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whether you’re wearing lots of makeup or no makeup, you’re still the same person inside. remember that. be confident. <3
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i cannot thank you enough for always listening to me. for always being there. for always laughing w/ me. for being the only one who actually has my back 100%. thank you, Heather Cook, for the best memories ever. thank you for trusting in me. thank you for being my pal. thank you for showing me that there is a reason to live in this stressful world. i love you bby. ♥️ -b
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all for you, TJ❣️ #everyonesayhi #part3
i feel like complete crap right now knowing I can’t fix the problems we had. tj, thank you for being the sweetest guy to me during our relationship. you would always tell me not worry about other people’s opinions and to live life to the fullest. i will never forget when we went to prom and danced together and you looked in my eyes and called me beautiful. when we went out together, you would always tell me funny stories about when you were a little kid haha. you would hold my hand and compliment me and make me smile. you never failed at making me smile. i saw you at Carowinds and you looked so so happy and you were having fun... im so so shocked. i can’t believe you’re gone. now, you are in a wonderful, amazing place bud. im so sorry i couldn’t do anything. just last week i was planning on texting you and saying im sorry. see you soon... tj langfitt. rip<3