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21 Years Old United Kingdom BPI® SPORTS | AFLETE | Alphalete Youtube/BrandonHarding

Definitely polkadot shorts kinda weather😉🙌🏻 Really getting over the idea of hiding my off season physique lately... You guys are the best supporters in the world and you show me so much love, it’s only fair that I’m as transparent as possible with you!😊 #hardbody #donsquad
#feels 🌚 Weighing in at 218lb... Currently the heaviest I’ve ever been, things are looking up for this prep!😄😉 #donsquad #hardbody
The gym may seem like an intimidating place, full of aggression. But, for many the gym is a refuge. The world can be chaotic, but in the gym you can regain control!👊🏻 Movie by: @bpi_sports Edited by: @jmproductions_video & @ryanccreator
Sometimes I bathe wearing a suit... New YouTube video just went live, click the link in my bio or swipe up on my story to check it out! Any feed back is appreciated, as this video I tried something totally different, thank you!🙏🏻😊 #bathbody #hardbody #donsquad
You can decide what you are going to think in any given situation. Your thoughts and feelings determine your actions and determine the results you get. It all starts with your thoughts.👊🏻🤓 #hardbody #donsquad
You can’t control everything in your life. You’ll think you can, but trust me you can’t. Things are going to happen that will be completely out of your control. But, the one thing you are in complete control of, is the way you treat other people.👊🏻🙌🏻 Stringer Tank: @alphalete Swipe up on my story to check it out✌🏻 #hardbody #donsquad
Missing you endlessly. Dealing with a long distance relationship, (4500miles to be exact) is never going to be easy. For some crazy reason though, this girl is worth all the pain! I would love for you guys to get to know ‘us’ a little better so we’re going to be doing our first ever couples Q&A! Please comment down below any questions you have and we’ll answer them over FaceTime in a future Youtube video! Little things like this make the distance that much easier😊 #52days
Its not about how many years it takes... it’s about how much you love the journey. I’m completely content with the length of time it’s taken me to develop the physique I have today. I guess I’m lucky in that sense, I don’t feel like I’ve wasted a single second. Love the process! 😉😊💪🏻#transformationtuesday #hardbody #donsquad
When the weathers nice, the pre-workout drinks are made outside!😉☀️ You can use code: Hardbody for 20% off at the @bpi_sports check out! Today we’ve got some Best BCAA Shredded & Best Glutamine.🤤🔥 #hardbody #donsquad #bpisports
Feeling like some kinda power ranger of the fitness industry with these boys😂🙌🏻. 🚨New squad vlog coming tomorrow 🐺 Tank by @alphalete . 📸 Photo credit: @wiro_booth
Off season whaaaat?😉😜 When in Amsterdam, there’s only one man you need to see, and it’s this guy @merijn !🙌🏻 Me and @zacperna spent our last day killing a Shoulder & Chest workout with this guy! Definitely achieved a freshly seasoned pump🔥 #hardbody #donsquad Photo by: @h.afyy
Some of the things I want to achieve in my lifetime, probably won’t ever become a reality... no matter how hard I work, it’s just not going to happen. Imagine if you heard your future self say these words? Would it scare you? Well, stop saying them to yourself every single day. Go out and chase after the things you want, whether it be an experience or materialistic... go and work before your future self is right. #hardbody #donsquad
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