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Redhead, photographer. Gardener and wannabe chef. My littles, husband, books, travel & tea will consume this feed. Love B @dinnerdirt

Bruised knees This is Bailee She’s a mother of three young boys Newly a widow opioids + gun Her love took his own life There were no goodbyes over sick beds, I love yous on repeat No plans of what will come next raising their boys on her own I cannot imagine the cycles of grief and abandonment that haunt her mind How cold the bed feels at night I cannot imagine being handed his torn clothes from the hospital Drenched in the smell of bleach where his blood once was The anger that they washed him away I cannot imagine the weight of loss smothering her daily tasks Please remember to choose grace and kindness over blame There are people out there that struggle to stand
When your wedding venue is at @drinkhighwest ...🥃🖤🥃
As we grow
So so thrilled to be heading back to Palm Springs with a amazing lineup of fellow creatives! @evolveworkshops has gathered some amazing humans to give you the business and creative kick in the ass we all need from time to time. April 23-25 join me in the sunshine and use my code brooke75 for 75$ off the $750 ticket cost! Trust me guys, thats painfully cheap for what’s involved! Sale ends March 1st so get on it !!!! Cheers 🥂
Find someone worth creeping on
My forever valentine! All day everyday. Love you boo
Dreaming of spring
Italian I do
Heading home to my boos. I’m coming for you ... xx
Today You were far away And I Didn't ask you why What could I say I was far away You just walked away And I just watched you What could I say - the national
These two ❤️❤️ Missing the east coast today.
So these two did a thing 💍 @namkcaps @lindseeyloo
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Winter bones 🦴 🥶 the one thing I miss about our old house if the fact the heater vents were in the floor. I have even cracked the window open a little bit so I could sit there and not over heat. ( don’t tell my husband ) Anyone else love extreme contrast? No? I’m just weird ... yeah okay
Bribes can be magical
Ready for a witchy weekend. Which in reality will be editing, organising witchcraft and essential oils defusing. #momwitch 🧝🏻‍♀️🌙💫
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