Brooklyn Bean Roastery

We’re three guys from #Brooklyn who make great #coffee . It's as simple as that. Shop:

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You've never seen Brooklyn like this before. Check out our new storefront and let us know what you think!
It's as simple as Brooklyn is dynamic. Drink coffee. Do your day.
Happy Wednesday! We haven't had a giveaway in awhile, have we? What would you like to win from us?
Glow, baby, glow! All you need is some BBR, and you're ready to glow.
Loving this. #Repost from @madebymeggs ・・・ “Mama, did you make your coffee yet? Good, I want to make you a special birthday coffee” 🎉 🎂 ☕️ 💕 #happybirthdaytome #kindheart #coffeeismylovelanguage #bestgift #coffee #morning #kidsareamazing
Ever wonder why your coffee gets bubbly sometimes? Here is your answer from @mentalfloss : The roasting process traps CO2 inside the beans and this gas is slowly released. When coffee is ground, the gas releases at a faster pace and when you mix the grounds with coffee, bubbles (known as the bloom) pop up. Not surprisingly, dark roasts result in more bubbles than a light roast. Science!
That’s something… Right? #Coffee #kcup #keurig #brooklyn #bbr #muglife #caffeine
Monday is coming. #Repost via @newyorkercartoons ・・・ A cartoon by Seth Fleishman, from 2016. #TNYcartoons
Today is the day and the time is now! Zip over to Amazon for Prime Day savings and get your favorite BBR coffee for 20% off: #coffee #kcup #keurig #brooklyn #bbr #muglife #caffeine
Are you ready for Prime Day?! Everything starts at 3 pm EST today, but tomorrow at 8:30 am EST, there will be a special deal on your favorite BBR coffee. Stay tuned! What are you hoping for?
You have our permission.
It's time to celebrate Ice Cream Month -- Brooklyn-style with this easy Coffee Ice Cream Float! How are you celebrating ice cream month?
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