Robert Omoto

Fun time last night with @michaelcalvinjr for his Say it Loud comedy show at Laughs Unlimited.
My mom getting feed her grandson Starlin some noodles. This baby will be your best friend as long as you have food.
I was watching Chappelle’s special again. The dudes facial expression at the end has me weak. It looks like he was having a great time, then just remembered his girl is cheating on him with his best friend.
Jordan going in on Barkley ・・・ #Repost @breakanklesdaily with @get_repost @owntv
Crow’s Nest in Santa Cruz last night and back home. Fun road trip with @awkwardcougar and @ellistrated
Fun times last night out in Chico at Duffy’s Tavern with these two @javonwhitlock and @tavitalkstrash
Great time last night opening up for Mark Curry at Tommy T’s with @michaelcalvinjr and @dtyler916. Grew up watching Hangin’ with Mr. Cooper and used to watch his special over and over as a kid.
Forgot to bring the stroller and thought we were gonna run in and only get eggs. @v_nessa_xo
I’ll be at Tommy T’s tonight in Rancho Cordova with @michaelcalvinjr , @dtyler916 , and Mark Curry from Hangin with Mr. Cooper!! Two shows at 7:30 pm and 10:15 pm. Hit me up to get on the free guestlist!!
Damn they did this good Hahahaha #Repost @cedtheentertainer ・・・ They Killed this!!! #stopkavanaugh
There’s no way you would have not heard me dying laughing if I was there. I would have spit out Voss water all over my cardigan.
This picture is dope, except for Bill Cosby being in the shop. .... Who would be doing the most roasting in this shop? ⁣[🔥 by @the_wright_artist ] #Repost @comedyhype with @get_repost
Great time performing last night at Strings in Manteca with @teicheirachris @rguzman2112 and @alexelkincomedy killing it!
Fun time out in Benecia last night at the First Street Cafe with @ellistrated @mean_dave and @ninagcomedian.
Last two shows today for the San Francisco Comedy Competition!! I’ll be at the Rock Wall Wine Company at 2:00 pm and Crow’s Nest in Santa Cruz at 9:00 pm!!
Last day of shows today in the San Francisco Comedy Competition with these super talented people!
Tonight I’ll be hosting at Laughs Unlimited at 8:00 pm with a dope lineup and the hilarious Mike Paramore headlining! @nicklarsoncomedy @nicoleisjustok @epictiki @amysgotjokes @amybosch77 @laughsunlimited #standup #laughsunlimited
Fun time last night at Tommy T’s with @awkwardcougar , @javonwhitlock , and @michaelcalvinjr !
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