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Me in bed today 👆🏻More collars to make though! Be sure to grab yours before they’re gone! If you don’t see the one you wanted anymore, that means they are sold out! Some will come back while others won’t! If you have any questions pertaining to the sale or any sizing issues or product availability just ask! . 📷: @the_wolff_pack_puppies
All current orders will be shipped out Monday! Took a bit of an absence yesterday and will today to work on around 60+ collars, but there’s just one more collab box to claim! And don’t forget about our anniversary sale for 25% off the entire shop plus an extra 15% off when you use a team code! More details in our story! . In other news, I am also working on testing new products, but I’m keeping it vague and secretive until testing is done 😉 Bandanas are also coming back next month, just in time for spring! . 📷: shop pup Kashi @muttinthemountains
One year is sneaking up! With it being so close, we are offering a 25% off sale now through February 6th on the entire store (excluding collab box). With that, for every $5 you donate to our chosen rescue, you will receive a FREE mystery key fob! Head to our stories for more details! . 📷: @lifewbelleau - BELLEAU15
One day til we open and I’m still not ready! Few pictures to take and things to sort out, but set your alarms for 5PM EST for our opening! I hope you’re excited as we are! Heads up though, some prints are limited but may come back! . 📷: @yellowlab_brandi
Don’t you love color coding? Some of the prints being released on the 15th! - Peaches and Cream - Marigold - Roseland - Citrus - Fritz (basic) - Alpine Hearth - Ramie - Potentially Purple - Oil Rocks - Pride and Prejudice - Meadowlark - Foliage
Happy Thursday! Sorry I have been slacking on activity here! But don’t worry, I have about 10 different projects I’m working on at the moment, so exciting things are coming! I’m getting closer to getting these daggum collars done though! . 📷: @golden.apollo.rocket
With the major holidays gone and finally another Sunday, time to tag your favorite DOODLE! any kind of doodle really! My personal favorites are @wally_the_dood and @haddie.doodle ! One doodle will receive a shoutout later today! . 📷: @haddie.doodle
Part 2 of spring term models! So happy to be working with these guys!
As our team is transitioning to the new term, I’d like to introduce the 2019 spring term models (part 1)!
With around 200+ collars in the works right now, my activity will be less than usual! Working as fast as I can to get the shop opened by the 15th! In the meantime, enjoy Azula’s hair being better than mine 💁🏼 . 📷: @zukoandazula
Happy 2019! I think this is a good moment to do a “meet the maker” post! My name is Staci and I’m turning 22 years old on January 8th! Kashi is my first official dog, she is 3 years old and has her own page @muttinthemountains ☺️ i have 2 tattoos; one on my collarbone that says “Always” from Harry Potter and an anchor with roses on my upper left arm. My mom taught me how to sew and was the inspiration to make handmade items. Kashi was the inspiration to make handmade dog items! I really like Dr. Pepper and my favorite animals are deer and elk! (besides dogs haha) Here’s some things I’m proud to say I’ve done: - I volunteered at the state facility, J. Iverson Riddle Developmental Center for the mentally challenged, working with therapy horses and helping residents with mobility therapy for 9 years. - I placed 3rd in Women’s and placed 5th overall at the National Scholastic Clay Shooting Competition, at the age of 10 years old. - I made my own business from nothing, built from the ground up and growing everyday - I donate to my chosen shelter every month, and have been now for a year. . Thank you all for your support in 2018, and I hope you guys continue to stick with us for 2019! . #dog #dogsofinstagram #hiking #hikingdogsofinstagram #hikingdog #dogsthathike #theruffoutdoors #northcarolina #blueridgemountains #moodygrams #nationalpark #nationalparkpaws #thegreatoutdogs #thegreatoutdoors #wildernessculture #livelifeoffleash #snowday #muttsofinstagram #mutt #lightroom #nikon #nikond3300 #dogshop #dogbusiness #meetthemaker #2019
I would like to recycle this year please 🙂 I could go on about how horrible 2018 was for me personally, but I’m just going to focus on making 2019 better! I hope to have everyone’s support in 2019 because I want to do so many great things for you all! . 📷: @rangerdanger_theacd
Today is the day! I’ll be messaging chosen models today, and I will announce next terms team soon after! Don’t be discouraged if you aren’t chosen, there will always be opportunities! . I’m working on a lot of things for the shop! New products and lines are in the works and it’s a very exciting process! . 📷: @zukothepoodle
Friday is here!🙌🏻 . Last day at my job, and I’m a little concerned for income but I’m hoping I have enough support with the shop to make it great! I have a few things planned for the year and I hope to make them a reality! Looking into some really cool things for you guys to take the shop up a level. Also our model search ends soon! I’m taking in quite a few and I’m almost at my capacity! I’m taking a wide spectrum of accounts, and I’ll be discussing that further in my stories ☺️ . 📷: @hugo.the.cattledog
Happy Holidays! I hope everyone had a great day yesterday! Lotje here got a present from us, she’s testing out a product we MIGHT be bringing to the shop soon, depending on how well it does! Any guesses to what it is? . 📷: @lotjethedachshund
Christmas Eve! I will be busy today at work and tomorrow with family so excuse my absence 🙂 . Model search ends on January 1st! New things are being planned and I’m hoping it’ll work out great! . 📷: @earlgolden
Christmas is around the corner! I’ll be completely offline that day of course, and I hope everyone can unplug for a day to just enjoy life as well 🙂 . 📷: @theadventuresofsherlockhound
Hello guys! I want to give an official update on the New Year and available products when we’re open! We’ll be opening with JUST collars! But we will get our bandanas back in the shop when I get my special machine for a slightly new style! It will take time and money so I hope you guys are more than ready to get some collars! I will also say that we will be keeping collar styles simple, and work our way up to add ons and martingales once I have the best possible grab on metal buckles and such! Our YKK plastic buckles however, are the BEST buckle for literally anything, looks sleek, and is budget friendly! I will be giving a more in depth look into sizing, widths, combos, and more soon! . 📷: @mcfluffin_pups
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