Buckley 🐮

I am Buckley! I was rescued by my human mom and came to live on a little ranch when I was 5 weeks old. My best friend is a goat named, Ralphy.

Grapes! Grapes! Give me grapes!
C’mere Ralphy ! There’s gotta be something good in this bag somewhere!
Just a tbt to my younger summer dayz!
“Ya, Buckley, those horns are kinda in my way...I could go eat somewhere else, but...naw, we are BFFs!”
Wait a minute Ralphy! I think you have an itch on your tail I need to scratch!
Mom rubs are the best!
Who put this tire in the way of my munching??
Wayyy too hot to go outside. We will just stay in the barn and eat.
Versatility of a rake!
you talking to me...? #sideeye #iseeyou #meanmuggin #weeklyfluff
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