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Advanced Training Techniques - BUILDING BIGGER BICEPS with @James_Grage_

One More Rep is the newest evolution in pre-workouts. It embodies the passion BPI Sports has for pushing the limits to be the best version of yourself. In fact, the video does not feature models or fitness celebrities, but two long-time members of the BPI staff. One is in sales, the other, graphic design. Both were willing to come out from behind their desks and get in the gym to show the world what the new One More Rep is all about. ⠀ ⠀ We are excited for One More Rep. The ingredients, the pump, the way it makes you feel in the gym— we’ve tested it, gone back to the drawing board and started over again. We kept refining the formula until we had it perfect. When we all agreed that the ingredients, the dosage and the feeling were just right, we gave it the honor of being branded One More Rep. ⠀ ⠀ Use the product and you’ll begin to understand its mantra. It’s about going after it, giving it your all and achieving more than you ever thought possible. It’s more than your results: a stronger body, a healthier spirit and a mind that is unwilling to accept limits. One More Rep is a philosophy. Where others stop, you go for one more. @jmproductions_video @danielguedes.lifeis @whitneyreid33_fit
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#OneMoreRep It’s more than a pre-workout – it’s a philosophy. 04.26.18 #NeverStopEvolving
#OneMoreRep It’s more than a pre-workout – it’s a philosophy. 04.26.18 #NeverStopEvolving
#OneMoreRep It’s more than a pre-workout – it’s a philosophy. 04.26.18 #NeverStopEvolving
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#BPINationTransformation with #TEAMBPI ’s @noelarevalo_ ・・・ We all start somewhere just as your girl did 🙋🏻‍♀️ - I did the year of guessing what to eat, guessing what I should be doing with weight lifting and guessing what I should be doing for cardio. But there was no consistency on my part because half the time I was stressed and frustrated about thinking am I doing this correctly? This frustration consumed me so much that I would find myself every other week starting over. Meal prepping, going to the gym aimless and Insecure. Then weekends came around and everything went out the window. - My thought Process: “Why stay consistent when I’m putting in everything I’ve got yet seeing no results” - I did this for an entire YEAR. And guess what a year later still no muscle gain, no strength progress no muscle toning and now an even bigger lack of confidence because of it. - Everyone starts somewhere I did just as you. Deciding to work with a coach was the best decision and the most Transformational decision I’d ever made that changed my life to this day. Not only did I gain so much confidence in myself and my abilities but I felt confident and happy in my body & skin! ——————————————————— Learn more about Noel and the rest of the #BPISports team on BPISPORTS.com
EVENT ALERT! Friday – April 27th - Join us at Contral Broward Regional Park Stadium for a HUGE party to celebrate the launch of the BRAND NEW #ONEMOREREP ! We’ll have product sample, athlete meet & greets, weight lifting contests and more! Don’t forget to stop in and check out the Food Trucks! FREE PRIZE for the first 100 people! #BPINation #BPISports #TEAMBPI
Work hard in silence. Let success be your noise. #WHYBPI @estanosoyo @bpisportsecuador
Pre workout tip brought to you by the NEW #ONEMOREREP - Coming 4.26.
#MondayMotivation fueled by the NEW #ONEMOREREP Coming 4.26. #TEAMBPI super star @hardcoreainsley puts it to the test! ・・・ Leg circuit! Start by opening your hips up! - I usually circuit train and this was one of my circuits today. All movements are done back to back with no rest. Rest is at the end of the circuit and repeat 3 times! - Learn more from Ainsley and the rest of the #BPISports athletes on BPISPORTS.com
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