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I’m throwing this show tomorrow night at the Flamingo House at 7:00 PM! I’ll be hosting and hanging out, so come have a drink with me! Link to tickets in the bio. @kirybazz @saulcomedy @realbyrdman @parkerstandup
Fun shows last night at a packed @stabcomedy !John Ross IV runs an awesome place, thanks for having me on! If you haven’t been to the Confessions of the Garbage People Show, definitely go check it out. @johnmorrisrossiv @stabcomedy
It’s going down! I’m throwing a comedy show January 10, 2018 at 7:00 PM at the Flamingo House!!! Click the link in the bio for tickets. @parkerstandup @saulcomedy @kirybazz @flamingosac
I don’t throw stuff often, so I’m excited about this show next Thursday, January 10th at the Flamingo House. Doors open at 6:00 PM. Show starts at 7:00 PM Stacked lineup, beautiful venue, with great food and drinks. Click the link to purchase tickets is in my bio.
Bartended New Year’s Eve at Tommy T’s with Deon Cole.
Such a great collaboration.
Christmas with the family. Gave Starlin a bath and he kept putting the ball in his mouth and dunking the letters. 🤷‍♂️
Cousins and neighbors. They loved being in the boxes.
I was sitting on the curb outside of my work on my phone and some guy walked by and threw this Milky Way at my feet. He then proceeded to give me a head nod. First of all, I’m not homeless and if I was throw a regular size candy bar you cheap son of a bitch. Second, I don’t like Milky Way’s. If he threw candy corn, I think I’d have to fight him. I didn’t want to discourage him helping people out, so after he gave me the head nod I gave him one right back.
Size 14’s fitting real snug right now.
Tonight at Laughs Unlimited at 7:00 PM I’ll be on this stacked lineup of hilarious comics! Come through and have some fun! @carloscomedy @mylesweberjoker @lancewoods @saulcomedy @mikevcella @greatunclemeatball @tristanfunny @stephgarsha @rgnagivens38
Little guy loves to dance and them hips don’t lie. @v_nessa_xo
Hahaha did not know where this was going. Repost from @thebeastufc
Great time last night at @tinytomi for Thanksgiving. @v_nessa_xo
Long drive, but fun road trip to Sundialed dispensary in Ukiah with Jason Bargert and @tavitalkstrash. Thanks Andrew Batson, I don’t think I’ve ever performed for a higher audience.
Glad to be able to help out on a benefit show at the Moose Lodge for some families that lost their homes in the Paradise Fires. @zachedlow @awkwardcougar
Starlin was going crazy to @logic on the way home from Monterey this weekend. @v_nessa_xo
I’ll be hosting Michael Calvin Jr’s “Say it Loud” comedy show at laughs Unlimited tomorrow night at 8:00 pm! All November birthdays are in for free, so message me, and come check it out! @javonwhitlock @michaelcalvinjr @amysgotjokes
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