Eric Williams

Never under value your Talent Don't take pictures, Create them Model and Photographer Gallery @blessed_eric_photography ⬇️📍Tempe, AZ #blessedcaptures

Is it the colors, is it the lighting, is it the person, is it the angle, or is it the person viewing it. What truly makes a good photo?
Gotta have a reason you smile #gympic
A great way to start the morning
Just wondering 🤔
Got to meet @damianlillard the other day. I told him if Conor McGregor doesn't finish Khabib by the second round, he would lose. We saw what happened
Gym motivation is hard to maintain. I had to look back over the year and see some of the pictures I've taken. Once you got it, don't lose it #azfitness
Is the weekend here yet, no one wants to go to work. Wait I work weekends lol Life of a visionary 📸@jamesdphoenix
Everything becomes so clear, when...
Sometimes you gotta say " oh well 🤷🏽‍♂️.."
Model & Photographer, ain't many of us
Gotta enjoy the simple things
Summer needs to be over already got #azheat #summertime
I think different, I walk different, I act different because the things I want out of life are different.... 📸@byoh_photography
Can't change reality, change your view on it
In this world we all struggle for a place where we belong, a place where we feel connected, a place that gives us serenity
Is the grass always greener?
It's about that balance in life ☯️
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