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New York checked off the list of places I’ve always wanted to venture out too, while repping wearing size 34”Long 🙌🏻 I don’t know why, but yesterday afternoon in New York by the water, was actually my first moment of realisation of where I actually am and what I’m here to do... #hardbody #donsquad
What’s up guys, new video just went live, click the link in my bio to check it out! COBRA BACK WORKOUT ft. @mckenna_dylan 🙌🏻 Also, we are recording a Q&A so comment on his most recent picture with any question you might have for us👊🏻 #donsquad #hardbody
Most people have cereal in the morning for breakfast... some say it’s better at night before bed... but, I say it’s better in the bath 😂😇🙌🏻 Just a little throw back to when I decided it would be a good idea to eat 10,000 calories worth of numerous cereals✌🏻 #hardbody #donsquad #cereal
Caption this... 😂😅✌🏻 . Just arrived in New York City🙌🏻 Never been here before so I can’t wait to explore and take you guys along with me! Gonna be vlogging everything with @mckenna_dylan so epic content coming soon!👊🏻 #donsquad #hardbody
What’s up guys, new YouTube video just went live on my channel! 225lb bench off with the man himself @mckenna_dylan click the link in my bio to check it out🙌🏻 #hardbody #donsquad
Managed to push out a new PR on bench last night, hitting 345lb for a single! Probably down to the fact @mckenna_dylan is down in Boston for the next couple days👊🏻 Should be hitting up NewYork together this Monday too, so epic vlogs coming soon... 🙌🏻 #donsquad #hardbody
It’s crazy how things have finally come together... after all these years it finally feels like we actually have a chance to try and make this work. Distance used to be what kept us apart, then for the longest time it was my commitment issues. Now the world is at our feet and we can finally be together... Happy V Day to the worlds number 1 Roommate🙈😉 We have a new member of the #donsquad boys🙌🏻 Hope everyone’s having a great day! #hardbody
Managed to hit a new deadlift PR of 515lb last night, while training back and biceps! Been working towards breaking above 5 plates for a while now so it feels so good to finally have achieved it... next up 585lb🙌🏻 Workout fuelled by @bpi_sports Best BCAA’s & Best Glutamine! Use code Hardbody20 for 20% off🙌🏻 #donsquad #hardbody
I think it’s quite a defining moment when you realise that the best way to stay motivated, is to stay busy. What I mean by this, is the momentum of a busy day can have a correlating effect on the way you pursue other plans and ideas you may have. Conditioning your mentality and work ethic to always have a schedule can make achieving the goals that you would deem to be unreachable, more reachable. If you spend all day laying in bed watching Netflix, you’re probably not going to have the motivation to get shit done. On another note, another day, another Vlog👊🏻🙌🏻 #donsquad #hardbody
Great time snowmobiling today with my roommate @fitbrittshaheen 😉🙌🏻 Shoutout to her for the idea, honestly had so much fun! Just on the way to get food, then off to the gym for back and biceps ✊🏻 #hardbody #donsquad
Time to jump on a snowmobile and show the world exactly why I’ve been kept away from such things in the past 😂✌🏻 New Youtube video will be going live today at 15:00GMT, so keep an eye out 👊🏻 #hardbody #donsquad
Today, I want to talk about legs. When I first started training legs, for the first few years I made very little progress with them and I thought that they would never grow. It's not until I realised that to gain any mass on my legs, I had to hit every single workout with a mentality only few can acquire. If you really want to gain some mass on your legs, you can't go into the gym with the same attitude you would training any other body part. You need to lose yourself in the reason you started working out. Then you need to go deeper into thought and reminisce on the things that keep you motivated, only then will you move forward. #hardbody #donsquad
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