🔹Woodstock, GA 🔹2013 Toyota Tacoma 🔹GoPro3 Silver & 4 Black 🔹Phantom 2 🔹Atlanta Fire Rescue/AEMT

@imaginemusicfestival did not disappoint this year! Had such a great time with each one there. Many new friends and memories were made. #imf #imaginemusicfestival #imaginefestival
A lot of big new the past few weeks, but I wouldn’t want it to be with anyone else but @julie_ann_byers. I and late in posting this, but and update is that Julie will be 18 weeks tomorrow! We are thrilled to find out that we will be having a GIRL! March 3, 2019 can’t get here fast enough!
I am so incredibly lucky I got to marry my best friend. I couldn’t imagine spending the rest of my life with anyone else! This is just the beginning of a life time of adventures. I love you @julie_ann_byers
Truck 1 waiting for its next call with it being the busiest truck in Atlanta.
She said yes!
Fenders mocked up for metal to be cut out. Next step is getting the new tongue put in.
P027888 This is how excited am to receive my State of Georgia Paramedic numbers. I just wanted to thank everyone who has been part of my process of becoming a paramedic! It was a long arduous trail. Who knows what the future may entail!
Axle is under the trailer! Time to put some weight in this son of a gun!
Axle install on the trailer is going on now! @tacomaturner
The trailer axle is in! Time for some welding and she’ll be rolling soon enough with the bigger tires.
Trailer project is under way! Hopefully to have the 3,500lb axle with trailer brakes and new suspension on next week. #trailerlife #expoAF #builtnotbought
Finally got the camper shell painted by @dot_tom. Looks awesome! Can’t wait to put it to good use!
Every once in a while you have to be the union man. Taking E15 up to the 18th of a high rise for overhaul. All photo credits: @jspink1
Finally found a spot for my pin from @cavitycolors. Thanks Aaron and @ms.cavitycolors !
I don’t know what I would do without her! I love this woman! I can’t thank her enough for what she does for me. Love you @julie_ann_rogers !
Flexing out my @allprooffroad suspension at @windrock_park. Who is down to do some camping soon? ______________________________________________ #toyota #tacoma #trd #trdoffroad #yota #offroading #sosconcepts #tacomaworld #teamtoyota #tjm #smittybilt #tacomaaddicts #jeeprecoveryteam #toyonation #allprooffroad #fox #eaf #pelfreybilt #timbren ______________________________________________
Just a few snap chat clips from Windrock. Gonna need new tires before I go wheeling anywhere else! 35s in the near future? ______________________________________________ #toyota #tacoma #trd #trdoffroad #yota #offroading #sosconcepts #tacomaworld #teamtoyota #tjm #smittybilt #tacomaaddicts #jeeprecoveryteam #toyonation #allprooffroad #fox #eaf #pelfreybilt #timbren ______________________________________________
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