn Rondo- 3 games Ingram- 4 games CP3- 2 games
Lamar Jackson runs it in for his 1st career TD 💪 (via @nfl )
Drew Brees joins the 500 pass TD club 😤
What. An. Ending. (via @nfl )
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