Brent Rivera

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Spider Brent..🕷😂
Funny misheard lyrics..😂🎶 TAG A FRIEND😂
Slytherin, hufflepuff, gryffindor, or ravenclaw...😳😍 pick a side!!!
The floor is lava!!🔥😂 @benazelart @imalanstokes @imalexstokes @isabelladurham @_calebburton TAG A FRIEND😂
There are 2 types of people at the gym..🍕😂 which one are you?
When your’re single af..😫😰 @emberjohnson @_calebburton TAG A FRIEND😂
Birthday boy 😊😍🎉
When your friend’s single VS in a relationship..😰😂 @imalexstokes @lexihensler TAG A FRIEND😂
When you see your crush in public😍😱😍 @lexihensler @_calebburton TAG A FRIEND😂
5 years ago VS today in the same place😱😂 which one!?😂
Dances of 2018😊😂 @imalanstokes @imalexstokes COMMENT your favorite😂
All dressed up 😊 comment your New Years resolution❤️
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