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It won't get easier unless you work on it!🏃🏃‍♀️ - While an excess of cardio is not ideal especially if your goal is to put on muscle size, incorporating it can be great for your heart, recovery, and mind! What's a cardio based goal you want to have for 2019??? - #bodybuildingcom #wednesdaymotivation
❄️Winter Weather= Warm up with Chili!🔥 - Chili can be a great high protein meal that fills you up and warms you up! Check out our Bison Chili Recipe full of complex carbs, veggies, and bison is a great lean source of protein! PLUS, it's made via a slow cooker so just add all the ingredients & when you get home, you will have an easy meal! - *1½ lb bison, ground* 14 oz can white beans, canned *14 oz can kidney beans, canned *28 oz can tomato sauce, canned *1 cup water *1 whole red pepper, thinly sliced *1 whole yellow pepper, cut into strips *1 whole green pepper, cut into strips *2 whole stalk celery, finely diced *2 whole onion, finely diced *3 tbsp olive oil *4 clove garlic, chopped *salt and pepper to taste *1 tbsp chili powder Add all ingredients to a slow cooker. Set on low for 6-8 hours! Enjoy! - #bodybuildingcom #buildyourbody #slowcooker #slowcookerrecipes #chilirecipe #tasty #tastyrecipes
Leave it all on the floor...It's your workout. Your time. Don't waste it! - Athlete: @smith.julian #bodybuildingcom
🍫THE REVIEWS ARE IN!💙 - Our Signature Protein Crunch Bars have changed the protein bar game for good! Have you had a chance to try them?? Leave your review below and on our site like this verified buyer did! If not.. what are you doing!? Tap the link in our bio and order! - #bodybuildingcom
A new week... another 7 days to put in the work. Use em wisely! How are you putting in work this week? - Athlete: @quiana_welch #bodybuildingcom #motivationmonday
🚩MEAL PREP RECIPE!🚩 - Salmon🐟+breadcrumbs+egg+seasonings= a high protein masterpiece! Make and grill the patties in advance then store in the fridge up to 3 days for an easy meal option! #mealprep #mealprepsunday #salmonburgers #bodybuildingcom - Burger Recipe: *16oz Salmon *1 egg *1/4c of breadcrumbs *2-3 TBSP Horseradish *2TBSP dijon mustard *salt+pepper Mix all ingredients in a bowl. Form 4 patties. Grill each side until thoroughly cooked.
WHEN IS THE RIGHT TIME TO MAKE A CHANGE TO KEEP PROGRESSING?⠀ -⠀ This is a common question we get... you stopped seeing results so now what? @bajheerawow thinks the best thing to try is to make small things and make one change at a time to see what truly impacts your results the most! - What is one change you have made or need to make for your best results?⠀ -⠀ #bodybuildingcom #makeachange #buildyourbody
BEAST MODE💪 - What are you training today? Deadlifts like @leanna_carr ? - #bodybuildiingcom #buildyourbody
CHEST DAY WORKOUT! SAVE IT🚩 - Grow your pecs like @lawrenceballenger ! Check this quick and effective chest workout! - Full workout: (3x10)Flat Bench (3x10) Champagne Press (3x10) Cable Cross Over (3 angles) (3x15) Underhand Flys (3x15) Diamond Push-Up - #chestday #chestdayworkout #bodybuildingcom
Weird flex, but okay?💪🏼 - @smith.julian loves changing up his exercises with unique variations like this lying lat "pulldown". What are your favorite exercise variations? - #bodybuildingcom #flexfriday #buildyourbody
WHY TAKE CREATINE?? - Alec Heersink (Senior Regulatory Compliance Specialist) and Tyler McGlasson, MK, CISSN Senior Regulatory Specialist) talk about the top benefit for taking creatine! - Want to take it? Shop our Creatine sale on now! Link in bio! - #bodybuildingcom #creatine #creatinemonohydrate #supplementfacts
Good things never come to those who stay in their comfort zone. Are you ready to step out of yours? - Athlete: @kizmvp #bodybuildingcom #buildyourbody
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