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Boards, Audis, Useless 80s pop culture trivia, and pizza.

Light pole hit @snow_summit 📸 @shemispheres
Muchas glassy as & @mattmeola just dropped #polyemma Maui airtime in full effect !
@gunarsphoto shot this back in 1990 at Tenny Mtn NH. This was at a New England cup event
It’s really offshoring out right now. Charlie Buckets by unknown surfbro at SeaSide
Thank you Papa Joe.
No disintegrations...or rocks...or flats @sharksnowsurf @baldfacelodge #bobafett #powsurfing @starwars
This incredible image says so much. Owl on the beach at Zuma. My heart aches for all my Malibu friends. Whatever you need we are here. Unreal 📸 by @wallyskalij LA Times
High Octane barely describes the amount of go go that @austensweetin has. His new short, is fun, hyper, and does what being around the froth goblin does to people. GETS YOU HYPED ! check it out live on @quiksilver now.
@miked you are looking white hot. #beastieboysbook
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