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Lots of size and prints are almost sold out! There are NO restocks for ANY of our prints so now is the time to get them! Check our stories and team member stories to see what great sales we have! . 📷: @saybergirl
Did you hear? We are starting our Black Friday sale tomorrow! And please make sure to use a model or ambassador code to save even more! Go ahead and pick out what you like cause it might not be there for long! . 📷: @bandits_mighty_adventures - BANDIT15
Friday face vs. Monday face 🎭 . 📷: @derpy.gsd.duo - DERPY15
Happy birthday to ambassador Winry! . 📷: @wildling_tails - WINRY15
Had an awesome day with Ambassador @wally_the_dood ’s mom! It’s so nice to see people from Instagram in person and it’s always a good reminder that people you talk to on here are truly real! So happy that she was able to stop by my town on her route to have lunch and meet with me! . In other news, I’m getting a lot of orders done at once, and I’m working to get most of them out by the end of the week! . 📷: @wally_the_dood - WALLY15
We have plenty of sales going on right now! Don’t forget there’s still a few $3 mystery bandanas left and ALL collars are 35% off! On top of that, you can use any model or ambassador code for an extra 15% off! . 📷: @milton_thedoxie - MILTON15
Happy November! I come with lots of good news! Thanks to the generosity of everyone who donated to our GoFundMe, Kashi was able to keep her leg! She should be coming home today! In other good news, $3 mystery bandanas are now live! There’s not too many so you have to be quick! . 📷: @golden.apollo.rocket - APOLLO15
Not the usual post on here right? Everyone say an official hello to the shop pup Kashi. Many of you know her current situation where she broke her leg. I’m still devastated about it and I have this mentality where blame needs to be set on me because I’m her caretaker. I can’t outright say I’m not to blame, but I couldn’t control what happened. Again thank you for the likes, comments, new followings, shares, and donations. We couldn’t do it without you. Kashi wouldn’t have the chance she has without you. . With all of that aside for a moment, please comment 3 things you love most about your best furriends. Make yourself love them even more.
Happy Red Dead Redemption Day! I know I know, most of you are like “what??” But I’m very excited about this game! If any of you have time, just check it out! #notbusinessrelated . 📷: @wild.we.roam - ROAM15
Happy Wednesday! We haven’t been on here much this week! I’m currently trying to get almost EVERY open order complete and ready to be tagged by the end of the week. Since I am waiting on tags, you can message me directly if you don’t care for/prefer the logo tags and your order will be sent out sooner! From this summer to now, my business has picked up way more than expected and I wasn’t prepped! Thank you all! You won’t see me much until all this is done, but seriously thank you guys. . 📷: @taterthewanderingtot - TATER15
Winter collections are up! One print does not have the photos available (I’ll be fixing that!) and what sizes we have is ALL that we have! I know some don’t have a lot but they are from repurposed linen so there wasn’t much to snag! Please just message me for any questions! I’ll be super busy but I will make time to answer them! . 📷: @doodleandthebean - DEXSAW15
Ho ho holy crap! Only one day left until our winter collars are available! Which is your favorite? - Wonderland - Rudolph - Gingerbread
Did you see our Vintage Snuggle bandana sneak peek? They are super soft and great for cold weather! We will have 6 prints total, some being super limited! Releasing Oct. 22nd so I’d get them quick! . 📷: @rangerdanger_theacd - Ranger wearing “The Bear” - RANGER15
Poppy is looking stunning in her very own “Winry” bandana! . No news today, just constantly working! 📷: @poppy_unleashed
We now have our calendar in our highlights! This is for you to be in the know of all of our upcoming dates and events, likes searches and sales. We will be adding more to our our calendar as we get dates set, but for now we have November and December up! . 📷: @duodoggos - Ollie wearing ”The Kiwi” - DUO15
Giveaway is up until Halloween! Seriously so many entries already 😱 In other news: - we just got our 100% recycled packaging materials! I’m so excited for these! - we also just got our holiday charms for winter collars! And they’ll only be available with holiday collars and you seriously need one! There’s lots more to talk about but look at our story’s for all of it! . 📷: @adventuresofakela - Akela wearing “The Wally” - AKELA15
We have close to 2,000 entries to our giveaway! You have a chance to win 2 scarves! We also have our Bryer, Oliver, and Ranger prints for 30% off now!! We aren’t restocking any of our current prints! . Personal update: I STILL have allergies, so I will be working on orders but backing off of the interwebs until I’m better! I have many orders almost complete they will go out later this week. . 📷: @kiwi.and.bear - Kiwi and Bear both wearing their namesakes! - KIWI15
* CLOSED CLOSED CLOSED * 3k Giveaway! We are giving away our very own infinity scarves! They can’t be found in our shop, so this is the only way to get them! But if this giveaway goes well, we might put a few up for sale! . Rules: - follow us @blueridgemuttwears - tag some friends! (1 tag = 1 entry) MAX 50 tags - your tags will be removed if you aren’t following us . Optional Entries: - share this lovely flyer on your story (5 entries, once a day) - brownie points: follow shop pup . Prizes: - 6 scarves, going to 3 winners 😱 that means 3 accounts will win 2 scarves each! . Giveaway ends on Halloween! 🎃 . NOTE: each scarf is unique in width, length, print and style. No two will be the same but we will make sure they fit the winners . U.S. only. Public pet accounts only. Not affiliated with Instagram. . Photo courtesy of @wildling_tails
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