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~ EXCITING NEWS ~ We now have a wonderful new health service at our clinic to offer you ✨ Hi, Welcome to Eat Me Nutrition. My name is Michael Lawler As a father of two young children, the cook of the house and a Business Owner I get that nutrition can be time consuming, confusing, hard to follow and inevitably expensive. I founded Eat Me Nutrition in Brisbane in 2010 to help people, just like you, find real, practical and easy to follow advice. I don't believe in the latest fad diet or products, and I won't constantly upsell you things you don't need. I offer individualised, quality, science based nutrition and exercise advice targeted to your exact needs. If you need something easy to follow that's practical & real I can help you. If you want something fancier with gourmet foods, individualised evidence based supplementation and advanced meal plans, then I can help you. If you just need advice on a single condition such as Coeliac Disease, Food Intolerances and PCOS but you don't want me to heal you with crystals, then I can help you. I have been a Dietitian & Exercise Physiologist in Brisbane working in private practice since 2006 and would love to help people gain a clear understanding of how to best eat and move for your needs every day. I promise I'll let you have treats and because I love to cook, I love to help you enjoy delicious foods every day. To book in for a consultation , please call 3286 2060 & feel free visit my website I look forward to meeting you soon
Today’s results speak for themselves ~ plumpier, healthier, rejuvenated lips 👄 Instant results & all for our very competitive price ~ $350 for 1ml ✨✨✨ Call us to book in for you appointment and got those lips you have always desired & all in the safe hands of our well renowned Doctor, Dr Asadi ✨✨✨ 3286 2060 ✨✨✨
We have appointments available this week Feel refreshed, plumped, balanced & rejuvenated all for just $350 1ml ✨✨✨ Call us on 3286 2060 to book your appointment ✨✨✨
The creative & effective art of Vaginal Revitalisation, effective treatment for stress & incontinence. Restores your pre-baby body, revives your wellness & maintains your relationship. There is hope and we are only a phone call away so book in for your free consultation on 3286 2060 ✨
EXCITING NEWS ~ Professional MEDIFACIALS are now available at BODY DEZIGN HOUSE & are designed to rejuvenate, strengthen & treat skin. Whether your skin is in need of a hydration boost, sun-damage control or pigment correction, we can customise a treatment to suit your individual needs. All treatments are paired with a facial massage & infusion options to ensure maximum ingredient absorption & results ✨ To book in for your medifacial, please call us on 3286 2060 ✨
See the beauty of sound ~ harnessing the power of ultrasound to transform the brow, chin, neck & chest This energy initiates the body’s natural response to stimulate the growth of fresh, new collagen & strengthen weak collagen. Real results appear over 2-3months as new collagen builds, gradually lifting & tightening skin in the face & neck & smoothing skin on the chest For a free consultation, call us on 3286 2060 ✨
A subtle, soft, plump & natural fresh new look for this beautiful clients lips 👄 ✨ 1ml for $350 ✨ For your free consultation, call us on 3286 2060 ✨
Clients words of gratitude ~ Im so happy with the results, I’m afraid to say I’ve become quite vain these past few days, the mirror is longer my enemy 😂😍. Dr.Asardi is my unofficial new best friend as are all the beautiful women I met at Body Dezign 😘😘
A THREADLIFT procedure performed on our client in her late 50’s last Friday has left her feeling very happy with the results as are we all here at Body Dezign House. Our next post will show a side profile of her results and her personal words of gratitude. *Disclaimer : results vary from person to person For your free consultation please call us on 32862060 ✨
Our NANOPORE microneedling device is a mechanical pen that works by tiny needles rapidly puncturing the skin to induce a natural healing response. By stimulating the skin in this manner, the body starts to produce some substances that we lose through ageing process such as collagen, elastin & growth factors. MICRONEEDLING CAN ALSO IMPROVE: > Fine lines & wrinkles > Sun damage & pigmentation > Scars including acne > Stretch marks > Enlarged pores *Disclaimer: results will vary from person to person To book in for your free consultation, simply call us on 32862060 ✨
Our Head Dermal Therapist, Leesa performing ULTHERAPY treatment for our wonderful client which will improve the lines & wrinkles around her eyes as well as build collagen using Ultrasound Therapy. This procedure is non invasive, no downtime and very effective with results obtained. *results vary individually Call to book for your free consultation on 3286 2060 ✨
Our Medically Grade Peels are performed by our experienced doctor with NO DOWNTIME & a perfect lunchtime treatment. Call us on 📞 3286 2060 to book your free consultation.
Yes we offer zipPay ~ a Safe, Simple & 💯% interest-free account, offering you the ability to Pamper now & pay later, on your terms. ▫️Shop today with nothing to pay ▫️Set up flexible repayments ▫️Interest free always ▫️Reuse wherever you see zipPay Treat yourself now ~ we at Body Dezign House believe YOU DESERVE IT & look forward to making you feel even more BEAUTIFUL, REFRESHED & REJUVENATED ✨✨✨ Call us now to book your free consultation with our well renowned General Practioner Dr Asadi 📞 3286 2060
How stunning are these results for our very happy client today ✨ Desired results & all for $350 for 1ml ✨ Call us on 3286 2060 to book in for your free consultation/procedure ✨
Our client is extremely impressed so far with her treatments to correct her droopy eyelids *NO DOWNTIME *NON INVASIVE *LUNCHTIME PROCEDURE Call now to find out more about this wonderful procedure and book in for your FREE consultation 3286 2060
Non-surgical Eyelids Lifting ~ INSTANT RESULTS & NO DOWNTIME !!....client had treatment on her right eyelid and results are very noticeable - Say goodbye to overlapping or dropping eyelids
A client who has had her lips filled for the first time and extremely happy with her results ~ Happy clients ~ Happy staff We are loving her incredible results ✨ 1ml $350 Call on 3286 2060 to book in for your free consultation/procedure ✨
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