Paddy Del Jean

the Last Poet on Earth .....:::::Bu ~∆rts #BuArt #BuArtPhotography

*Enigma of a day, & the heterodox Romanian poet . Narrative streets, self-glorification & two separated sharp areas wringing themselves to ideas & literary prizes in different universes Behaviorism on planet earth . His heart bangs in a dream to analyze the studies of poems Soft and handsome, kingliness The endless pride of knowledge . You oldies. He cannot save you . These twists of speechlessness, barked for his attitude and adventures in empty meadows Satisfy our friends, gods and families This will last until distance comes to her knees . Probably, they eat chocolate . A flavor of cloudy traces stimulates porousness within badness . & old parachutes . #BuArt #BuArtPhotography
*Beauty and the Beast . & beatification of beautiful photography Eternity bores the city. Her visual sentence Street lights. Taxi hand chattering strange Personal flatness happens, frequently blindingly. I wear black lingerie! . Eastward shall shelter, I sign myself in for professional natives, & wet rubber tires . Their personal hardware, we’re in! . Irreversible . Let’s pass out here! Peace is perfect, huntsmen in pact Breaking the glass & Low . Pretty high face Brighter maze Translate! . The photo marched . #BuArt #BuArtPhotograpy
*Library Effects are poorly dressed in the whole face of another digital moment which is lost in space . Create territory essentials, public & cryptic, stroll down, peculiar . Do I Make Them Cry? No one has given me the rules . Tongue Red Lips, discloses heart Such best book of words Analyze the clock arch of time! . One vague shadow comes by . and skinned w/ or order doubt for the Art Students in Middle Munich! . Cityscape meals, & dead booksellers reflecting the sun of me. Blvd. Messy . The dream escapes for a nameless face . which digital library whose space is an effect, whose dress is a moment . #BuArt #BuArtPhotography
*Gnomic Gods, little black sea, Aquarius, & the half naked men . Chaos is their life Can you feel my tenderness? There! Sea! See the sea There’s a big God in between . #BuArt #BuArtPhotography
*Carpet rolls for a gallery w/ screens in boxes . Their sketches Their songs, their wild voices in the air Hue press/Black mask Create Art, create Evolution Well! The world is a synonym for the earth but there’s a gap in between ..::::Don’t figure ....::::::Don’t form There’s a Saturday Night Live Show . #BuArt #BuArtPhotpgraphy
*Status in lullaby . Mysterious new dreams Sleep heavenward- w/on frosty pillows Forget the old tricks Love does now to beguile sight Fantasy high, do you know? ..::::the Poppies in July When I was young I saw a lynching the perfect classic for a nightmare . ..::::Wounds & walls entertained my prodigy ..::::till the end oFF! . an endless circle Yah, I’d still love . #BuArt #BuArtPhotography
*We ramble w/ Universes passing . Radio waves & their sad/sad/add red eyes TV Static, subway magic Underground recycles ..::::graphic atmospheres Weird silver~screen people I admire it! Tropical yellow/green in the mud or Jesus in the day spot. oGive me a visit I scratch, & scream for a scream! for the absolute distraction of a district in distance. We’d love to kill! —- the ..::::Stars above the mud . #BuArt #BuArtPhotography
*Tranquility Shoes Belgrade & Hammertoe . A humble city of a few words ..::::Cool, let’s see her elsewhere A humble human of a few gifts ..::::Friendly, let’s buy riots in the midst of a complex theatre without masks -So many wild performers -Millionaire Man in black -Sugar in front of your house -Grey hair in Summer city And now! Nothing but identical people I went to war with my poem for everlasting Belgrade . #BuArt #BuArtPhotography
*Cold graffiti will age for the red bricks in the maze . You’re obviously only happy when you’re unhappy . Hands of boredom The back of the body is straight, like a woodpile The neck of the head is curved, like an emotional composition of sadness. Lethal rainbow madness! The toes of the feet are covered with blisters They ran off for the soul of wife’s fetish, let it go! You still have one place to go, ..:::the peaceful hell As usual she’s walking behind you Yawning, gazing and lurking at souvenir shops ..::::With another bunch of old skin within You can not wait until the flat moon comes up Her soul is another light. You've loved her once ..::::Now take your pillow out! . #BuArt #BuArtPhotography
*Lethal sundown magic . A sign of normality Like a soldier in a hospital train Trail. Track of trash & trust I am flushed and warm in the wrong city He’s somewhere in Serbia with silver in the mud Struck, fallen and dated by the stars of America Tomorrow he’s in Germany, Croatia ..::::or Turkey . Please, Merkel Choose your rambler . #BuArt #BuArtPhotography
*The day before yesterday, I had a date . with Lara Almarcegui, and as you can see ..It was happily ever after - from the start! . #LaraAlmarcegui #BuArt #BuArtPhotography
*Electromagnetic radiation . Come together We’re huddled by doors ............to rise Do you know the planet Mars? It’s red & outside We love...............pulsars ........High & above Let’s start an enterprise . #BuArt #BuArtPhotography
*When Birmingham suggests, that the alcoholic within me is up the Swanee . Fleisch Light and Skin . #BuArt #BuArtPhotography
*Waterboarding, . or the end of Prohibition Fifty-four-letter line of Poetry Until they found me You said, tonight is going to be a success . Prost . #BuArt #BuArtPhotography
*Isle of Jack . Sixteen Citizens: with sugar pills! . #BuArt #BuArtPhotography
*Merica, . your womb should ..::::feel time difference . God is in America I’m afraid of him I’m afraid I can’t help it I’m afraid I can’t.. But wait there’s more God is in America . #BuArt #BuArtPhotography
*White Yogurt . Tesco decided to create blank billboards . @Tescofood #BuArt #BuArtPhotography
*The deeply profound meaning of AMEN! What a surface again . Dust to Dust ~ Ashes to Ashes The symptoms of his madness ..Burn the books ....Nuns~Calling ..Break the bread ....Rewrite my wine! Yeah! I have work to do . #BuArt #BuArtPhotography
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