Pat Buck

Pro Wrestler, Promoter, Wrestling Trainer, and a lot of hats.

I left WWE's Developmental program a failure. Two states. Six years. Tons of matches. Endless training. No job. After moving back, I wanted to run one wrestling show and maybe open a training school. I ran one show, and it did well. The second one was okay, but the third show was a total bomb. Lost every penny I saved. I quit wrestling; but soon remembered I advertised/rented space to start a wrestling program the following Monday. I figured no one would attend, so I'd delay my "quit" two more days. Many, including myself, thought the school would fail because without TV exposure, no one would know who I am. Twelve guys showed up eager to learn, and took a chance on me. It was a total bolt of needed energy. I wanted to fight and prove to be the best training center in wrestling. Word of mouth started to spread. Fast forward six years, there's two @createaprowrestling schools, and a possible third on the way. Gifted graduates working everywhere. Established wrestlers getting better by keeping their skills sharp. Students getting to work "dream" matches. Graduates getting NXT tryouts, Impact TV matches, and most importantly to me one getting featured on the All-In Pay Per View. Our 150th show is on the horizon. And tonight is the open house. So, if you want to be a part of this wrestling community. Then I invite ya to come on down to @wearewrestlepro .
🎶 Teach your (future) children well....@createapro 🎵
I know a lot of promotions announced their Mania plans already. I wanted to wait a little bit, and decided to start announcing shows one at time. This first one will kick off Mania week festivities and is a tribute to comedic wrestling. Come check out @wearewrestlepro in April !
Always wanted to meet Dynamite Kid. Still study/steal so much from him. Great performer. We paid tribute @createaprowrestling NJ by doing/teaching Dynamite drills/counters. #ripdynamitekid
Someone’s excited for today. And at 98 embraces technology. #nana
Such a legacy. Thank you, Stan.
The real VIP of @wearewrestlepro “the ticket lady” @lshea3
It’s a very memorable Friday here at @wearewrestlepro ! #zeus
This was a four minute non stop conditioning drill (w @callmekrisstat ) cut/sped up to fit into one minute of insta. Everyone at @createaprowrestling nailed it. Always taking new students at CAP NY and NJ! www.createaprowrestling.com
Hope he’s ready.
I don’t know who you are “Nist” but I really don’t like you.
I think I’m going to start putting up more wrestling training from @createaprowrestling . After cardio, and blow up drills....taught them “Davey Boys.” I called them Oklahoma Slams, but the guys didn’t know who Dr. Death was. I immediately gave homework.
Really rolling the frozen dice here, but I think it’s a fun idea to take wrestling to places where there is barely any. On April 20, 2019 @wearewrestlepro goes to Alaska. If you’re up there, or want to ✈️ in for the adventure tix are here: https://goo.gl/WgQXR1
My lovely, tough, Bronx teaching wife @lshea3 and four of her best got to read with @johncena . So cool.
Happy birthday to my captain, ticket lady, teacher, dog enthusiast, best pal, and darling wife @lshea3 . 💚💚
So excited for this. @wearewrestlepro and Zeus! #dreamopponent #onemorematch
Running two events in two different states today with @createaprowrestling and @wearewrestlepro ! Pick one (or both 🤞)
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