My life in rural Queensland, Australia. We breed wagyus, ride horses, work hard and have fun. 💛 Mod: @rural_love

Good morning. I haven't picked up my camera or iPhone for weeks, not sure why, trying to stay on top of things at home and it hasn't left much time for IG. Here's hoping these foggy mornings might help me find my way back. 💚
Three of a kind ❤️
We love storm season here. 💙
After a flat tyre and then four hours at the hospital with Lucy Kate, who badly sprained her ankle at school, I was starting to think today was pretty ordinary but then we turned onto our road and saw this. Nature's way of telling me to exhale. 💙🌧
I think it's time to wrap this up. 💛✨
For Jane 💜 This time last week I was 1400km from home, feeling a little homesick and overwhelmed by the occasion. Jane, an IG friend I hadn't met, kindly invited me to her home. Over wonderful food and wine we shared a night filled with stories and laughter, it was as if we had known each other for years. It's always been the beautiful souls behind the lens that I love most about IG and I feel so lucky to have meet some of the most beautiful and generous. Thank you Jane and Ben, one day I hope to repay your hospitality. @janegraystone 💜 #wheninstafriendsbecomerealfriends
Home 💚
Mum just pulled over for this one. It's only a couple of hours until we're home. Thanks for the nice comments on my photo. 😊 Sarah
Since I have taken over mums Instagram account while she is driving, I'm sharing a photo I took last night. 😊 Sarah
We're on the road again 🎶 Clip filmed and edited by Sarah Produced by Mum @toyota_aus #roadtrip #tcmf2016 #toyota #homewardbound #australia #sponsored
Toyota Country Music Festival Tamworth 2016 has been an incredible experience. Thank you @toyota_aus for the opportunity to be in the heartland of country music and to witness first hand the joy the festival brings to young and old. Thank you for all that you give back to rural communities and your association with the @mcgrathfoundation and their work in providing rural Breast Care nurses. Having had a grandmother and aunties survive breast cancer, this is a cause very dear to me. And thank you the people of were wonderful. Photo credit: 📷 @oftwolands (thank you for this amazing photo that captured all the fun of the festival) ❤️ #ohwhatafeeling #toyota #tcmf2016 #sponsored #countrymusic
The moment before it begins. Last night the rain came down and in true Aussie spirit the crowd stayed on to watch their favourite stars during the free concert in the park. It seemed fitting that with so much of rural Australia still in drought, a concert in honour of the people in the bush would experience a beautiful downpour. @toyota_aus @tcmf_official @leekernaghan #tamworthcountrymusicfestival #countrymusic #tcmf2016 #toyota #sponsored #ohwhatafeeling #ihopeibringithomewithme #jj_forum_1455
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