Buckley 🐮

I am Buckley! I was rescued by my human mom and came to live on a little ranch when I was 5 weeks old. My best friend is a goat named, Ralphy.

Oh! Hey everyone!
Looks like we turned a corner. Probiotics seemed to help regulate Buckley’s tummy and he seems almost like himself tonight. He even got to eat in the hay barn freely! Ya ok spoiled. 😊❤️
That trip and sedation for Buckley’s hooves took a lot out of him. He just doesn’t handle stress well. He still isn’t 100%. A little lethargic and not eating like he should. Took him around to the last bit of green grass which he seemed to like. As usual , Ralphy was right along with him. ❤️
Poor Buckley! He was not amused. He spent the night at UCDavis vet med and had to be sedated to get his hooves trimmed. He has a crack in front right hoof that was causing him to limp a bit. They did an excellent job there as usual. He is home now and still a bit out of it but ok enough to eat grapes. Haha #homesweethome #bestcare #lovemyvet #grapes #weeklyfluff #ucdavis
..and Mom is still getting the brush off.
Ralphy looks into barn like he has been ostracized and Buckley won’t even come to me. All because their home needs repairing. Sheesh I have some spoiled fur kids! #barnlife #lockedout #spoiled #animalsofinstagram #sunnyday
Come meet Buckley at the Hands for Hope Fall festival at El Dorado Hills Town Center Sat and Sun Sept 29 & 30 (tentatively 1-2:30)
Everyone got locked out of the barn for some work that needed done....and no one is happy about it!
Fabio (for you younger crowd who don’t remember him. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fabio_Lanzoni) only wishes he was this handsome! 😂
Chewin the cud with Buckley on a lazy Sunday.
Oh! Hello Mom!
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