Brenton Simmons

👐🏼CEO of @LFTD.Lifestyle 🌊CEO of @EndoCoast 🏋🏽‍♂️Owner of LFTD. Gym ☠️Died for 2 Minutes 🥊Fight Cancer 💪🏼Get My Workouts & Meal Plans👇🏼

Fact: Curls in front of a giant 🇺🇸 increases muscle mass by 700% #lookitup
Down to 207.. no that’s not a face tat💧it’s a pimple #puberty
“The Power to Change Your Life.” All I ask is for you to take 10 min to watch New Video - Link in bio
#tbt to my favorite place I’ve ever been
I’m hungry.
“To me, respect, success & legacy are not earned by how much you can accomplish, but rather by how much you can endure.” New video is up on my YouTube - please take a few seconds to go comment a time you were able to overcome a difficult situation or obstacle in your life. The goal is for the video or your story to really resonate and help someone who needs it. 👊🏼 Keep Fighting
New video dropping tomorrow 🥊 Click the link in my bio & subscribe to my YouTube so you don’t miss it
Silent assassin 💀 @barstoolsports
Curls for America 💪🏼🇺🇸
A wise and humble man (woman) understands and recognizes the value of his (her) team.
“We cannot know what we are truly made of until we are truly tested.” New video - Link in bio @brentonrossfitness
Earth Day 🌎 Before my dad passed away he told me, “You’ll never have true perspective until you’ve seen the world and understand the perspective of others.” I took that to heart. I will see the world. I will try to understand the perspective of others so I can truly understand how to make a real impact. I’m thankful for our beautiful word and the amazing people of all different colors, races, and beliefs that live in it.
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