Parisa 🧿

I may or may not be at my destination🌎 Or I may be in complete wanderlust💭 Waiting to take off again✈️ Architecting my adventures📝 DM for collab📩📬

Always feeding this restless soul🌪what feeds you? . . P.S. - really missing some blues and ☀️! . . .
Set your mind on the bright side of life🌟 . . . . #blueprintofmysoul
Rock the Kasbah🎶 . . . . #blueprintofmysoul
This beautiful Riad always had a warm welcome waiting after a long day of wandering through the mazes of the Medina. You would never think for one minute there’s all that craziness outside of the walls. Marrakech is so special🌹 . . . . . .
Work. Save. Explore. Repeat 🔄 . . . If you’re on a tight schedule, I would definitely recommend skipping Tangier😬don’t get me wrong, it’s a BEAUTIFUL port city but it just felt like any other port cities out there🤷🏻‍♀️but a great perk is that there is a 40 minute ferry ride into Tarifa, Spain! . . . #blueprintofmysoul
Adventure is why I’m happy...but also why I’m broke🤷🏻‍♀️😅 And I wouldn’t have it any other way; screw everything else, cause it’s all bulls#%! . . . . . #blueprintofmysoul
The most picturesque city I’ve been to! Every corner is bluer and colorful as the next, it’s hard not to take millions of 📸 and you can bet I’ve got tons😁 Trying to hold back from posting too much😏🙃 . . . . . #blueprintofmysoul
Castle on a hill 🏰 It’s also worth mentioning that the Pena Palace has crowds for daysss . . . . . #blueprintofmysoul
That look when you’re already plotting the next trip💬 Who else does this? Constantly daydreaming about the next destination ✈️ . . . . . #blueprintofmysoul
An adventure a day keeps the doctor away🗝 find someone to take on the 🌎 with; who’s down for it all, the good and the bad⚡️ Looking forward to a million more sunrises with you #4yearanniversary #aroundtheworldwego . . . . . #blueprintofmysoul
If you ever find yourself in this beautiful blue city, don’t miss out on the Spanish Mosque - the best views of Chefchaouen are from this hilltop💙 . . . . . #blueprintofmysoul
Hold only those close, who matter the most🔐 Appreciating each and every experience🌅 . . . . . #blueprintofmysoul
Paradise☀️a full day in the Azul The Algarve coast has so much to offer. From historical sites to Europe’s top beaches, you’ll be sure to find your perfect sunny seashore . . . . . #blueprintofmysoul
Admire the vastness... Some of Europe’s most beautiful coasts are found right here in the south of Portugal 🇵🇹 . . . . . #blueprintofmysoul
Plunge pools < natural cave pools No worries though, Portugal’s got it all . . . . . #blueprintofmysoul
Majorly blue and green💙🌵 . . . . . #blueprintofmysoul
Turned the mansion’s bathroom into a rose garden...because Instagram🥂 #roséallday #rosémansion
I feel like Bermuda can do no wrong 🇧🇲 picturesque, adventurous...british accents😍 a perfect weekend getaway if you’re on the East coast! . . . . . #blueprintofmysoul
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