Brandon Burkman

Demand gen dude. Amatuer Zen master. Self-proclaimed funny guy. I dig cheeseburgers, tacos and random acts of coolness.

Turning work into an artsy coffee bar.
Welcome to fall in southeast Texas! #pineneedleseverywhere
Anybody else get this alert today?
Accurate depiction of my city’s roads. Especially I-10. #htx #houtraffic #htown
Another one 🤘
Really digging the new logo for the Round Rock Express.
I literally did a project in college where we had to create advertising for a hypothetical oxygen-infused water brand. Seeing this takes me back.
True statement.
It’s been a day...
Hasta la vista, bros! #Astros
Living in Houston.
Intersection of Shepherd and Colquitt. #Houston #flood #4thofjuly #4thofjulyflood
Current status: hiding from the flooded streets in the Montrose area.
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