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#Repost @alannafa ・・・ Haven’t listened to this one in a while. Also haven’t made a #keystosuccess video in a while but just pumped one out. Life is what you make it. You can take it any direction you want to go. If you aren’t happy how it’s going, then just take a couple steps backs and plan a new route. Link in the bio for #stevejobs
Trying to launch a site? Not sure where to start? I am releasing a new video series on launching your own site that will get you in the fast lane to launching. The video in the link starts with the first step in hosting your site and the video playlist continues with creating your site from scratch Be sure to check it out in the link in the bio!!!
There are always ways you can innovate and improve your game. As the global market for attention is always changing, you must see what is working from a larger scale and adjust your strategy accordingly. Even with my own businesses I am changing how I outreach. First we were web design, then we adding social media management and paid advertisement. We have tons of free content on YouTube and engage daily on our Facebook group teaching 100s of business owners #smartcuts they can make in their digital marketing flow to give #VALUE to their audience. “You can have everything you want, if you will just help others get what they want.”
"Earn it everyday" One of the great things about learning from all disciplines is that you can take the habits and mindset of the successful and implement it into your craft. One of the best take away I got from watching the interview with @tombrady is his mindset on DESERVING it every single day. Nothing should be handed to you, and you have to really understand this mindset to go after what you are trying to accomplish in life. With are latest series on Youtube - I want to take different masters of all crafts, showing what makes them successful. What are they doing when they wake up. What are their mindsets. How can I do that as well. There are more steps involved to growing a business then the systems and content that you implement. It’s 10% content and 90% mindset. Once you can get these in place and realize why the systems in place work, then you can attack each day and create the value in your brand that you need to. Facebook Group launching soon on the systems that grew my clients businesses and also how I landed those clients
Tom Brady #quotes from his speech to Michigan on earning #success every single day The latest #KeysToSuccess dropped today. Check the link in the bio to see our take on turning Tom Brady's foundations and frameworks to success and how you can implement them to your daily routine and business.
Gary with the reposts from @jlo . @willsmith entering VBlog #motivation game as well. The tools are here, you just have to perfect the #creative and practice practice practice on the free feedback you get from the market. It’s not about the hacks, but the brand you build through consistent gooodwill of adding value to the market #Repost @garyvee ・・・ . First off I’m salty af about the jets loss and most of you don’t know it’s the one thing that gets me on tilt, so I’ll be a little different today. - Second, this video really matters, so much confusion when people look at others from the outside, we talk a lot about a lot of things on this page but one thing I promise you, if your ambitions are super big, work is a key ingredient. - Make sure your actions off the Instagram map to your ambitions in life, and the talk coming out of your mouth. - #entrepreneur #entrepreneurlife #mentalstrength #workethic #garyvee - #60secclub is on. - Tag a true hustler - H/T to @nickyjampr for coming through
Keys to Success from #kobe . "Everything Negative - Pressure or Challenges - are all opportunity for me to rise. " Do you overcome excuses or challenges or let them hold you back from where you want to get to in business, health and life.  Life throws you challenges to see if you are ready to take it to the next level. Treat every challenge you face as the universe testing to see if you are ready to handle what comes your way! You are either ready for it, or you need to take more time to improve. Either way, it's feedback that should keep you motivated and inspired to take MASSIVE action every day For our take on the rest of Kobe's Keys to Success, check the link in the bio
Find your passion and work backwards from there! The reason I created #keystosuccess is because all the greats have similarities and stories to how they achieved their greatness. When you can isolate those variables and see how it’s translatable in your industry, then you can dominate your market. In today’s series’s launched today Kobe talks about how he would look towards @apple engineering towards creating a product from design iterations to #engineering and use those principles to building his #ball skills. Everything can be reverse engineered and is a major strategy in #funnelhacking to build great marketing campaigns and efforts! Enjoy the vid. Link in the bio
In preparation for new #keys2success dropping this Wednesday a look on #kobebryant mentality on improving teammates. Behavior change is the key to reaching new levels in yourself and with others. When you can properly motivate others and lead by example is when you will start seeing lasting change. Great interview by #lewishowes and great insight on championship mentality. Lots to come on the channel on #selfimprovement #entrepreneurship and how to connect the two to grow your #business Lets get it!!
#TrustTheProcess When you can detach yourself from the outcome and fall in love with the process of #improvement you will gain #mamba mentality Everything in life can be improved and worked on if you are critical enough. We have fallen in love with helping people improve and critique their ad budget and digital marketing based on analytics to get their message across! Improve your scores and grow your brand!
The latest #keys2Success from our friends @tombilyeu shares his advice for his younger self as you must realize you must harness fear to drive you towards your goals and "purify the flames" Fear exists not to stop you from what you want, but to push you past it and accomplish what you set your mind to. The day you stop pushing yourself past your comfort zone is a day wasted not improving Check it out on the link in the bio
New #keys2success dropping today on @tombilyeu Really amazing seeing his growth and consistency with the Impact Theory brand with consistent interviews, content and now his strategy on improving his IG branding. Definitely a brand to study. As Cam Newport states -“Be so good they can’t ignore you” If you aren’t getting business you want, then you have to get better.
“It does not matter who you are, what matters is who you want to become and the price you are willing to pay to get there.” - @tombilyeu 👊🏾 // Control your mind and control your destiny ! 🙏🏾🐟🐬 Congrats on @ikonick on the partner with @garyvee as well!! Check out the link in the bio for latest #keys2success and #motivationalblend videos
🔥🔥🔥 Probably the number 1 growth hack that our clients have utilized is reappropriating their marketing budgets to include more Facebook's ads into their budget. If you still think direct mail or billboards are the only way to get your message across to your customers, go ahead and log into yourself and see the CRAZY amount of ways you can reach your audience. Facebook Pixel + Facebook ads is probably the number 1 undervalued asset today and it's crazy businesses are still not on that game right now. Don't regret missing the bot on this one as @garyvee says! Who is new to Facebook Ads?
🔥🔥Foundations of Success🔥🔥⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ New video dropping on #ElonMusk . Our series covers successful entrepreneurs brining you snippets of interviews and talks so you can learn the mindset and behaviors that make them great! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Our newest vid has 5 keys to success that our team believes will help you be more #productive , more #motivated and excited in life. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Check out the full video and article on the link in the bio!!! #tesla #motivation #inspire #keystosuccess #keys2success #interviews
Been away from #socialmedia content from a bit. Been doing some traveling and working on internal systems for the business. Starting it back up with this post, along with continuing my #FoundationsOfSuccess videos on Youtube and more examples of how to audit your site and Facebook Ads to get better Performance. I was reading this amazing book #RiseandGrind and was listening to a podcast where he was describing how to grow a business and wanted to snip it for you guys because it is so key and fundamental to understand this process. As I was explaining to @davidnurse5 and anyone looking to pivot into the Digital Content game, it doesn't matter if you have 1 client or 1000. You always have to over-deliver and work 150% to provide as much value to the client(world).�As I wrote in my latest medium article - lead with value first and money is a byproduct of value. ��Keep crushing it guys! #sharktank #daymondjohn #podcasts @alannafa
It’s all perspective! #mrt dropping some value Never forget where you came from. Practice 🙏 #gratitude Gratitude never fails.
Gotta feature my guy @davidnurse5 running a sick #podcast His latest one features worlds top nutritionist and #lakers nutritionist consultant Cate Shanahan If you are running a podcast, an easy way to cross promote on all channels is to add visual elements and distribute a sound byte. This one features a simple audio bar graphics. #tutorial on how to do it on the link in the bio!
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