Bassett Street Brunch Club

Your downtown destination for all-day, all-night brunch plus comfort food classics, full bar, Colectivo Coffee & donuts. Lots of donuts.

Abs are overrated. These pancakes 👆 however, are not. #lemonricotta #pancakedinner
Thank God it's Fry-day! Celebrate National French Fry Day with us. 🍟 Pairs well with Happy Hour.
✨Fondues and Fondon’ts✨ FONDUE eat delicious cheesey ham omelets for dinner. FONDON’T worry if you can’t make your way over to the restaurant, we deliver! #sweetcheesus #timeforbrunch
Ever find yourself standing in front of a salad, asking for it to be a donut? . . . #dudewegotthis #whynothaveboth #wineanddineanddonut
BEEF(tacos). IT’S WHAT’S FOR DINNER. #thatssonineties #tacome
Oh, my, God Becky. Look at her Burrito. It is so big, #yeahitis #whoshungry #breakfastfordinner . . . ✨Chorizo Chili Bomb Burrito $9.95✨
#watchout 😬 All this cheesey goodness can Mac you crazy. #crazyhungry #dinnertime #macattack
Decisions decisions. 🤔 ... It’s World Chocolate Day and we’ve got no shortage of ways to celebrate... 🍩🥞🍰🍫 #whatsfordinner #allofit #worldchocolateday
It's Friday Fish Fry with a twist (of lime)! . ✨Fish Tacos✨11.95 A platter of three tacos in soft corn shells topped with corn and black bean salsa, cabbage-cilantro slaw, and avocado-tomatillo salsa. Choose from blackened or fried cod.
Are we your fave? 🍩 Donut forget to vote us Favorite Restaurant for Brunch in @isthmusmadison #MadFaves ! Click the link in their bio to vote, now thru July 31!
Don’t be upsetti, eat some Spaghetti-(Ohs) #dinnertime
Ain’t no Brunch like a 4th of July Brunch. #🇺🇸 #brunchdoesntbreakforholidays
Just two super-best friends. Sitting outside. Enjoying each other’s company. On a Tuesday. #tacoandmarg #bffforlife . . . Carnitas 🌮 $4 Margaritas with purchase of tacos!
Outdoor cake break. #mericastyle #seeyoulatermonday
#didyouknow our donuts are 100% fat-free in the center? #itstrue #donutsftw . . . We make Vegan Donuts every Sunday and by special order! #veganeats
Just getting up?? #itscool We serve breakfast straight through the afternoon, into the evening, and continue right on until we close. #breakfastanytime Get what you want, when you want. Like this flavor-bomb of an omelette 👆 ✨Cyc Omelette✨ 9.95 A kitchen collab between Brunch Club and Cyc Fitness. Stuffed with roasted red peppers and onions, black beans, pico de gallo, and queso fresco, topped with ranchero salsa and house-made avocado mash. Served with mixed greens.
Get your butternut over here for a salad that will squash your hunger. 🥗 ✨Butternut and Blue Salad✨9.95 Roasted butternut squash tossed with buttermilk blue cheese, mixed greens, walnuts, apples, fried parsnips, onions, and sherry vinaigrette. Add grilled chicken for 2.00 or salmon for 3.50.
It's not dessert; it's breakfast. Technically. ✨Oatmeal Crème Brûlée✨ 8.95 A bowl of steel-cut oats topped with vanilla custard and a brûlée sugar crust. Served with fresh berries.
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