Kiwi baby living in Aus 🌻 📍Noosa, Sunshine Coast @brookelillymakeup

Enjoying my long weekend spent in the ☀️shine
Living for those salty hair days 🌊
And in the rush of it all, there’s nothing like stepping into the ocean, as the salt water caresses your body, you float, it carry’s all of your troubles away 🏹
Saturday vibes with my cute new bag 👜🐻 @all4augast
Best lashes on the Sunshine Coast @kiera_studiovogue ⚡️💛
Sun Dazed ☀️
When your swimsuit matches your fin⚡️
The sea is my medicine 🌊 a place I come to clear my thoughts & tap into my soul 🌟
One of my favourite ways to start the day 🌿
Wearing my favourite 💎🌙✨ @beauandriverjewellery
Time to get wet
Today I wake up in a new chapter of my life📖✨🌙🏡 in a new home which I share with my love, i am excited to write this next chapter of my life and the teachings and learnings of life that may stumble across my path to help me grow💛🌻
Happy Sunday folks 🌻
Barefoot bandits 👣 make sure you take the time to connect the bare souls of your feet into the earth of Mother Nature everyday to connect energies & stay grounded 🌻 @dessa_store x @rhythmswimwear
Happy days 💛🌻🌊
Started my morning with a light stroll along the river at sunrise, followed by yoga, then to finish my “feel good” morning routine with my favourite tea - ‘soothe me’ @memomenttea 🍵🌻 I want to know below what make’s you guys feel good? Ever since getting up earlier, and combining my favourite things to do that make me feel good in my morning routine, I have been such a happier person and have been 100% more successful in my set goals! I promise you you won’t regret it if you set your mind to it and make the time for it in your life, as it is the most important 💫🧡
Call me on my shell phone 🐚🐬 // @dessa_store x @rhythmswimwear x @the__coffeecolouredkid
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