Brenton Simmons

👐🏼CEO of @LFTD.Lifestyle ™ ☠️Died for 2 Minutes 🥊Fight Cancer I make videos about fitness, business, & lifting up others when life is difficult↓

Looks safe ☠️ cred:
Don’t live in the past, learn from it & use it to build a better future. 2018 is going to be the best physique I’ve ever built. Just give me a few more weeks.
What should my next cheat meal be?
The gym is my therapy. Use the anger, the pain, the anxiety, the stress, or whatever it is you’re fighting to push you. We all have our own battles, fight fire with fire 🔥
I hit back today if you watched my stories but if you’re hitting 🌎International Chest day - here’s 2 of my favorite workouts I like to superset as a finisher on chest day. Save & give them a try 👊🏼 . Get all my workouts and meal plans at for less than $8
I’m gonna pick this guy up and throw him next #yourturn #fullsend @barstoolsports
Arrogance is ignorance, take pride in progress.
Hanging on to as much size in my legs as I possibly can during this cut. I’m already looking forward to my next bulk so I can focus on building my legs more.
Quick check in.. 199lbs New Goal: 190lbs
🏝Beach Cardio = Best Cardio
🏀 Still could dunk in my Vans
When @paigevanzant kicks you compared to your sister.. 👈🏼swipe left
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