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Are you sleeping on #seo @officialsixpackabs changed their name from #sixpack #shortcuts to #sixpackabs 👀👀👀💪💪💪 If you are a #fitness brand and want to build your business so you can help more people, then you need to check out our free training on how you can get traffic to your site. Google search has helped countless of people get traffic to their site, it’s not too difficult and I have done it for my own brand @alannafa There is room for everyone! Continued #success Alan
Do you want it or nawww? One of the biggest challenges I face in helping my clients fully utilize #digitalmarketing systems is helping them with #Mindset If you are just getting started and think it’s an impossible’s NOT!! Just take it one day at a time and work to improve your craft daily! Had the pleasure of social media sharing with me @90.10training prob because I follow both @jlawbball and @djsackmann. Had to talk about it on my Facebook Group stream to help #basketball trainers take their business to the next level. Everything is scary at first, but as you practice more and more , you slowly get better and get more confidence and value to add to the market. Just like getting better at basketball, #videos #livestreams #instagram any form of social media, paid or organic, comes with the reps and set mindset. Don’t let fear hold you back. Everyone can do this. I believe in you Continued Success Alan Nafarrete @alannafa P.S still get nervous sometimes on the streams. But the #mindset that today is another opportunity to help someone is what pushes me past fear. Hope this helps #fam
Why aren’t you operating at #wholeheart everyday? Sorry for the MIA fam been scaling my systems to really streamline the process for bringing on new hires and new clients. I’ve been keeping up with my #livestreams that you can join on the group and want to give a shoutout to the #socialmedia team for making this highlight for me. I wanted to add a snippet to further explain what I was talking about on my stream. I find it like the lessons from the movie #gattaca where the brother reveals his secret to success is that he saves no energy for the swim back (Sorry for the spoilers) Most people operate in a framework that they can’t give it their all because they have to save energy for the #hunt tomorrow. Basically, we don’t live in the hunter gatherer times anymore, food is #abundant , resources are #abundant and yet the majority of people hold back. I have actually found in my experience when I go 💯, my body gets used to operating that high level and I actually have MORE ENERGY, as suppose to days when I feel like not doing anything. Hope that clarifies some things lol the edits are reaaaaal choppy but that’s on me for not making better training material. We are all out here to improve one way or another. Now I am at a point in my business where I have to learn how to make others wear the #hats that I put on. #document don’t #create Best wishes for you, Alan Nafarrete @alannafa
Hey guys been doing a #livestream show answering questions on how I run my digital marketing agency. I just finished the latest one on Proposal Software and marketing tools. The schedule will be like this Monday : #business growth Wednesday :#baller marketing growth Friday: #funnelhacker existing businesses. Any other stream replay will be a #value post on how to grow your business. So if you are a #baller or want to be one check out the group. Also in the description. See you in the inside
Do not let #fear stop you from becoming the best at your craft!! I used to never play basketball on the first courts of @georgiatech basketball gyms because I was too shy and scared to play with people who “were just better than me” I remember when I first started, my friends just took advantage of my height and said sit under the rim and get the basketball and pass it back to us (#lol ) Looking back on how far I have come, it has been from putting in the #repsandsets putting the time in the gym to become the best #baller I could be. If I did dribble drills long enough, I would get better. If I did shooting drills long enough, I could shoot further and more consistent. Social media and digital marketing is the same thing. If you make more content, practice speaking more, practicing recording and editing, YOU WILL GET BETTER. I don’t even think what I present now is the best. I can definitely get better. That’s the exciting thing. That’s the hack/secret everyone is looking for. You want to be bad because you have nothing but upside for putting in the work and getting better. See you at the top, @alannafa
Once you realize the opportunity and position you are in to be blessed to live in a time where we can showcase our skills and talents with the world, you will begin to start taking massive strides in your business. I wanted to share snippet from @dylbball interview. Just being alive in a time where no one is stopping you from making content, no one is stopping you from creating a brand, no one is stopping you from creating a lifestyle that you want to create. There are other people less fortunate that perhaps don’t have the resources, don’t have the time, don’t have the confidence in themselves to do it. I challenge you to take the ego away and do it for others. Be the flame and light that shows them that it is possible.
Hey trainers, here is something to consider as a thought experiment. On my call with @thesecretrainer we were talking about our conversion rates. (Something you should all know *cough @tylermatthews5 ) One thing I picked up from a Gary Keller who wrote #theonething is the idea of filtering out prospects before they even contact you. He would put a checkbox that said if you contact me you are serious and you will commit to doing one good random act of kindness by messaging me. By asking his customers to filter themselves, he only got emails from people who were committed to his purpose and his business. (Also they helped the world out by doing a random act of kindness win win) I bring this up because there will always be issues and struggles to build for your business. First there are no leads. Then there is the conversion rate issue. Then comes the next step of scaling. Then the next problem. But when you have a mission and purpose you will commit to solving these problems and continue growing your business to make the ideal world and idea you have in your head become a reality. So if you are just starting out, start tracking your customer acquisition model. For those further along, try this method and tip out so you can save yourself the time of following up on stale leads. Just my two cents #garyvee style on this issue. Stay strong, Alan
Hey guys, been a busy week but I have finished the free #training on #ilovebasketball business model. Thanks to everyone who joined on the live calls and the trainers I’ve connected with before to help me get to this point. I hope this 5 part series helps you guys understand the position and #opportunity you have in life to make something special. #leggo #wecanbuildthisthingtogether
With the new releases that @apple shared today, I wanted to share this latest video from the #keystosuccess series. With every release you have for your business, you will find that you can continually iterate and create better versions of the product. But for most people, the launch never comes. People sit on this idea of chasing perfection before ever releasing there first product. As more and more people are entering the digital marketing space, I’d like to encourage everyone to look at the products people first released. Take notes on how they improved the product based on customer feedback and start learning that everything you build will never be perfect, because you are ALWAYS getting better. Put out the best works that you can, but don’t let the intimidation of being perfect freeze 🥶 you from ever putting anything out. Hope that helps for people stuck in the launch phase! Full video in the link in the bio
When you discover what you love doing in the world, you absolutely must at least give it a shot to make it your main source of income. First you can start off as a side gig, but one driving factor that encouraged me to grow my business was seeing that other people had made it happen before me. One of the best reasons I love studied success is you can notice trends of successful people in all industries. For this video series, I break down Steve Jobs mentality do you can resonate with the messaging when he was growing his business. ��I encourage all of you who are out their following your #passions to spread the fire of excitement and keep on improving! There are always things to learn and angles you haven’t explored yet that can really help grow your business! Whichever industry/niche you are in, there is a following where YOU can offer value! ��
#Repost @alannafa ・・・ Haven’t listened to this one in a while. Also haven’t made a #keystosuccess video in a while but just pumped one out. Life is what you make it. You can take it any direction you want to go. If you aren’t happy how it’s going, then just take a couple steps backs and plan a new route. Link in the bio for #stevejobs
Trying to launch a site? Not sure where to start? I am releasing a new video series on launching your own site that will get you in the fast lane to launching. The video in the link starts with the first step in hosting your site and the video playlist continues with creating your site from scratch Be sure to check it out in the link in the bio!!!
There are always ways you can innovate and improve your game. As the global market for attention is always changing, you must see what is working from a larger scale and adjust your strategy accordingly. Even with my own businesses I am changing how I outreach. First we were web design, then we adding social media management and paid advertisement. We have tons of free content on YouTube and engage daily on our Facebook group teaching 100s of business owners #smartcuts they can make in their digital marketing flow to give #VALUE to their audience. “You can have everything you want, if you will just help others get what they want.”
"Earn it everyday" One of the great things about learning from all disciplines is that you can take the habits and mindset of the successful and implement it into your craft. One of the best take away I got from watching the interview with @tombrady is his mindset on DESERVING it every single day. Nothing should be handed to you, and you have to really understand this mindset to go after what you are trying to accomplish in life. With are latest series on Youtube - I want to take different masters of all crafts, showing what makes them successful. What are they doing when they wake up. What are their mindsets. How can I do that as well. There are more steps involved to growing a business then the systems and content that you implement. It’s 10% content and 90% mindset. Once you can get these in place and realize why the systems in place work, then you can attack each day and create the value in your brand that you need to. Facebook Group launching soon on the systems that grew my clients businesses and also how I landed those clients
Tom Brady #quotes from his speech to Michigan on earning #success every single day The latest #KeysToSuccess dropped today. Check the link in the bio to see our take on turning Tom Brady's foundations and frameworks to success and how you can implement them to your daily routine and business.
Gary with the reposts from @jlo . @willsmith entering VBlog #motivation game as well. The tools are here, you just have to perfect the #creative and practice practice practice on the free feedback you get from the market. It’s not about the hacks, but the brand you build through consistent gooodwill of adding value to the market #Repost @garyvee ・・・ . First off I’m salty af about the jets loss and most of you don’t know it’s the one thing that gets me on tilt, so I’ll be a little different today. - Second, this video really matters, so much confusion when people look at others from the outside, we talk a lot about a lot of things on this page but one thing I promise you, if your ambitions are super big, work is a key ingredient. - Make sure your actions off the Instagram map to your ambitions in life, and the talk coming out of your mouth. - #entrepreneur #entrepreneurlife #mentalstrength #workethic #garyvee - #60secclub is on. - Tag a true hustler - H/T to @nickyjampr for coming through
Keys to Success from #kobe . "Everything Negative - Pressure or Challenges - are all opportunity for me to rise. " Do you overcome excuses or challenges or let them hold you back from where you want to get to in business, health and life.  Life throws you challenges to see if you are ready to take it to the next level. Treat every challenge you face as the universe testing to see if you are ready to handle what comes your way! You are either ready for it, or you need to take more time to improve. Either way, it's feedback that should keep you motivated and inspired to take MASSIVE action every day For our take on the rest of Kobe's Keys to Success, check the link in the bio
Find your passion and work backwards from there! The reason I created #keystosuccess is because all the greats have similarities and stories to how they achieved their greatness. When you can isolate those variables and see how it’s translatable in your industry, then you can dominate your market. In today’s series’s launched today Kobe talks about how he would look towards @apple engineering towards creating a product from design iterations to #engineering and use those principles to building his #ball skills. Everything can be reverse engineered and is a major strategy in #funnelhacking to build great marketing campaigns and efforts! Enjoy the vid. Link in the bio
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