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If your goal for 2019 is to start a new side business, let me give you just a bit of unsolicited advice. 😉 You see, this is me with my husband, Ryan, “at work”. We spent the evening pouring tastes of wine, talking about wine, and meeting some really cool people...together. I intentionally chose a side business that is FUN and FLEXIBLE and allows me to still spend lots of time with my loved ones. ❤️🍷 So choose that new business for 2019 intentionally. Think about how it will make you feel when you’re doing the work. Think about how it will affect your life and your time with your family. Because if you choose a side gig that makes you feel good about the work and about yourself, you’re more likely to keep going, even when the going gets tough. 😘
Okay, this is super important for me to share with y’all. But I knowwww y’all are busy, like me. So I’ll try to keep it short. 😬 Drumrollllll... I’m launching my first ever email course in January called THE GREAT FIRST 8. It’s 8 weeks of valuable info and LOTS of motivation from your personal cheerleader (me! 🙋‍♀️) for my fellow small business owners to help kick start your business in 2019. It’s done via email, and it’s FREE. 🙌🏻 To be a part of THE GREAT FIRST 8 simply join my email list. Go to the link in my bio and choose your freebie (Time Management or Live A Better Life), join, then get ready for a GREAT first 8! And be looking for more details very soon. I am SO. DAMN. EXCITED. 😘
So, you’re super excited about your network marketing business, and you’re spreading the good word and seeing some excitement from others, too! GREAT! Until... you say, “It’s easy!” 🤨 The one and only @treybearor inspired this post today, y’all. He talked about why new reps quit in the first 90 days of joining a network marketing business in his new FB video. Telling them, “it’s easy” can be very misleading. I don’t know about your network marketing business. But with mine, the process is definitely simple. It’s not complicated or complex or difficult to understand. But “easy” might make a newbie think that they should be moving mountains and making tons of money in the first 90 days. I know it can be tempting to word vomit tons of positive stuff about your business to new people. But while you’re telling them all of the amazing aspects, don’t forget to be real with them. If someone wants to make a lot of money 💰 in network marketing, they can’t just put in 20 minutes a day. But if someone just wants to make a little bit of side money, then 20 minutes per day might be just fine. See, this is the beauty of network marketing - it’s customizable. YOU decide how it goes by how much time and effort you put in. The more real you are with new business partners, the better experience it will be for both of you. 💕
OMG it’s almost Christmas, y’all! 🎄 And I have the PERFECT gift idea for the wine lover in your life! Even if that person if YOU! 😉 (I mean, who doesn’t buy themself a gift during the holiday season? Lol) Our wine club membership makes an amazing gift. 🎁 Premium wine from all over the world delivered to the customer’s door every month 🎁 Quarterly gifts and perks 🎁 Refer 3 and yours is FREE 🎁 And I’m giving every new member in December a gift from me! 🍷 Message me for deets. Tell me, what’s your fave type of wine?
Happy 14th Wedding Anniversary to us! 🤵👰 Yes, I know. Hard to believe I’m old enough to have been married 14 years ago, but it’s true. 😉 I want to take this opportunity to acknowledge Ryan and how much he’s just gotten better and better over the years. Maybe I trained him well (kidding!...sorta) or maybe he’s just one of the few humans that has actually grown and progressed over time instead of staying stuck in old ways. Either way, I’m so proud of him. Not only is he 100 pounds lighter (yep! One-freaking-hundred!) than he was when we got married. But he’s also an even better person than he used to be. He’s always been “one of the good guys”. But now he’s truly one of “the greats”. Ryan could go hunt an animal and do all the funky stuff afterward to prepare it for eating (🤢), and then listen to Frank Sinatra on the way home, and then cuss like a sailor with a redneck twang and then take me out to a fancy dinner while listening to Snoop Dogg on the way. He’s one of the most well rounded people I’ve ever known. And I’m so. incredibly. thankful. ❤️ ☺️ Here’s to 50 more with my drinking partner, my dancing partner, my parenting partner, my life partner. I love you, Ryan. (Swipe ➡️)
For real though, babe. It’s not like all of the successful folks out there have some sort of magical power that you don’t have. 💫 In fact, most likely, all they have that you don’t have is years (yes, years - not days, weeks or months) of persistence and determination. 💪🏻 YOU are just as capable as they are aaaand just as deserving. Keep. Pushing. Forward. #MotivationalMonday
We had such a great time tonight out on the town doing lots of Christmas-y things. 🎄 After a day of baking and decorating Christmas cookies, we headed out and had dinner, hot chocolate and s’mores. Also took a horse and carriage ride and drove through Houston’s most famous neighborhood looking at amazing Christmas light displays. 😍✨ (watch my stories!) Feeling super thankful for days like today and for these 3 people. ❤️
Okay, boss ladies. I’m working on a challenge for you that’s gonna help you KICK THE NEW YEAR’S ASS! #2019goals 🙌🏻 I’ll let y’all know when it’s ready. But in the mean time, speaking of the new year, do you usually set specific goals or resolutions? Or nah?
#TBT to a year ago in New Orleans with Ryan (and my blonde hair 🤨) at the beautiful @theroosevelt_no Their holiday display is a must see in NOLA, fo sho. So. Many. Lights. 😍 So many people say that time flies. But, quite frankly, this seems like forever ago, rather than just a year ago. I hadn’t even started my wine business or my travel blog, yet. Sooo much has happened in 2018. What an incredible year. What’s something cool that’s happened in your life in the past year?
If you’re a business owner, like me, and you’re using social media to promote and network, there are TWO THINGS you should focus on every single time you post... ✨Relate & Educate✨ Your post should either be something the follower can relate to, or it should educate them. Or both! For example, since I have a wine business I might tell you that... Tannins are a compound mostly just found in red wines🍷 that are responsible for the level of bitterness in the wine. More tannins = more bitterness. If you want a wine with more tannins, try a Bordeaux or a Cabernet Sauvignon. If you want a wine with fewer tannins, stick to a Pinot Noir or a Merlot. 🙂 Remember - Relate & Educate - and you’re golden! 💫 You can watch my quick video about this over on IGTV 📺 - link is in my bio.
TIP TUESDAY✨ This morning I heard @gbaldwin say... Work with what you’ve got, and improve as you go. Y’all. This is SO true. I speak from experience. 🙋‍♀️ In fact, when I heard @bob_heilig say something similar last year, I was inspired to FINALLY create my first YouTube video. 🎥 It wasn’t perfect. Actually, it was pretty bad. 😬 But jumping into the deep end like that was the only way I was going to finally start accomplishing the things I’d wanted to for a long, long time. Your video, your product, your service, your project.... it’s not going to be perfect from the get go. It’s just not. You’re human. You’re imperfect, and you learn as you go. And that’s cool, babe. So, if not now, when? How much longer are you going to wait? 🔥Your imperfect efforts of today are going to lead you to your greatness of tomorrow.🔥
7 hours per week. That’s how many hours I have per week alone with this little cutie. We call it “Mommy Monday” because she doesn’t have school on Mondays, so we get to spend it together. Next year she’ll be in kindergarten 5 days per week. Whaaaat?!? . . So, as tempting as it is to work, work, work on Mondays, I keep it to a minimum. Because never ever again will Romy and I have “Mommy Mondays” after this school year is over. ❤️ . . If, like me, you have a home-based business, you know how tough it is to avoid working since it’s right there on your phone at your fingertips anytime. 📱 . . But this time with Romy is special. So I make up for it on Monday nights after she and her brother are in bed. Livin’ that #WorkAtHomeMom life y’all. 🙂 . . Are there certain days of the week that you work a lot less than others?
What is it about the holiday season that makes us want to eat sweets?! 🎂🍫🍪🍭🍦 I swear, I make (and consume) more sweets in the month of December than I do in all of the rest of the months combined! 😂 And you know what? NOT WORRIED ABOUT IT. 😜💃
Came to Academy to get a Christmas gift for Rowdy, and look where we ended up... the hunting section. 🤨 #HesALittleBitCountry Do you end up grabbing a little something for yourself when you’re out shopping for someone else? 🛍🎄
Cheers to the weekend! I’ve got a BIG wine social happening tonight. So excited to share amazing wine with some fellow wine lovers. 🍷 And tomorrow there’s Christmas shopping then the local Christmas parade. 🎄 What are y’all doing this weekend?
Babe, there’s a reason why you keep thinking about that idea 💡 or dreaming that dream ✨ or wanting to finally reach that goal 🤨 or simply having a deep desire for a better life. 💫 Listen to your gut and START MAKING SHIT HAPPEN. Do yourself a favor, and DON’T WAIT until January 1st. Get a 32-day head start NOW. 😘
Y’all knowwww I love to have fun. I mean, there’s wine 🍷 all up on my feed and lip syncing 🎤👸🏼 in my stories, for Pete’s sake. BUT, I did get pretty serious for my latest video. Talking about my personal experience with anxiety and panic disorder is not super comfortable, and it certainly isn’t “fun”. But something in my gut told me to make that damn video, so I did. If you have struggled with mental health in the past or even still so in the present, I hope this video gives you hope. Watch it on my YouTube channel (it’s titled My Panic Disorder Story). The link is in my bio. I’ve got some more 🤞🏻hopefully🤞🏻 helpful stuff up my sleeve to go even further with this whole thing. We need our brains in good working order to run these businesses and raise these children and live this amazing life. 💕 Aaaand now if you wanna lighten things up, you can watch me lip sync to Feliz Navidad in my stories. 😉🎄
TUESDAY TIP ✨ If, like me, you use Instagram to network and promote your brand, you need to make sure a few basics are covered on the pics you post. I’m using this one from my trip to California this year as an example. 🌴 First of all, make sure your picture is level. Go to Edit (bottom right) and choose Adjust. This will help you get your pic level and cropped. Sometimes you’re lucky enough to have a guide in the pic, like these stairs I’m standing on, which makes it easier to tell when it’s level. Second, brighten it up a bit (also in the Edit section of IG). Dark pics generally don’t look great. And finally, choose a filter. Sure, some pics don’t really need a filter. But most do. And you can adjust how much filter the pic gets if you want a more subtle effect. 📸 You really don’t have to have a bunch of fancy tools and apps to make your IG pics looks good, y’all. If you do these few things each time you post a pic, it’s going to make a big difference in the appearance of your feed. 😍 #InstagramTips
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