Robert Omoto

Hitting mitts with @blackmamba185 at the old Ultimate Fitness. I had a violent altercation happen years ago. Everything I thought I would do in my head in a fight, I didn’t. I froze because I didn’t know what to do. That incident changed my life. I never wanted to have that feeling again of not knowing what to do. I’ll probably still get knocked out, but at least I might land a jab now.
No matter what’s going on in life, this little guy puts everything into perspective.
Great time this past weekend with North Coast Comedy at the Crow’s Nest with @ellistrated. Super dope venue, great audience, and Fort Bragg has some amazing views. Thanks @bernie_jake for having us on!
Got to open up for Mike Epps this weekend at Tommy T’s with @michaelcalvinjr. Paul Mooney came and surprised him on stage. Crazy to even be in this situation. Insane night.
Crazy busy, but fun time in Portland with the cousins and then went to San Diego right after to see my newborn nephew Roman. @jasonomoto
Great time last week getting to celebrate Starlin’s first Easter with the family. @v_nessa_xo
Amazing weekend at the San Luis Obispo Comedy Festival getting to be around so many talented comedians. @carloscomedy @dantethecomic
Wine tasting with a bunch of comics at the Baileyana Tangent Winery.
Got to catch up with one of my favorite comedians @cherylsoccermom at the San Luis Obispo Comedy Festival. Congratulations on making “Best of the Fest!”
Fun show last week at Laughs Unlimited with @yoshiobayashi. Thank you @jimmyearll for the stagetime! The guy with the beard below looks like he wants to punch me because I’m posing like I just won a softball intramural league championship.
Great time last night performing with Ellis Rodriguez at the Granada theater in Morgan Hill. @ellistrated #standupcomedy #bobbyomoto
Starlin finally got his shots and handled it like a gangster. Only cried for a few seconds. This picture would be my album cover if I was a rapper. @v_nessa_xo
Escape room last Saturday with the family. Thought we were close to finishing and we were only 50% of the way done. I should definitely try this again when I’m sober. @tinytomi @jonvon13 @ayo.mike_ @v_nessa_xo
Starlin‘s first trip to meet the family in Monterey last week. Grandma, Uncle John, and cousins. @v_nessa_xo @tomiko0013 #omoto #Starlin #babyboy
Always a great time getting to see and perform with these guys. @awkwarddiego @kirybazz @ellistrated @laughsunlimited
Come out to Laughs Unlimited tonight at 8:00 PM and support a great cause to raise money for the Trujillo family, who had their savings stolen during the holidays when their home was burglarized. $10 cover and all proceeds go to the family!
Starlin’s first Christmas. So blessed to have such loving families on both sides, and the best mother he could ask for. @v_nessa_xo
Dad with all the grandkids. Couldn’t keep them all still for more than five seconds @hairbytinytomi @jonvon13 @v_nessa_xo @jasonomoto
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