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CEO of @LFTD.Lifestyle ™ 👐🏼 Died for 2 Minutes Fight Cancer🥊 I make videos about fitness, business, & lifting up others when life is difficult↓

Here’s 2 triceps exercises you can save & try. I added them to my workouts and so far so good. Swipe to see the 2nd one
Arby’s curly fries or McDonald’s fries? Great, cuz I didn’t get to have either. I posted a new video on my channel with my go-to for fast food on a shred - link in bio @brentonrossfitness
Check out my lifestyle page @brentonrosssimmons ☠️
It wasn’t even arms day.. who likes to train arms on Fridays? #everydayisarmday
I’m nowhere near where I want to be but a year of 2 leg days/week has produced progress and that’s what I care about. I’ve been insecure about my legs for a long time so I decided to do something about it. Focus on making your progress and don’t worry about what other people think. If I can do it, so can you. #calvesarestilllargerthanlife
#tbt last summer’s shred needing some sunglasses 🕶
Build those shoulders! I’m obsessed with my training/diet again and I love it. We can always learn more and get better, forever learning. Swipe to see some more shoulder workouts to try 👊🏼
What’s your favorite workout for biceps? Swipe left to see some more workouts to build those biceps 💯
We’re looking for 1 Girl & 1 Guy to be our next Athletes. Each winner will get $25,000 & receive a 1 Year Sponsored Athlete contract. . If you have what it takes to be the next face of then here’s how to join the search: ✖️Follow on Instagram & Facebook ✖️Go to to sign up and get all the info you’ll need to get started - make sure you watch the video because it gives a lot of good info ✖️Share this post with your friends and followers, make sure you tag ✖️TAG A FRIEND ON THIS POST if you think they could be the next face of our company ✖️That’s it! We can’t wait to see all the amazing people who show why they should be the next LFTD. Lifestyle Athletes! 🔥WE’RE ABOUT TO TAKE THIS SEARCH TO THE NEXT LEVEL - ANNOUNCEMENT COMING SOON 🔥
“Find that extra strength when you need it the most” - Your Pre-Workout Motivation Click the link in my bio to watch @brentonrossfitness
Love these for shoulders.. finding more ways to utilize the machines in my gym
Left or Right? @brentonrossfitness ⬅️➡️ @brentonrosssimmons
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