Bruno Mars

Bless the heavens with that voice like you’ve blessed us all on this earth. RIP Queen Of Soul. ❤️
Hath the game changeth??? 🤔
Thank You Lollapalooza! #ChiTown
🕺🏽+🕺🏽= 💀 Lil punk ass baby legs 😫
Repost: CMON!! @luenell This made my morning😂 Thank you! I know who I’m singing to in L.A! Can’t wait to see you. Sincerely, Your lil powerful Muh F#%*a🍾
@iamcardib 🙌
Happy birthday to my big bro @philsmeeze I don’t know how we get work done in between all the jokes and laughs but we be figuring that shit out!l Here’s to creating more for years to come 🥂
Stoked to be in Poland so I can FINALLY get some new headshots! 🇵🇱
Here’s me being thirsty trying to take a selfie in the club. Thank you Paris for giving us our biggest show yet! 🇫🇷 Je t’aime!
Found this video in my phone. This is @therealbrodybrown and I trying to figure out the groove for 24k Magic in 2015. We must’ve tried 100 different patterns and pockets to finally land what y’all hear today. #nevergiveup #dontlosehope #InspirationalHashtags &Shit
The man that taught me everything I know. From the pinky ring down to the patent leather shoes but most importantly making music such a huge part of my life as a kid. Thank you for taking care of us and showing me, my brother and sisters what 1 man can do for his children’s happiness. I love you pops. #happyfathersday
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