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Dr. O: The Foods You Should Eat on a Ketogenic Diet

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#BPISportsPro Trainer Kevin DeHaven (@kdecon ) is here to help you achieve your goals! Have questions about diet, nutrition and supplementation? Let us know in the comments below and you could be featured in the next video!
This is what We Do! #10yearchallenge with BPI Sports Executive VP @whitneyreid33_fit. ⠀ ⠀ The desire to be better versions of ourselves. We look beyond the supplements and products, getting straight to the core of what helps you succeed, and we’re with you from the start to the finish with the best plans and nutritional products that work as hard as you do. BPI can help you reach your goals – whatever they may be. Learn more about Whitney's journey on BPISPORTS.com. #BPINationTransformation
Good Fats vs Bad Fats when it comes to the #KetogenicDiet ? Resident Health expert and board certified neurosurgeon, Dr. Brett Osborn (@drbrettosborn ) breaks it down. FULL VIDEO (Link in Bio)
#TEAMBPI ’s @xxcocochanel drops some 💎s for your back day! Here’s a quick CoCo TIP🔑: Working your back muscles in combination with core exercises will trim the size of your waist ___ In order to fully activate your back muscles during an exercise, be sure to: 1- Keep your chest up & shoulders back 2- Focus on pulling your elbows down & back 3- Make sure you get that FULL STRETCH in order to recruit full contraction of your lat muscles 4- Actively squeeze your shoulder blades together, then allow the weight to pull your arms back to full extension. Tune in every week for more #BPITraining tips from your favorite athletes!
⚠️LADIES!⚠️ You are not going to look like a man if you lift heavy weights! You are not going to “get bulky” if you take supplements! On this episode of #WTFIsThis @indiapaulino and @saynotowinter set the story straight. Scroll Left for all 10 videos!
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#BPISportsPro Trainer Kevin DeHaven (@kdecon ) shows you a slight variation for the stiff-legged deadlifts. Keeping constant tension in the hamstrings is the key to this move, so make sure you go don’t go too heavy. Tune in every week for another #BPITip from training expert and BPI Sports Pro Trainer, Kevin DeHaven. #TEAMBPI #BPITraining
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First look… coming March 2019. #10YearsStrong #BPISports
#TEAMBPI ’s @charlesgriffen_ifbbpro shares his BIG Chest Day fueled by #OneMoreRep . Which one of these moves is a staple in your chest regimen? #BPISports #BPITraining #CharlesGriffen
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