brunette barbie

everything between, before, and after the 90’s-10’sπŸ’‹

me skipping work to shop with money i don’t have
tag the angelina of ur group
hottest blonde couple
a mood
me when the hot guy said i looked 5 years older than i am
what’s your favorite part about summer? mine is wearing a bikini all day everyday
Buffy Summers
mother and father
are excited for The Hills reboot ?
Sofia Vergara for Maxim (2000)
fun fact: New York Minute was the last film the Olsen Twins starred in together (2004)
which mean girl are you? i’m gretchen πŸ’“
i want a summer romance with a boyfriend who wears puka shells and wife beaters
inspo πŸ’“
TVD girls β€˜09 #thevampirediaries
summer expectations
good morning β˜€οΈ halfway to the weekend!
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