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Second full work week of Jan is nearly done and so far I have to say my goal of creating and maintaining a good work life balance is successful so far! Towards the end of 2018 I was definitely all work and no play.. with stress, overwork and no training or play (ie going out dancing) I really let my personal life take a back burner.. my own training became non existent (mind you I was still taking classes so maintained some kind of relative fitness) but mentally I took a back seat in my own life. It’s life and this happens and it is merely a phase to push through.. and that phase for me is nearly over!! 🙌 I welcome routine back into my life!! So excited for boundaries with work, excited to train regularly again for myself and excited to cook healthy meals! (Not just quick and easy ones) 📸 @nashville_headshots @billyjoe22 #personaltrainer #fitness #outdoortraining #grounded #meditation #gratitude #healthylifestyle
Bringing in the new year with my love. @shawry_90 Days off at home, away from the business are hard. Does anyone else struggle to still their mind? Psychologically and emotionally it’s hard to be still! Learning to be still is on the list of things to work on this year ✌️ #mindfulness #gratitude #holidays #downtime #straya #summer
2019.. bring me Peace, bring me continuing love, bring me abundance. Priorities: Balance My Health My Heart My Love 🖤🔮🖤 I reckon 2️⃣9️⃣ will be my best year yet 🎉
2️⃣9️⃣ And feeling good! (And also f***ed after this session!!) .. safe to say @shawry_90 And I were both ready to spew after the first round.. I swear it had nothing to do with the 2 bowls of Froot Loops and the bacon and egg wrap we had for breakky... Warm up: 5 mins stepper HiiT: 30 battle rope arms Lap db lunge 6 chins 10 decline PU 20 TRX rows 50 mt climbers Sled push X 4 Stretch (Ofcourse) #personaltrainer #birthdaysession #fitness #hiit #deathbyexercise #awkwardpose
TOOLS DOWN for the year!!! 2018 has been a banger! Thank you so much to all of my clients, without you guys I wouldn’t be able to do what a love for a living. I am truly grateful for everyday in my job that I get to guide and support you all to a healthier life. THANK YOU 🙏 Bri PT xx
Christmas with the fam 💖
BOOT CAMP 2019! Registration OPEN!!!!! Starts: Tuesday 29th of Jan 2019 Every Tues and Thurs 6-7pm At Apex Park, Lake Albert $160 for 8 weeks For ALL fitness levels Places are limited so get in quick Inbox or text ASAP 043580593 The Tribe 💜
I’ve spent over the last 24 hours in bed very sick with severe tonsillitis and vomiting. My throat is stinging, my ears are pounding and my headache is so bad I feel like I’m going to implode. This is the result of 2 things: 1- last Thursday I trained a client outdoors and it bucketed down rain, we laughed and it was fun.. I then spent the next 6 hours in wet shoes, socks and clothes at work. It wasn’t cold that day so I thought I’d be fine. 2- lately I’ve been over extending myself in so many ways, over committing, saying yes to everything.. which has led me to burning the candle at both ends. I can honestly say I have not practiced what I preach in the last 2 months. Between running my PT business full time; where I do up to 10 sessions a day, moving house, trying to sell the old house, trying to sell the car, living between two houses, working in several locations, teaching up to 10 classes a week, not prepping sufficient nutrition, trying to settle, managing a chronic back condition and trying to plan for work next year; I have well and truly worn myself out. Yesterday I had a fleeting moment of energy where I wrote down all major events or achievements that have happened for me in 2018.. well no wonder I’m sick!!!! Emotionally, physically and mentally I Have. Not. Stopped. And now I’m sick. DOES ANYONE ELSE FEEL THE SAME? Especially at this time of year? Something had to make me stop in my tracks.. to pull me back because I wasn’t listening to myself. And today I’m so so grateful for the fact that normally I am Fit and Healthy. I’m so appreciative of my body inside and out. And I promise myself not to run ME into the ground again. I thought I’d learnt to say no last time I was sick a few years ago.. time to learn again! I KNOW ALOT OF YOU FEEL THIS SAME WAY. Tune in NOW and pay attention 💜💜 📸 @olivia_lucia__ #personaltrainer #smiles #gratitude #photography #healthy #priorities #learntosayno
D R E N C H E D ! Skye and I agreed that it would be nice to have an outdoor session today.. so we met in town at Bolton Park.. and then we got absolutely bloody saturated in the flooding rain 🤣 How good is nature hahaha #yolo #someonedryus #mybootsareallsquidgy
Client Xmas drinks 💜 🍸 Happy Christmas to all my beautiful clients. Thank you so much for choosing me and therefore allowing me to do what I love for a crust 💜💜🙏
A few months back my primary school bestie @missbeelea got married. I was privileged enough to be able to stand with her on her loved up day and walk before her down the aisle to her man. 💜 #baliwedding #wedding #rainforest #bridesmaid #bride #bride #rainforestwedding
Weekend vibe 🔛 In Sydney this weekend visiting the fam 💜 Also, I can’t wait to train at some of my fave locations: I’ll be training at Phoenix Health Club Tonight Camden Showgrounds at 7.30am tomorrow and South Cronulla beach tomorrow at 11am 👌 It’s like a training tour of my home towns hahaha Let me know if your keen to join! #personaltrainer #passion #outdoortraining #legs #abs #health #healthylifestyle #meditation #gratitude #ocean #yoga #sydney #sydneypt
Weekends are for cuppas, catch ups and comforts 💜 (and perhaps a little fun 😝) Really tuning in and Understanding our minds and our bodies is 100% vital in ensuring good health!! This weekend I really wanted to go dancing and socialising, let my hair down & run a muck.. Friday I tuned in and actually listened to what I was NEEDING and it was Rest 💔 After a day of adventuring in nature and eating delicious food, I planned to go out last night and sure enough I fell asleep at 5pm and didn’t wake up until 5 hours later! Instead of getting ready and going out anyway, I took myself to bed. The point here is that life isn’t always about GO GO GO.. people wonder why they get sick, run down or exhausted and it’s from NOT listening to what we really need. Pushing past our threshold, in training, diet and life in general will only lead us to fatigue & sickness. I always have to remind myself that IT’S OK TO REST. IT’S OK TO STOP. IT’S OK TO SLEEP IN ON WEEKENDS. In fact it’s more than ok. I hope you’ve had a beautiful, restful weekend 💗 Bri PT xx 📸 @nashville_headshots @billyjoe22 #personaltrainer #cuppa #meditation #grateful #restday #blonde #hairgoals #nutrition #healthylifestyle #healthylife #foodie
Sunday.. and end or beginning..? Every Sunday I take a moment to sit down and plan for the week ahead, this involves reflecting on the week that has been.. and this past week was epic. Possibly my biggest week as a PT in Wagga so far, big hours, high energy and extra training for myself. (Just need to learn to rest!! 😝) On Wednesday I caught up with @commandosteve for an outdoor session. Every time I see him I learn something new and I love it! I feel like this time it was to reconnect with the fundamental values of training.. get back to basic movement. Thanks Steve for the kick up the ass 😬 It’s SO good as a trainer to feel inspired and motivated.. can’t wait to program everyone’s sessions this week 😝 #personaltrainer #healthylifestyle #meditation #gratitude #nutrition #outdoortraining #bootcamp #body #fitnessmotivation #success
The thing is; it doesn’t matter how much people ‘look’ like they have their shit together. No one does. Everyone is just trying to work it out. And you’ll spend your life trying. It may seem as though I obsess over trying to ‘nail’ life but really I’ve had my fair share of stuff ups, but I’m living my path.. and most of the time it is how I intend. Lately, I’ve been super challenged.. so now; I’m throwing my hands up.. surrendering.. Just looking forward and saying to the universe ‘TAKE ME. LEAD ME.’ Please. Haha It’s hard to let go, of the control, and it’s even hard to RELAX & to just BE. Everything I do is intense and with 100% passion. I love hard, I work hard, I play hard, I dream hard, I party hard, I train hard, even my rest is calculated, I even eat with intensity hahaha.. But I’m trying to soften annnnd keep the passion. So officially- this is me, publicly announcing that I’m going to try to ‘flow’ more. To rest more, to be more gentle (not on my clients though 😝) 📸 @olivia_lucia__ #prayforme #lol #gratitude #meditation #personaltrainer #flow #balance #lifetsyle #healthylife #sunday #reflection #intention
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