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Redhead, photographer. Gardener and wannabe chef. My littles, husband, books, travel & tea will consume this feed. Love B Gardening+eats- @dinnerdirt

Goddess of the dirt. My girl @laurkenkendall. Damn I love her
Mirror mirror
“ need you to give me back my lungs, So my body can forgive me “ Melodies make everything in my world go round. I create soundtracks for each and every session. Each and every mood has a melody behind it. Currently listening to seven hours by @littlemaymusic on repeat
Jordan + Kyle have graced the blog with their love.
Working on blogging aischa + guys perfect London wedding
Rose colored glasses
A king is born. Welcome to the world carter king 👑
One of my very favorite ceremony moments I’ve ever captured. Those two lovers eloped in New York before the ceremony with family and friends. Mid ceremony Diego got down on one knee to do the thing he never got to do. Propose with his mother’s ring. Cheers to love and tears all around.
Country road take me home
Friends - clients. All the same thing right? Love this family so much. And hello.... style
You know what they say about rain on your wedding day ...
These two are in the home stretch. Cannot wait to meet their little one. Any day now baby king
I travel solo quite often. Its both good and bad at times. When you’re in a beautiful location and you turn to grab your lovers hand to gasp at a stunning scene….only to be reminded you’re alone. Feeling a bit ghosted I discovered something magical. I have always loved museums, art, history and learning from past creatives. The most magical museum experience Ive ever had was at the uffizi in Florence. I drowned out the tour guides and constant chatter with my headphone and my favorite playlist. It was almost as if I was there alone, wandering for over 3 hours. Forming my own opinions and perspectives on each masterpiece. Letting the art and music blend together to create a euphoric rush. Seeing Leonardos “ Adoration of the magi “ was such a highlight. I took my time, wiggling my way to the front of the crowd. Almost as if I was at a concert. I took my front row view, put my camera down and just stood with Liars by Gregory alan Isakov playing. It was as perfect as it could get without a headphones splitter and my love.
A perfect Sunday with this creative
Playing with fire
Happy anniversary my love. You’re the cause for all the joy and bliss and laughter. Grateful you’re mine
Animal and human portraits have become a theme .... now let’s talk about this perfect mama to be
My boy, you are all the sunshine I’ll ever need.
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