Bombay Sapphire

BOMBAY SAPPHIRE® Gin. Please drink responsibly. Content to be shared with those of legal drinking age only. Must be 21+ to follow.

This International G&T Day, we’d like to introduce The Bombay Sapphire Paint Collection: Blue Edition, in collaboration with @the_cocktailguy. We are providing bartenders with the tools to stir their creativity and enhance a Bombay Sapphire G&T with a striking brush of edible flavoured paint. #stircreativity
Legendary @rankinarchive helped us to kick off CANVAS in Berlin yesterday evening. #stircreativity
Capturing a splash is no easy job, especially when there are other ingredients involved. @Paloma_Rincon_ did an amazing job deconstructing the hero cocktails at our Bombay Sapphire CANVAS event, helping to transform the space into a living work of art. #stircreativity
We invited some friends of Bombay from around the globe to experience the juniper harvest first hand and to see what makes our gin so special. Florence is famous for inspiring creativity so it served as the ideal location for our guests to get a glimpse into the process of how Bombay Sapphire’s perfectly balanced profile is achieved. #stircreativity
As part of our Bombay Sapphire CANVAS event, @Paloma_Rincon_ experimented using the ingredients from our hero cocktails. The result was an incredible selection of images. This is the ‘Tess House’, using high speed photography to capture liquid in motion. #stircreativity
The Mule: Reimagine this classic cocktail with Bombay Sapphire. Give your Mule a fresh kick…Add a touch of lime into a highball. Swirl in a measure of Bombay Sapphire. Fill with ice. Top off with Ginger beer. Spice it up with some fresh ginger/mint. What will stir your creativity? #stircreativity
The incredibly talented @Paloma_Rincon_ was one of 15 international artists to help transform our Bombay Sapphire CANVAS event into a living piece of art. This is her version of the ‘Dante Martini’, captured using high speed photography. #stircreativity
During our Bombay Sapphire CANVAS event, @Paloma_Rincon_ deconstructed our signature cocktails, such as the ‘High Tide’, to create these amazing sculpture-like compositions. #stircreativity
The Gin Mule: one part gin, three parts you. Which cocktail will stir your creativity? #stircreativity
Photographer @Paloma_Rincon_ shared her take on the White-Rose-Red cocktail from our Bombay Sapphire CANVAS event. She deconstructed the hero cocktails and used the main ingredients, as well as ice, to create this stunning image. #stircreativity
True creativity requires the freedom to express oneself in whichever way they choose. This is evident in the work of the illustrator @jshmck , whose style is truly unique. Here he is being #stirredbyrankin . @rankinarchive #stircreativity
The Martini cocktail: reimagine this popular classic with Bombay Sapphire. Put the art into you martini cocktail. Add ice. Swirl in splash of noilly prat. Stir in a measure of Bombay Sapphire. Strain the mix into a martini glass...Garnish like a pro. Take a bow. What will stir your creativity? #stircreativity
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