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✨ ByWaf ✨ Los Angeles, CA📍 3D Minks ByWaf Advanced Mircoblading Eyelash Extensions Classic | Volume

#Repost @mankillerr ・・・ 5.0 Conversations ☄️ Lashes @bywaf_
#Repost @ohitswaf ・・・ GetBeatByVal ! Lashes @bywaf_
#Repost @ohitswaf ・・・ She My Sista & BestFran. 💞 Lashes @bywaf_ in style “Spain”
#Repost @mankillerr ・・・ & you think you know my type but you ain’t got no clue ‘bout what a real one do Lashes @bywaf_
#Repost @mankillerr ・・・ Ima franchise player & tha owner of the team ⚠️🎱 Lashes @bywaf_
#Repost @lamaravillalmp_ ・・・ My lashes @bywaf_ #jamaica cuz I like it like that @iamcardib
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