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There’s something about your love // at the back of Silver Bay fishing for cohos in mid September and we caught that fall light just right ✨ . . . . . #visitsitka #passionpassport #optoutside #sitkaalaska #sharingalaska #alaska #southeastalaska #thealaskalife #oceanlife #ilovesoutheast #girlswhohike #mysitka #alpenglow #travelalaska #glacier #alaskan #optoutside
“Mama, is this the jungle?” // The Ketchikan Tongass has a way of making you feel small in the most significant of ways. Pretty grateful for a long weekend getaway and the chance to reset in the rainforest with these two little wild ones. 💚 . . . . #travelalaska #passionpassport #optoutside #alaskakids #sharingalaska #alaska #southeastalaska #thealaskalife #tongass #nps #nationalpark #ilovesoutheast #girlswhohike #ketchikan #ketchikanalaska
45 years ago, My grandma and grandpa were married on the banks of the Big Horn River in Hardin, Montana. They each brought children to their marriage, and later added a baby and an adopted son to their family, finally settling in Alaska with 8 children in tow. Growing up, I had no idea about yours, mine and ours, or that I came from an even bigger version of the Brady Bunch. We didn’t talk about blood, step, half or full. All we talked about was love, and we were all equally family. My Mammo and Papa set a strong, firm tone that everyone in their family is to be loved loyally, fiercely, openly, and the same. I was taught that everyone needs and deserves love, support and acceptance, and that those who are struggling are probably the ones who need it most. I’ve watched my aunts and uncles teach their children to love in this way, and I’ve experienced their unconditional love myself. Spouses and grandchildren are welcomed into our circle with open arms. Cousins are like bonus siblings. We rally around each other in times of need, no matter the distance or the issue. My family is knit close. I didn’t realize just how lucky I was to be born into a big, beautiful blended family until I began growing one of my own. When I added a “step”daughter to the mix, I watched as all of them opened their hearts and welcomed her in as one of us. Today, our family is too big for me to fully tag everyone on Instagram, or to even capture in a series of photos! Rocheleau clan, thank you for your grace, your big hearts, and for all of your love and unconditional support. Thank you for valuing hearts and souls over blood. We are so lucky to have each other—I love each and everyone of you and am so grateful to call you my family. ❤️
I tell you this to break your heart, by which I mean only that it break open and never close again to the rest of the world. // #maryoliver . . . . . #visitsitka #passionpassport #optoutside #sitkaalaska #sharingalaska #alaska #southeastalaska #thealaskalife #oceanlife #ilovesoutheast #girlswhohike #mysitka #travelalaska #alaskatribe #alaskaadventures
Happy golden birthday to this sparkly, giggly sweetheart! I love her big smile, her awesome dance moves, her giving spirit, and her huge heart. Happy 7th Birthday, Arya Mae! 💙💚💜
15 years as my favorite friend, 8 countries explored together, 4 years as my life partner, 2 little girls and 1 furry dog later and he can still make something as mundane as a trip to the grocery store feel like magic. Love you, @jerrodgalanin ! Thank you for making our life so full and beautiful ✨❤️
First official weekend in our new beach home and we lucked out with gorgeous weather! I am so grateful for a husband who dreams big with me, for our giggly girls, for our sweet pup, and for our beautiful seaside town. I’m looking forward to building memories in this old house and setting down roots in our forever home. 💙 #newhome #alaskalife #islandlife #sitkaalaska
Happy 8th birthday to this bright light! ✨ Ruby is full of spunk, true to her spirit, kind, loving, funny and brave. This girl is going places. I am so lucky to be her mom. ❤️😍
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