Brandon Burkman

Demand gen dude. Amatuer Zen master. Self-proclaimed funny guy. I dig cheeseburgers, tacos and random acts of coolness.

It’s been a day...
Hasta la vista, bros! #Astros
Living in Houston.
Intersection of Shepherd and Colquitt. #Houston #flood #4thofjuly #4thofjulyflood
Current status: hiding from the flooded streets in the Montrose area.
This is so sad to me. Working at Toys “R” Us was my first real job that I actually got to enjoy. I even dressed up as Geoffrey the Giraffe a multitude of times. Seeing the wonderment on some of the childrens’ faces would make my day. Impromptu lightsaber battles with 7-year-olds. Even working on Christmas Eve. It was all a great time. Not to mention the joy a trip to the toy store would bring to me as a young child. The world has lost a little bit of light today. 😔
Happy Father’s Day, Dad! #Hookem
This is the best #GDPR joke I’ve seen.
Not gonna lie. Two days in these are legit the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever worn. #nike #nikeflexrun #notanad
When the internet is down in the office, I like to go to the window and look for people whose car parking skills suck. #fridaythoughts
I found your apple pear sauce, @brittanyburkman !
Giving a liquid diet a try. 280-calorie lunch. I wish I could be excited about it. #weightloss #liquiddiet #leanbody
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