🔌#BULLYPLUG ™ 🌪 💃🏼ROXANNE💃🏼 🌪 🔫El Chapo🔫 🌪 🔮IRIS🔮 🌪 🐶PUPS START AT $2500💵 #BULLYMAX

Gotti getting on his grown man 🌊 these days he’s I of 3 studs I will have coming out this year 🤪🤩😇🔌🔌🔌 #bullyplug
Litter mate brother to Iris, StarFire, Meech, and Gotti. Ace has easily become my favorite male from this litter built like his daddy Apollo this boy will be coming into 2019 as a pocket monster 💪🏽💪🏽👹 #bullyplug#ApolloLine
Ace from Roxanne ❌Apollo is on his good boy status rn learning extremely well from @gdegolyer3 keep up the good work Gary Ace is coming along sooo well #bullyplug#ApolloLine
BullyPlug’s StarFire from Roxanne ❌ Apollo and owned by @dahala302 is loving her first snow🥶🥶🥶 Big things in store for this girl she’ll be bred to a SHOW STOPPER this time next year 🥰🥇😎🤫🤫 #bullyplug#ApolloLine
A whole lotta little ICONS🤩🥰🤩🥰 this boy produces every time. Go ahead sleep on em its fine🤓🤣🤓🤣 #bullyplug#lilacbully #lilactribully #lilactrimerle #pocketbully #apolloline #trimerle #merlepuppies #merle #bullybreed #puppies #merlebully
“Icon”•Lilac Tri Merle•, “Apollo”•Blue Fawn•, “Chrome”•Lilac Tri• All Open For Stud. Dm for info #bullyplug ™ 🔌🔌🔌
ID photo shoot got boring for her apparently 🤣 #bullyplug
...And a Movie 🎥🍿😍
😩😍🔌 #bullyplug
Roxanne is 100+% Diamonds predecessor. I picked up roxxy just weeks after Diamond died (my 7year old rescued bully) and when I got Roxx I embedded and imprinted diamonds whole energy and being into this pup and wanted nothing but the exact same temperamented dog I had from Diamond in Roxanne needless to say Roxanne has more than exceeded my hopes and expectations I intended. She’s now welped 2 litters and is now fixed due to complications from her last breeding. No pups but my girl is in HIGH HEALTH and her daughter IRIS is on the come up these days☺️. She’s been quite for a while but keep your eyes peeled for when I bring her out of hiding. Don’t worry I’ll have pictures for ya soon😘🤫🤫🤫🤫 #bullyplug
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