Bureau of Reclamation

The Bureau of Reclamation is the largest wholesale supplier of water and the second largest producer of hydropower in the United States.

Check out this great picture of white #pelicans at sunset on the #SnakeRiver just downstream of #AmericanFalls #Dam in #Idaho . Make sure you go outside and enjoy the sunshine!
#Utah has some amazing sights. Check out this view from the Steinaker Dam about 3.5 miles north of Vernal, Utah. Plan your #trip today and see these sights for yourself. Visit https://www.recreation.gov/ and get started.
A look back to 1928, a meeting of #ColoradoRiver Board in the Office of Commissioner. Left to Right; Major-General William L. Sibert, Chairman; Dr. Elwood Mead, Commissioner of #Reclamation ; Warren J. Mead; Charles P. Berkley, Secretary of Board; Daniel W. Mead; and Robert Ridgeway. #Water #TBT #BlackAndWhite
A #Reclamation worker gets equipment in and out of the stilling basin at #MorrowPointDam on the #Gunnison River for an underwater inspection. Learn more about the Morrow Point Dam at https://on.doi.gov/2wPmKIm #Working #Water
The #FresnoDam , located on the Milk River 14 miles west of Havre, #Montana , is a compacted earthfill dam with a structural height of 110 feet and a crest length of 2,070 feet. It contains 2,105,000 cubic yards of material. To learn more, visit https://go.usa.gov/xPX2H. #Dam #Water
Rise and shine! It’s beautiful here at the #Yellowstone Valley in #Montana ! Enjoy the rest of your weekend.
In the extreme southeastern foothills of the #Klamath Mountains lies the #Whiskeytown Dam. Check out this view from the top of the #dam .
There are so many sites to see, including this one. The mighty #HooverDam . Why not plan a trip to see it for yourself? Check out the link: https://www.usbr.gov/lc/hooverdam/, and plan your trip today!
Back in 1937, workers scale the face of the #Arrowrock Dam to fix eroded concrete. Pretty cool huh? #water #dam #TBT #ThrowbackThursday #blackandwhite #blackandwhitephotography
#BureauofReclamation is launching a new prize challenge seeking new or improved techniques to remove sediment from #reservoirs in a cost-effective manner. #Sedimentation in reservoirs can be a significant problem by limiting the active life of reservoirs by reducing available #water storage capacity or #flood control benefits. #Sedimentation also impacts dam outlets, reservoir water intakes, water quality, recreation, upstream flood stage, and downstream habitat. This is a theoretical challenge where solvers can provide ideas on sediment collection, transport, or delivery to the downstream river. In a theoretical challenge the only thing required is a white paper. Solvers are asked to submit their idea with detailed descriptions, drawings, illustrations, specifications, supporting data or literature, and any other things that would be needed to bring the idea to practice. For more information, visit: https://go.usa.gov/xP9Ve
#Reclamation folks work hard! Here we have a crew working out at the #Yakima Project's Cle Elum Dam Pool Raise and Helix Construction. Learn more about Cle Elum Dam here: https://go.usa.gov/xnpA3
Trivia Time! The #Nimbus Dam, 7 miles downstream of #Folsom Dam on the #American River, regulates releases made through Folsom Dam. What lake does the Nimbus Dam form?
#Whiskeytown Dam is in the Clear Creek drainage basin within the extreme southeastern foothills of the #Klamath Mountains physiographic province. The #dam just west of the #Sacramento Valley in sunny #California . For more on this dam, visit https://go.usa.gov/xPkbS.
Go ahead, go outside and smell the fresh air. Our nation is so beautiful! If you can’t get outside, check out this view from our Lower #Colorado Region.
Who else is looking forward to taking some time to go fishing? Where’s your favorite #fishing spot? There are plenty of fishing spots within #Reclamation . Head to https://www.recreation.gov/ and plan a trip today.
Over the next several months, Bureau of #Reclamation geologists are extracting core samples from on, around and deep within #ShastaDam . Gathered data will be used to characterize concrete and #geology conditions related to a proposed 18 ½ feet Shasta Dam raise. For more on this story, click the link: https://go.usa.gov/xPkQg #Water #dams
Today, we'd like to highlight some of #Reclamation 's great employees in the Mid-Pacific Region's #Folsom Dam. Here, employees are conducting routine Operation and Maintenance assessments. Learn more about #FolsomDam here:https://on.doi.gov/2mmFIDu
This is going to be a hard one. In 1906, who mapped the #Redding 30-minute quadrangle, as well as other quadrangles in the #Klamath Mountains, that lead to the building on the #Trinity Dam in #California ?
Alright everyone, check out the #Derby Dam! This is a diversion dam on the #Truckee River in the state of #Nevada . It diverts #water that would otherwise feed Pyramid Lake into the #Carson River watershed for irrigation use. For more on the Derby Dam, visit https://go.usa.gov/xPWBe.
Alright everyone, check out the #Derby Dam! This is a diversion dam on the #Truckee River in the state of #Nevada . It diverts #water that would otherwise feed Pyramid Lake into the #Carson River watershed for irrigation use. For more on the Derby Dam, visit https://go.usa.gov/xPWBe.
Good morning from all of us here at #Reclamation ! Today, we enjoy the sunshine from the Yuma Multi-Species Conservation Program East Wetlands Area in #Arizona .
Rollin', rollin', rollin' on the #river ! There’s still time to pull out your #kayak and get out on the water. Go to https://www.recreation.gov/ and plan a trip today! #GoOutsideAndPlay
Ready to turn back the clocks to 1926? Here we have a view of the #HorseMesaDam under construction. Three penstocks are at center and concrete tower lines. Aggregate operation is visible above construction. #BlackandWhite #TBT
Did you know some of our facilities are located in remote areas, and #Reclamation staff sometimes find themselves face-to-face with wildlife. This elk was photographed while grazing in Reclamation's Upper Colorado region. Learn more about our facilities at usbr.gov!
Ready? Set? #Trivia ! The #TietonDam , on the Tieton River about 40 miles west of Yakima, is an earthfill structure with a concrete core wall that extends from the crest to about 100 feet below the riverbed. Here’s your question, how high is the dam?
Now check this out! The #PaoniaDam is on Muddy Creek and is an earthfill structure containing 1,302,000 cubic yards of embankment, blanketed upstream and downstream by zones of sand, gravel, and cobbles. Pretty Cool huh? For more on this dam, visit https://go.usa.gov/xPYDN
There’s still plenty of #sun outside, especially at the #FlamingGorgeReservoir in #Utah .
#Reclamation biologists collaborate with State of #Utah , State of Montana, and National Park Service to conduct research study to determine mussel survival in ballast pumps at #LakePowell .
#Reclamation 's diverse water projects support more than 360,000 jobs in the #UnitedStates . Learn more about the work we do at Reclamation: www.usbr.gov
Get those thinking caps on. Time for some #trivia . In 1936, Bartlett Dam was constructed by Reclamation on the #VerdeRiver . In what year did they compete construction?
Here’s a cool one! The Laguna Dam, an original feature of the Yuma Project, is located on the Colorado River 13 miles northeast of Yuma, #Arizona , and about 5 miles downstream from Imperial Dam. The original purpose of this dam was to divert #ColoradoRiver water to the project area. Since 1948, irrigation water for the project has been diverted at Imperial Dam. #LagunaDam now serves as a regulating structure for sluicing flows and for downstream toe protection for #ImperialDam . It has a structural height of 43 feet and contains 486,800 cubic yards of material. To learn more, visit https://go.usa.gov/xPCkP #COWater #Water
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