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22 Years Old United Kingdom Youtube/BrandonHarding @bpi_sports | @alphalete ALPHALETE LINK👇🏻

Mastery of the body will surly aid the self mastery of the mind... Just over 3 weeks left to enter the Hardbody Shredding Transformation Competition, which means there is only 3 weeks left of the 50% discount on the 'Shredding with Hardbody', workout and diet plan, that you'll need as your ticket entry!👊🏻Details will be posted on my story over the coming weeks!😆Thousands of you guys are already using the app and all have the chance to enter the competition too, as you already have entry! You just need to submit your starting physiques on the 15th February, with the Date and app open on your phones!🙌🏻 #hardbody #donsquad
It would be a shame to not pursue things out of fear or disbelief in our ability to do something great. If you live this way, you might find yourself also missing out on not only the fruits of the achievement... but on life!👊🏻 Using @bpi_sports Best BCAA's to fuel this workout, in flavour lemonade!😍🍋 Use code: 'Hardbody' for 20% off your next @bpi_sports order!☺️ #hardbody #donsquad #bpisports
Feeling very blessed to have this little one supporting me through this prep! We spent so much time apart last year which honestly made things a little harder with all the travelling, but this time will be different! Plot twist, if you didn't already know... I'm not the only one prepping this time! 😉 @fitbrittshaheen and I will be hitting the stage together at the 2019 BodyPower Expo on May 11th! Here are today's check in photos👊🏻 #hardbody #donsquad #sorryaboutthedick
Rice Krispies combined with a fortress of Marvel movies... 😜🤘🏻 Still don't have any internet in the apartment, so our only option is to destroy my hotspot and hope my phone bill doesn't kill me 😂 #hardbody #donsquad
⁣Okay so I promise these shorts never used to be this tight...😅 When I packed them, I was under the impression that my legs were the same size as when I was dieting last year, lol. @alphalete We have a slight problem!😂⠀ I challenged myself yesterday at the Durdle Door beach, to get into this freezing cold water while in the 2°C weather! I don't want to look back on this year with any regrets. I said something in my last YouTube video that I'm really going to do my best to stand by this year... "You start to enjoy more life when you ignore the boundaries set by other people, or yourself".👊🏻⠀ ⠀ SHREDDING WITH HARDBODY COMPETITION! Details listed below!⠀ ⠀ START DATE: February 15th⠀ END DATE: May 10th⠀ ⠀ Winning Top 5 Prizes:⠀ 🔥 1st £1000⠀ 🔥 2nd £250⠀ 🔥 3rd £150⠀ ⠀ HOW TO ENTER:⠀ Starting Jan 14th till Feb 15th, the ‘SHREDDING WITH HARDBODY’ Workout and Diet plan will be 50% off. Purchasing this will be your ticket into the competition. You can still enter the competition if you have previously purchased the plan! Link in bio for plan!⠀ ⠀ On the 15th February you will have to submit a VIDEO of yourself showcasing your current physique, the DATE on your phone along with ’SHREDDING WITH HARDBODY’ Open on your phone as your PROOF of entry. ⠀ Send this to: ⠀ ⠀ You will have 12 weeks from February 15th - May 10th to transform your body using the ‘SHREDDING WITH HARDBODY’ Workout and Diet program! ⠀ On May 10th submit a video of yourself showcasing your new physique, the date on your phone along with ’SHREDDING WITH HARDBODY’ open on your phone.⠀ ⠀ The top 3 winners will be picked EXACTLY 1 week after the end of the competition, to give enough time to judge all competitors fairly. The top 3 will win the following prizes listed above. ⠀ Good luck! #hardbody #donsquad
What journey it's been just to stand here in this moment with you! @fitbrittshaheen Finally finished filming all the footage for the Hardbody Shredding 2019 series, that should be up on the 24th of January! @zpvisuals it's all in your hands now bro!😉🔥 #hardbody #donsquad
THE LAUNCH IS NOW LIVE!! The @alphalete website countdown is over and this outfit along with a full range of items are now available! Please don't forget to dm me or tag me in your stories if you use my link so I can thank you! Link in bio! Good luck!🙌🏻🐺 #alphalete #hardbody #donsquad
Not much has changed in 10 years as you can see... 😅😂 #10yearchallenge #hardbody #smallbody #donsquad
Just spent all morning replying to YouTube comments, trying to get back to as many of you guys as possible! Really happy with the response to the Apartment Tour video, I'm glad you guys love it just as much as me! Just about to head to a coffee shop to get the next video edited so that should be uploaded tomorrow!👊🏻😆 #hardbody #donsquad
Feeling so fresh in this new @alphalete dropping January 19th, I feel bad wearing it in the gym!😅😆 Just uploaded a new YouTube video including a full apartment tour of my new place! #hardbody #alphalete #donsquad
I'm sat here trying to put together some words to describe how I'm feeling about the responses to my new video and I just can't. I am honestly so grateful for each and everyone on of you and all the messages I've been receiving! I really did put my heart and soul into this one, so I just want you to know how thankful I truly am! I want to say a huge thank you to @zpvisuals for being the best videographer in the game and being so easy to work with, and @fitbrittshaheen for staying up with me through the sleepless nights of editing and listening to all my crazy ideas!❤️ I'm not sure how we're going to top last year, but god knows we're gonna do our best!👊🏻 #hardbody #donsquad
I've been seeing this logo, "Proud But Never Satisfied", for about three years now ever since I joined Instagram and started my YouTube channel. It's crazy to me that so long ago these words were only words without substantial meaning... until right now. Only now wearing this hoodie, looking back on the past three years of my life and everything it has taken to get to where I am, do I truly understand this quote. Yes, I am proud... but I'm so far from being satisfied. It's crazy to think how much further away from satisfaction you get the hungry are you are, you might go as far as saying that it's a curse. I am proud to wear this logo and everything that it stands for, from childhood dream to @alphalete athlete. Man... I don't think that will ever get old!😌 Next @alphalete Launch and restock will be coming on the 19th Jan in just 4 days time! #alphalete #hardbody #donsquad
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