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Pretty much!
Damn....... Just finished watching 'UPGRADE' and I'll say if again 'DAMN!' such a dope movie, if I had to use a few words to describe the feel of the character and tech I'd say it's like Venom and Ultron had a baby and took a limitless pill. Everything about it was great, the pacing, the action, the camera work was stunning. I got to say @elemgy did an amazing job in this, honestly going back to my venom comment, watch the movie and you will see why, he not only looks like Tom Hardy but the moment the tech kicks in, looks exactly like the moment the Symbiote does, you will not unsee this haha. It's been awhile since I have watched a movie with a satisfied feeling after it has finished. Well done @upgrademovie #upgrademovie
Thinking of working on some season 2 @marvelironfist works, I really enjoyed making some for season 1, also maybe some Daredevil season 3 🤔
My brother @theycallhimx on his honeymoon accidentally recreated a meme
My good friends over at @thesuperherostuff hooked me up with this super limited edition #infinitywar new era cap and guess what? it actually lights up, so this goes straight into a glass box. Be sure to check them out especially if you collect hero hats
Free Ron Swanson banner for errbody 😂 can be found on my twitter :)
You guys seen the latest @marvelironfist trailer? Scorpion looks dope! :D #ironfist
Lost a legendary one today #queenofsoul Rest well Aretha, you will forever live on within your music ❤️
We all know #topgun is a Hal Jordan origin story 😅 @tomcruise #greenlantern I think in the green lantern movie, it will be Hal passing the light down. I think Hal will only be in one movie, that's what I'm guessing. I know it's too soon but I kinda would love to see Hal come in and go out a legend!
OK let's get back to serious Bid-NESS and that's rolling with the hype of a #metalgearsolid movie. I wanted to try out #oscarisaac he has a dope mean mug so I wanted to see how he looks and also wanted to do one of @henrycavill since I don't think I did it justice on the first one which was done quick. Hope you guys like these and I hope y'all can make some noise so @sonypictures hears you! #mgs 🐍
I got #vegeta vibes from @gal_gadot latest post 😅
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