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Pubic figure

The hole picture.
I found the best way to watch the eruption on the big island. VOLUME UP 🤘 #slayer
I love this shot. Not the trick or expertly framed picture by @hetzbanger but who’s on the deck and the story of this session. It was the OP Pro Copper mtn, everyone drove down 3 hours plus to Fort Collins to skate at Fort Skate the night before the pipe competition. This was the first time I met @kblock43 ( he had a black, zebra striped, VW GTI) and @matthewgoodman *who wiped boogers on the back of kens seats the whole way. The session was all time. Hetzel, Noah Salasnek, @croach255 @mikeranquet Steve Graham, Damian Sanders it was insane. Salas was at his H Street prime skate ability and put on a demo of basically every trick. Nobody in this modern age would drive 3 hours to skate the night before a pipe comp. I’m just saying, maybe they should. Thanks for this @hetzbanger !
@hetzbanger posting up a couple pics from before computers. This one is from the first @highcascade ever. SIK HAT BRAH Pretty sure I watched a kid on rollerblades cancel himself that day. Actually, it might have been Steve Klassen from Wave Rave.
When your favorite place to eat makes a movie!!!@fish101restaurant May 30 La Paloma theater downtown Encinitas ! #fish101themovie
Chris and I tag teamed that M.A.S.S this week ! Link in bio
Just stumbled onto the print out of my first graphic. Anyone want to do a reissue or let me slap this on a board again ? Can’t believe I still have this. Layout collaboration with @scottclum
I did a smithvert on a snowskate once
Zorlac Pushead shrunken head board/ G&S yo-yos, indys- frontside air at Finkle’s ramp 84 Paxton MA
@tonyhawk ‘s house in Fallbrook circa Sienfield season 1. 📸 @jgrantbrittain (my buttsweat is on another level)
Best trip ever to NZ hands down. 📸 @trevorgraves
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