brettsemrick Hand of Faith 10/1-15 Avail Tattoo 10/17-24

Walk-in @availtattoostudio tonight
Another one @availtattoostudio on the homie @bryce_d_tattoos.
First one @availtattoostudio today. Thanks @tapatio_tyler !
I’ll be hanging out at @availtattoostudio until the 24th. If you want to set something up dm or
Healed one from trader bob’s I forgot to post
Healed and hairy on @caedus7k from about a year and a half ago
Hot stuff on my friend and awesome tattooer @scuzywuzy thanks dude! @handoffaithtattoo
Dagger and snake @handoffaithtattoo
Got to do this vintage wolfman mask tonight @handoffaithtattoo on @hungrypeter thanks dude!
Better pic of this one @handoffaithtattoo
Walk-in panther @handoffaithtattoo tonight
First one @handoffaithtattoo today
Hand spider @handoffaithtattoo thanks @_thesedemons for coming back through!
Super stoked to be going out to @sevenseastattoosd for the 15th anniversary party! If you would like to get tattooed hit me up
Hand rose and finger letters @handoffaithtattoo today
Walk-in from today @handoffaithtattoo
Did some hiking and healing vortexes today. It’s been fun but I’m about ready to get back to work. I’ll be @handoffaithtattoo starting October 1st
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