Paddy Del Jean

the Last Poet on Earth .....:::::Bu ~∆rts #BuArt #BuArtPhotography

*Firewood furniture . Deep trees & expressions of redness & pigheaded wilderness ...or the kind of invisible visibilities Everyone has... Their own nature to speak of a phenomenon such as —- century of boredom Self promotion in practical terms, & third universe awake while sleeping Outside! ~there’s me Music weak composed Their casualties Lazy grazing Heaven’s fridge Thirty degrees & carrots in your heart . —- Final’s over Firewood furniture The city is burning No-one has won .. . #BuArt #BuArtPhotography
*Streetic outpourings . Poetic chaos Celebrating life Novelist mobilizes catastrophe Diaries of spitefulness the ones with awesomeness & the awareness of ....:::::unspoken words for which chosen the right sentence, but this street is bold too She suffered a lot that night Zone of silence & Full .....::::::::Moon light-shine of firefighter, mindless minds Get a cry .. . #BuArt #BuArtPhotography
*Wordless Shadows . The Two Fridas Naked heart & blood stitch scissors New white dress ———————- fire lungs Street of natural disaster A hour ago she was a ....:::::::::friendly cry & doors & chambers & the saints Lock them, we have to play here to -/// hide.. . #BuArt #BuArtPhotography
*They are building something in the open, in the middle of our space . Two Tribes Surface for sale, we rule the wasteland Ministers of the government, cards hearts red or black shamrocks Ministers & their wives of desert green, it’s a lot of mobile money Cards —- Unibet Our brand is what makes us interesting, it makes us stand out —- a shout out for more and many more many many many —- more desert green emptiness for real I just miss their wives Hand-play Tales of the old days . Do you know Frankie? He went to Hollywood, & minus $ he said ......:::::::::::Za za War . #FrankieGoesToHollywood #BuArt #BuArtPhotography
*The incense of nature Leather baguette She’s Air . Lake-house lake-duck Chinese artists of architecture Ancient-daughter défense She~me~God’s structure The animals sleep Quotes on vision Kiss the crown of queen Her absorption Nectar-wintergreen . #BuArt #BuArtPhotography
*Monkey Love . Where are the lianas from here to the factoring 2.0 ....::::::::::forest clocking patterns of labyrinth-like product-nature, birds space-barber, yearns & sad stars, moved to pack red leaves Mobile Monkey Money they fly above —- gag dust, professional midget~gold~golf players, bikes for mini~race electric~sea waves~tracks —- We dive towards the divine of underwater sea~events of levels This is a forest The imaginary view the sea at the end of nothing ness.. . #BuArt #BuArtPhotography
*At prophet’s end . Bloody black sun, we hang in the atmosphere of malice’s streets, fields on top of earth’s capitals —- No water or soft hearted wind —- No translation of the device of Divine weather forecasters We stumble towards plates of silver Grass blades, car suffocates. —- Hi, ....:::::this poem has begun ~at prophet’s end ....:::::Bloody black sun . #BuArt #BuArtPhotography
*Fragile bandits . The personal surface collects a wave of unknown people boats, bridges, treehouses ancient buildings, & the famous —- whistle~blower Kill drunkenness Dreamers strolling in secret rivers Grievers, their eyes continue to connect They spoke to me. They insulted me with beer & food. For a moment it was really good, & the sun went down, & it brought me back home I can not wait for the next show to start Now I am home Fragile bandits Sitting silence Cool waves of rivers Alone noise ? #BuArt #BuArtPhotograpgy
*Another one bites the mustache . We protest Our truest forms Sex against democracy They had fun the other night Nightmares Paris Life in the big city starts to seem a little weird for some local tourists It’s a running debate with a lot of nakedness They receive a lesson about their inner dog Behind the truck, around the corner there’s acknowledgment . ..:::::Blood spurts out . #GayPrideParis #BuArt #BuArtPhotography
*Severed torso of cityscapes . I Sky scraper Poem Futurism Flying data Popular reality Extreme choices Poetic outpourings The presence in Paris The booming economy Windows without glass High wood architecture A post modern happening The artist played with forms Different ideas of languages They found me a little image It is harder to trace its eclipse A few most spectacular structures Decorative aspects of human nature Louis Vuitton was the guru of the movement The field of experimentation grew ever faster ~vandalism? —- Sure! . #BuArt #BuArtPhotography
*& & where do we go now? . Louis Vuitton We’re trespassing started ~a foundation for me Handicaps & sexy legs & magazines without my name But we got watermelons Parisians, the interview & blackstar for real ~this is not that good? I know, that’s why I hate poetry .....::::::::On high speed . #LouisVuitton #BuArt #BuArtPhotography
*She’s the other side . Red dust is Risin’ Ignorance of wilderness We’re graveyard chronicles The unblocked, unblinking ...........blind eyes Slaughtered by wind ..Loved by wild skin Shifting universes for eternity ........She’s the other side . #BuArt #BuArtPhotography
*We’re dragging the street playpen without sad babies for Jesus advertising, & shopping Gods . The hyper cynical overpowered population ...:::Let’s trust chaos . ....:::Most people walking here can’t be real .Paddy Del Jean fans, it’s entertainment folks ..from the biggest and best poet ever to grace ...the poet-poem-poetry world of contemporary ....nonsense, lighten the f*ck up, & enjoy the ride . —- of its Time? Frozen goods, crowd as river Led to the mall, ————-///—————— Jesus shopping Gods ——————///—————- zoo their prison walls . #BuArt #BuArtPhotography
*Safety of the sidewalk . The house burns Special perceptions We’re looking for abstraction Roasted daylight ...::::::The street burns Are you shitting me? I’ve also seen mom He gets whatever he wants ....::::::::::I’m a good girl . #BuArt #BuArtPhotography
*Over a billion views . High voltage Citizens total strength Optimism packed in lorries Drafting patterns varied from electricity to sun rays village vilified voidance One feels beaten Two for the money —- Three .........restores the road ~How to finish the sentence? Eyes of me I fly, little isle You have a visiter . #BuArt #BuArtPhotography
*Staircase of skippable age . Dionysian sensuality Time to dusk the universe Fire flowers, the brain hires native Spanish culture —- it actually grasp and understand ———————————- The majority of structure People wander —- System failures ...:::::Shut the brain down we’re shooting words —————————/ the .....architect lurks Prophet’s swimming . #BuArt #BuArtPhotography
*Eye that way . Trinity A skippable age We venture velvet tracks Unforgettable optimistic ufologists Physical dismantling of its substance Programmable machines moving into place Smoking preachers on third tableau They’re not complicit with codes The spectators who enjoy this freak show They~war~under —- Gallery Art . #BuArt #BuArtPhotography
*The centre of the ionosphere . Newly visible visions Illusions of modern movement Strangers of tumultuous social behavior Optimistic and unforgettable the ufologists ...::::::The skies are wired Incredible, Over a billion views we’re all good . #BuArt #BuArtPhotography
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