Buckley 🐮

I am Buckley! I was rescued by my human mom and came to live on a little ranch when I was 5 weeks old. My best friend is a goat named, Ralphy.

It’s a free for all! Mom forgot to shut the hay barn door!!! Woohoo!
Ohhhhh Ralphy!.....
Buckley and Ralphy’s idea of cleaning up for Earth Day!
Beautiful Spring day here. Nobody wants to come to the barn with days like this!
I see you spying on me!!
Not Buckley but mamma Canadian goose decided to make a nest and sit on six eggs in Buckley and Ralphy’s pasture! I pray Buckley behaves and leaves mamma alone!!!
Hanging with Ralphy inside as he hates the rain.
running into Saturday like..... #weekendtime #saturdaymorning #beautifulday
Just me and Ralphy enjoying the morning.
Mom, I like this mounting block over here Mkay?!
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