Pat Buck

Pro Wrestler, Promoter, Wrestling Trainer, and a lot of hats.

My lovely, tough, Bronx teaching wife @lshea3 and four of her best got to read with @johncena . So cool.
Happy birthday to my captain, ticket lady, teacher, dog enthusiast, best pal, and darling wife @lshea3 . 💚💚
So excited for this. @wearewrestlepro and Zeus! #dreamopponent #onemorematch
Running two events in two different states today with @createaprowrestling and @wearewrestlepro ! Pick one (or both 🤞)
Wrestling seems a lot more fun these days, and I’d like to work in more fun places (other than my own 🤠)
Bittersweet goodbye and good luck, to my little brother Eric, as he moves away to Omaha for his career.
Despite @the_mjf calling me old and irrelevant... @wearewrestlepro debuts on @fitetv tonight! And I wrestled (headlined) on an eight year old’s bday party @createaprowrestling . Life.
Waited all summer for this event. @wearewrestlepro returns home tomorrow night. We’ll be on @fitetv Sunday with a polished PPV for the first time!
Back on the chain (wrestling) gang tonight @createaprowrestling .
Been using @workhorsefitnessproducts every day for last month for all workouts and diet. Thanks @tjwilson711 !
#Repost @notsamwrestling with @get_repost ・・・ Broke down #AllIn last night with @buckneverstops for the Notsam Shills - audio & video is up at patreon.com/notsamwrestling
We made it two years, pal. 💚 Happy Anniversary! @lshea3
Eight hour journey. Road Warriors.
#Repost @driverseast with @get_repost ・・・ Congratulations to our newest @driverseast Graduates Jen Casey, @zoltanhodi777 , @buckneverstops & @kyzion ! We were also excited to welcome back Brian Burik, @vinnietodorov & @kofitntraining to refresh, way to continue working on your craft! And a big shout out to @hibarstunts who was in town and stopped by to say hi!
Remember when Wednesday Addams smiled and scared the camp kids?....new happy headshot by @jessicaosberphotography
Weekend off. Enjoying @zacbrownband @citifield with @lshea3 . #freetheknee
First day of in ring training @createaprowrestling for Marley.
I’ll be the wizard behind the curtain next three days for @createaprowrestling and @gfwwrestling ! Come check us out!
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