Bound Agency

Social Media Storytelling #Slaygency ☾ Bound by a shared love of stories. Bound for greatness as a coven of women. Spellbound by our badass clients.

THEM: “Wow! There must me so much drama in an agency of all women.” US: “No.” #boundslaygency
CLIENT LOVE / #Regram @thesourcedenver ⁣ ⁣ Inspired by @williamespi 's Kansas City and Austin roots, @smok_denver brings flavor-forward, southern fare to The Source. Order a frozen drink, pile on the BBQ, never skimp on the sides, and don’t wipe the sauce from your face until the very end. ⁣ ⁣ #pc : @jenniferolsonphotography
Lo and Lolo and @skiptomylolo and @nonoimlolo , obviously. #boundslaygency
YEP! AND it’s a Wednesday. #aaronsamuels
On behalf of the Bound Coven, we believe you. #stopkavanaugh #believesurvivors #believewomen
Keep your eyes open.
CLIENT LOVE | @station16denver 's newest exhibit, ""The Dining Room"" by Marie-ClaudE Marquis, is an ode to the “fast food relationships that make it arduous to keep our emotional innocence."" As relatable, as it is instagrammable.
Answer in the comments below 👇CLIENT LOVE | #regram @bc4ucolorado / offering free, confidential birth control to anyone 25 or younger in Colorado. #safesexisgreatsex
Zeppelin Station just announced Shepard Fairy (@obeygiant ) will headline tomorrow’s ‘CRUSH IS IN BIG TROUBLE’ party at @ur_in_bigtrouble. MORE INFO/RSVP link in bio. #shepardfairey
This is some maj Sourcery shit right here! And you know how much the coven likes magic. Welcome to Bound Agency, @thesourcedenver. ⚡️
If you’re having a hard day... just remember there is a possum riding a pup around New Orleans today. The pups name is Marie Laveau and the possum is (naturally) named Robert. They met a few months ago and have been best friends ever since. @robert_and_marie
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