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4 posts in one day :D
If you could only eat one type of fruit for the rest of your life, what would it be? __ probably apples 🤔
What are your friends’s/people’s first impression of you? __ Still thinking of things to add more to this slime!🍓🤩
What color should I paint my nails ?💓🤪 — Repost of one of my fav videos 😘
Do you wear glasses? __ Sorry that clinking at the end is my dog walking*sprinting up the stairs🤣 _ Mixed my crunch pearls together!
what’s the current time? __ The quality on the other video was terrible so repost !! :( sped up video ! __ 9:36 PM PST
comment a part of an inside joke you have with someone 🤭 __ Very old video :P
which one’s your favorite? __ Repost !
if you’re lying down right now, you’re out! Are you in or out? __ Slime from @_slimey.shop_ :)
how stressed/tired are you on a scale of 1-10? __ Cloud slime from @_panda.slimes 💓
your battery percentage is the grade on your next math test! __ Slime from @rose.bud.slimes !
What were some of your childhood tv shows? __ 💓😽
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