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If you’re wondering... So, Britney, why in the hell would you start your own business... from nothing... by yourself... with no guaranteed paychecks just for showing up... in network marketing, of all things? Why?? I’ll tell you why. First of all, that ⬆️... family time. That’s the first reason. Because of the flexibility of my wine business, I can squeeze in work on my terms and still be around for outings to the fall festival, school lunches and field trips. The second reason is in the name of the industry, “network marketing”. At first it felt uncomfortable to reach out to people and network. But I’m SO happy I didn’t let the discomfort get the best of me, because networking (aka chatting with people) is FUN, whether people join my business or not. It’s reconnected me with people from my past and introduced me to so many cool new people I would have never known. And, my final main reason... the product. 🍷 I mean, come ON. 😁 What are some of your main reasons for starting your own business?
Sometimes I seriously can’t believe that I have a side business that revolves around wine. 🍷 A box of wine gets delivered to my customers’ doors every month with unique, premium wines from around the world?! AND they can earn free wine by referring 3 friends?! Genius! 😁🙌🏻 It makes me so damn excited, I tell ya. And that’s why I want to talk about side businesses, side hustles, part-time jobs, and all that jazz. When you’re looking for something to supplement your income or to start gradually and build over time, you MUST have passion for it to last. Because, quite frankly, you don’t “need” the money from it to pay for your mortgage or your groceries. Either your partner does that or your “normal job” does that. So that makes it reeeeal easy to quit or slack, doesn’t it? That’s why it’s ESSENTIAL to be excited about your side business. It’s there to ENHANCE your life... to make it BETTER. Of course it takes work. So if you love the product and the business, it doesn’t mean your business is going to magically grow on its own. But it does mean that you have a positive foundation to start with. And when you add consistent effort to the mix, you’re golden. ✨ Don’t start a side business JUST for money. You NEED to be excited about what you’re actually doing. And if you truly are, the money will come, babe. I speak from experience and hope this helps some of you get clarity. Cheers, friends! And happy Wine Wednesday! 😉
TUESDAY TIP! If you’re using Instagram to promote your business and/or brand, you NEED this tip.... IGTV 📺 That’s Instagram TV, for those of you that aren’t familiar. IGTV is Instagram’s own video platform. 🎥 Yeah, it kinda sucks that videos need to be in vertical format for those of us that have a library of horizontal videos that we worked so hard on (although it’s possible to change horizontal to vertical if you use Google and your patience 😉). But because of that very fact, and the fact that it’s still new, it’s not NEAR as congested yet as YouTube or even Facebook videos. Your video can be up to 10 minutes long (or 60 minutes long for verified users), and is easily accessible through an icon in your Instagram profile. I hope you enjoy the videos I’ve posted so far. And if you’ve never posted one before, message me after you do. I’d love to watch! 😘
Happy Monday, y’all! I had the BEST time at my 20-year high school reunion this weekend (you know if you watched my stories 😂), and I’m ready for an amazing week! I’ve got some fun goals for my wine business this week, including a live video when I open up our latest wine shipment! 🍷📦 Stay tuned for that! What business goals do you have this week? #MotivationalMonday
They’re still young enough to think rides in bees made of barrels pulled by a tractor are fun. 🙏🏻🐝 Rowdy and Romy loved our local fall festival. Have you been to any fall festivals or pumpkin patches yet this year?
#FBF to Disneyland in June, and yet another time Romy decided she didn’t want to take a picture. I mean, we put her in front of a damn castle, and she still protests the photo. 😂🤷‍♀️ On a different note, I’m happy it’s Friday. I’m fortunate that I don’t “live for the weekend”. I can thank my home-based businesses for that. BUT I do still look forward to them since the kids are out of school, and we get to sleep in, and all that jazz. 😁 And I do work some on weekends. I just try to keep the load lighter. What about you? If you have a home-based business, too, do you work on weekends?
Photo shoots with a 4-year-old are sometimes... emotional. 😳 I wanted some pics of Romy in this tee from my shop @kindkiddo , but it wasn’t a flawless process. Thankfully, I cheered her up and got some great shots. But swipe ➡️ to see how it started out. 😂 Anyone else relate? 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♂️📸
No, this is not a dramatization. I just get this damn excited when my wine club delivery arrives. 😃🙌🏻 Best. Package. Ever. 📦🍷 What’s your fave monthly delivery?
TUESDAY TIP: To my fellow WAHMs, go ahead and edit your photos! 📸 Look, I’m not saying that you should alter your appearance online so much that someone might not even recognize you in person. But I AM saying that there’s no shame in taking advantage of technology to amp up the look of your social media photos. You’re promoting a business, for Pete’s sake. Why wouldn’t you want your pics to be a little brighter or a little more colorful or a little cleaned up? You’re a damn professional, and professionals need nice photos. Don’t let the haters make you feel guilty for improving your images. ✨ As for this pic, I used Snapseed to smooth my skin. I used the lower level of smoothing so that my skin still looks like mine. It just looks like I’m rockin’ a better makeup look than I really was. 😉 I also used an Instagram filter at 50% to brighten up the entire image. Easy peasy. No dramatic changes, just little improvements. Tell me, what’s your favorite photo editing tool or app?
When running your business means enjoying room service breakfast in your hotel robe after an incredible company convention while getting some work done simultaneously... now THAT’S some #MondayMotivation ☕️ (swipe to see the deliciousness 🍳🥓)
🤷‍♀️ 🍷
Feeling super thankful for Ryan lately. He’s always supporting my gazillion crazy ideas and telling me to go for it. Do you have someone in your life that’s always cheering you on? 🤗
When you find a way to make money while lounging in an infinity pool in your hotel suite in Cabo, you know you’re on the right track. 😎🌊☀️ #WorkFromAnywhere
Wine tonight? 🍷
Can’t wait to kiss these faces all weekend long. 😍 Working from home is amazing, BUT it, many times, means that I don’t barely ever stop working. When you can just grab your phone and get some stuff done, it’s tempting to do it in every spare moment. But I’m definitely going to back away from the work for the rest of the day and tonight. I need some family love... and some wine. 🍷 Cheers to the weekend, y’all.
Heyyyy, Instagram fam! Let’s do a Friday intro, shall we? Here are 5 facts about me! Tell me something about YOU in the comments! 1. I’ve been married to @rrcrosson for almost 14 years. I’m so relieved that we still like each other. 😉 2. I work almost 100% from home so that I can be super duper available for my cute kiddos, Rowdy and Romy. 👦👧 3. I don’t post here about it much, but I’ve been an actor since I was a kid. Never did the whole Hollywood or Broadway thing. But I’ve had little tastes of both of them being a performer here in Texas. 🎭 4. I created @kindkiddo when my son was a baby in an effort to encourage other parents to raise non-assholes. ✌🏻 5. I am an unapologetic #RealHousewives fan. 💍 And although I’m probably not controversial enough to be one of them, my little Bravo-loving heart dreams of that happening one day. 😍 📺
#TBT to that moment when I finally got to stay at @bevhillshotel 🌴(bucket list ✔️) and wanted a cute family photo on the red carpet before departing, and Romy decided to be a you-know-what and not even look at the damn camera. Ahhh, family memories...
I’ve got a BIG decision to make, y’all... continue getting a white/red combo from the wine club, or change to all red for the fall and winter?? 🍷 Okay, okay, so maybe that’s not a “BIG” decision for everyone. But y’all knowwww this gal loves her wine and loves hosting wine socials. This is important shit, y’all. 😉 #WineClubLife
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