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The way Kylie looks at Storm Storm 😭💛 @kyliejenner
STORMI!!!! 💖 Angel baby!! 😌 @kyliejenner
the Webster’s 👶🏽💛 @travisscott @kyliejenner
STORMIIII!! Get it girl! 💖😌 @kyliejenner @travisscott This lil mama is gonna be waking soon!!!!
Fendi Momma 🔥 @kyliejenner
feels like slow motion, we’re floating at the speeeed 🚀🌍💛 @kyliejenner @travisscott #ASTROWORLD
ARIEL SNAPPED!!! The most beautiful canvas 🧡 KYLIE IS ART 👏🏼🙃 @kyliejenner @makeupbyariel Using the KYLIE x JORDYN collection coming out on FRIDAY!!! 🔥
Stormi definitely has Kylie’s big brown eyes 👼🏽☁️ @kyliejenner @travisscott
Baby Ky & Baby Storm Storm! 🍼 This edit is adorable af ☁️💛 (Cr: @kyliekingdomm )
It will be so special when Stormi watches the “To Our Daughter” video with Kylie as she gets older 🦋☁️ She has already seen it and sat through the whole thing- how precious. 💕 @kyliejenner @travisscott
I love these little buns on Stormi! ☺️☁️ @kyliejenner (insp: @kyliesbitchx )
MEAL 👏🏼 NOT 👏🏼 A 👏🏼 SNACK 🔥💛 @kyliejenner
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