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You are my world, little girl!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY BEAUTIFUL WIFE!!! Thank you for letting @tentsandtires to be our first outing as a family! I love you with all of my heart! I couldn’t imagine having anyone else to be the mother of my first born child! You know me better than anyone else. You and I together is like some weirdo love birds who find the dumbest things so funny to where we can’t stop laughing until we can’t breath. You are one in a million and the most beautiful hot momma that will also make fun of anyone with the most savage jab at anyone without batting an eye. You are intelligent, witty, and compassionate. You keep me sane and ground especially when I want to blow up. You are truly amazing! I love you @julie_ann_byers !
Look at my beautiful wife and daughter! My heart could not be more full! @julie_ann_byers rocked this pregnancy and labor like none other. 12 hours of being in the hospital and Julie popped out this adorable little nugget.
This how she sat on the trail when I bent a tie rod. This is similar to how she is sitting in my garage right now. Tomorrow morning will include some wrenching on the truck and get her aligned.
Get a woman that has the same excitement for a latte as she has for the endless love she has for you. You are truly a one in a million! I can’t wait to start our family with you! I love you @julie_ann_byers
While at Coppinger Cove, a local showed us a waterfall off the trail. We would of never knew it was there if he didn’t tell us. Glad we were able get to enjoy it while we could. We still have to explore the rest of the trail. Who is looking to expire next time?
Well this is how my day went. Had a good time wheeling at Coppinger Cove, but on the way back through the trail....I bent a tie rod. Not bad for the first trail repair. Luckily I had @josh_cook13 and @pathfinder.52 with me with some assistance!
***PSA: WHO WANTS TO WHEEL TOMORROW*** *************************************************** Message me for details. *************************************************** This picture describes how I feel posting up last minute details on a day wheeling trip. Going wheeling with @josh_cook13. Who else is wheeling this weekend?
@defconbrix I’m coming for you Sean! Trying to get this project as close to done before the new arrival gets here!
Engine 1 worked interior with Company 16 and Truck 15. A double ceiling caused difficulty reaching the fire between the second ceiling and roof. Engine 1 came out of the structure after working interior for a short rehab and changed air cylinders for a second assignment of putting fire out on the C-D corner and in the attic of the structure. As you can see I was able to sit myself on top of the Delta wall/attic. I had a great crew on Engine 1 that day. But it was unfortunate that that this could not be my Captain’s last fire as he would retire the next shift.
I have gotten behind on posting some pics from some great times. This was from Luca’s first birthday. It was a great time celebrating with the old Engine 1 crew!
Everyone says “the curse is broken” today. Well that’s all bullshit. Just to let everyone know, Georgia’s indoor lacrosse team, the Swarm, won there first NLL Championship Cup in June of 2017. So please stop with all this curse is broken crap.
Love going on short adventures with my beautiful wife! Took a stop by the Tray Mountain trail head to see if it was open. Heard it’s been closed recently. Our little girl will be here in the beginning of March. So be ready for baby pics!
@imaginemusicfestival did not disappoint this year! Had such a great time with each one there. Many new friends and memories were made. #imf #imaginemusicfestival #imaginefestival
A lot of big new the past few weeks, but I wouldn’t want it to be with anyone else but @julie_ann_byers. I and late in posting this, but and update is that Julie will be 18 weeks tomorrow! We are thrilled to find out that we will be having a GIRL! March 3, 2019 can’t get here fast enough!
I am so incredibly lucky I got to marry my best friend. I couldn’t imagine spending the rest of my life with anyone else! This is just the beginning of a life time of adventures. I love you @julie_ann_byers
Truck 1 waiting for its next call with it being the busiest truck in Atlanta.
She said yes!
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