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If your too busy to fish, your too busy

A little Bowriver Bone action today #bowriver #bonefish
Thirsty Thursday at #bandedpeakbrewing
Man there is some good food to be found in this town #houstontexas
Beers and fishing on the bow👍 #bandedpeaakbrewing #bowriver
Hey look who I ran into at the protest today. I have feeling Justin might get coal in his stocking this year, will Justin turn around and slap a carbon tax on Santa? Make Trudeau a Drama teacher again #justintrudeau #pipeline #carbontax
Winter on the bow fishing #bowriver
That time of the year to honour our veterans and fallen. I was reading though a book of my grandfathers called the Suicide Battalion and he had made some notes in the margins about experience in WW1 . He made it through the battle of Vimy Ridge and was then wounded at Hill 70. His notes mention that day Aug 22 1917. Those physical wounds plagued him the rest of his life as i am sure emotionally as well. #remember #vimyfoundation #vimy101 #remembranceday , It’s been a hundred years since the armistice.
Halloween Party’s Rock lobster #party #halloween #jelloshooters
A little October Caddis nymph action tonight #bowriver #rainbowtrout #flyfishing #alberta
Great day in the mountains with @jonjacquard18 , weather was fantastic. #cutthroat #flyfishing #alberta #streamer #nymphs #onthefly
Monster head in this one, a little streamer action Sunday on the bow. #bowriver #flyfishing #alberta . Thanks for the net work Dean.
Big Squatch in the front of that boat
Thankful for this Country we we call home 🇨🇦, another beautiful day, visiting family and for this amazing Bow River that flows through our City. Happy thanksgiving everyone. #thanksgiving
Kananaskis Country. What a beautiful day to take my cousin from England on his first trip to the Rockies. The Larch were in full fall colours. Saw quite a few guys out fishing along the Highwood, was just a bit jealous. #albertabeautiful
Sep 29, 2018 Bow River Trout Foundation one fly Tournament. If your not a member consider joining they have some great initiatives to improve river access and trout populations. It was a cold day but managed to hook some fish. Our boat Lost at least two that would have taken the prize, this one got us tied for third in the Rainbow category. #bowriver #rainbowtrout #bowrivertroutfoundation
Bowriver Trout foundation tournament today. It’s a bit on the cool side but beer is still a must. #bandedpeakbrewing
Took advantage of the only nice day we have had for some time and caught this feisty upside down #rainbowtrout on another of @vonbaldwin_flyfishing leaches
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