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Here’s 🔥10 workouts you can save & try for biceps & back 👉🏼 💯 rows to grow thicker 💯 pull-downs to grow wider Try saving the pull-ups for last & hitting 3 sets until failure ☠️ I was only able to get reps of 10, 7, 7 🙌🏼 Show me how it’s done.
I launched my new cbd company @endocoast this week 🌊 I’m going to give away a free product of choice to 1 winner who follows @endocoast & tags as many people as they can in the comments below 💧 #findyourcoast #endocoast #justcoast
Here’s 🔥10 workouts you can save & try for upper body 👉🏼 🏁Here’s an example of 4 sets on an exercise: Set 1: 16 reps Set 2: 12 reps Set 3: 8 reps, dropset 8 reps Set 4: 5 Heavy Reps, dropset 15 reps Try mixing in some heavy sets with high volume sets to see how your body reacts. ☠️ It’s my favorite way to train & what I’ve found works best for me 👊🏼 Getting all LFTD. & EndoCoast orders filled first thing today, 🏈 Then it’s Chiefs vs Colts - who’s your pick?
Here’s 🔥10 workouts you can save & try for abs & arms 👉🏼 I added in some jump rope tonight to get everything firing & for a little cardio as I keep adding calories 👊🏼 If you’re wanting your arms to grow, I’ve found that heavy sets mixed with high volume sets has been the best method for me. Heavy reps shock the muscle & work on strength while volume reps fill the muscle with blood & further break the muscle tissue down to achieve hypertrophy & nasty pump 🙌🏼 We’re all genetically unique so different methods for better for different people. Give these exercises a go & mix up the weight to see what works for you. The only way to find out what works is to find out what doesn’t 💯
Here’s 🔥10 workouts you can save & try for shoulders & traps from my workout tonight 👉🏼 👊🏼 We’ve upped the intensity of our workouts this week & my strength is coming back. I’ve also increased my food intake a lot & my body is responding well so far. If you’re on my lean bulk program with me, I’m going to keep our macros high so make sure you’re really pushing yourself in the gym to utilize those calories 🙌🏼
Humility keeps you hungry, never stop fighting.
Here’s 🔥10 workouts you can save & try for your next chest day 👉🏼 I mixed things up a lot tonight by adding in a bunch of iso-lateral movements, partial reps, pause reps, negatives, & dropsets ☠️ The goal is to shock the muscle & avoid plateaus. I take a lot of these methods from old school @schwarzenegger videos 🙌🏼 I’m constantly trying to learn more & apply it to my training. We always have more to learn & room to improve 💯 never be arrogant enough to think you have nothing left to learn.
Here’s 🔥10 workouts you can save & try for forearms, traps, & delts 👉🏼 What workouts do you want to see this week? I’m feeling almost back to 100% health and ready to push it 💯
Here’s 🔥10 workouts you can save & try for a home workout 👉🏼 I get asked a lot to post a home workout that doesn’t require weights so hopefully this helps 👊🏼 🏔The view up here is a little better than in my warehouse 🙌🏼 but I’ll still pick the weights any day..
👊🏼 If you could workout with anyone, who would it be? Mine is @schwarzenegger Tag them & let them know! 🙌🏼
Here’s 🔥10 workouts you can save & try for chest 👉🏼 👊🏼Had an awesome workout, now it’s time to eat like a monster & work on my training programs & meal plans for my clients.. then maybe eat again 🙌🏼 Taking my training, diet, & self-discipline to the next level. 💯
Here’s 🔥10 workouts you can save & try for abs & arms 👉🏼 🙌🏼 Check my IG story to see how you can get my meal plans & workout programs for free.
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