Cory Hultquist

Spokane, Washington

Uptown girl. 💃🏻 @amandann23
The last remnants of Autumn refuse to surrender as Winter’s grip tightens. 🎄
Regal repose in the soft window light. With @amandann23 We’ve just finished moving house, my gear is unpacked and a new project is congealing, stay tuned!
That old Hollywood glamour never goes out of style. * ✂️ @nickcutzhair 💃🏻 @liverinajaro 💄 @jnicholebeauty
A fancy ragamuffin. Stoked about this new set with @liverinajaro ✂️ @nickcutzhair 💄 @jnicholebeauty
That downtown glance. 💃🏻 @liverinajaro ✂️ @nickcutzhair 💄 @jnicholebeauty Stoked to get the squad back together this weekend for some new work!
The educated rough-and-tumble. With @editorinbeard ✂️ by @nickcutzhair
My lovely daughter, McKayla. Time is a blur friends, don’t blink. Kindergarten becomes 8th grade before you know it. Hair and makeup by my amazing wife @jenn.jeon
Appropriate Snow With @amandann23
#throwbackthursday to that shoot on the autumn steps. I had driven by this spot everyday for a year until I finally made something happen there. They’re gone now, replaced by a housing development, like so many of my favorite spots have been. I could do a whole series of photos just on places that have been destroyed. 💃🏻 @maxinempeterson
“When I was arrested, I was dressed in black...”
“There had been a time when she had been well loved by highborn and commons alike, when they had cheered her as the Realm’s Delight. Many a young lord and noble knight had sought her favor then …” 💃🏼 @alaskamauve 👗 @redleafvintage
Celebrating #targaryen month the right way! With @alaskamauve and Rhaenyra vibes in a dress from @redleafvintage
#throwbackthursday to the last shoot I did with @alaskamauve , when she was rocking those sweet Mirkwood fashions by @timbrewolfdesigns
I’ve had this little key for a couple of years now, waiting to do something cool with it. Not sure if this qualifies as “something cool” but I dig it - got me out of a creative rut.
I’ve always been a big fan of this part of Autumn - when most of the leaves have fallen.
A beautiful fall evening with my beautiful wife @jenn.jeon in front of the camera. It doesn’t get any better.
Had to test out the WiFi and remote shooting features of the new camera, so I did the old self portrait thing for a bit today.
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