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SOUND ON!!! Prepping for another expedition to secret destination number 1. Excited to see more of these amazing whales in an amazing ocean wilderness. I have this trip and secret destination #2 running in 2019. Plus also I have a late opening for my November trip to dominica coming up in a month. If you want info head to my website (link in profile) Or DM ME. . . . . . #spermwhale #spermwhales #uwpic #uwvideo #underwatervideo #uwphoto #scuba #freedive #apnea #freedivingphotography @fathomlesslife @discoverocean @scubapro
The lagoon trifecta. Shark, ray and Island. Hard to beat a morning session in the amazing waters of the lagoons around Moorea. . . . . . @scubapro @fathomlesslife @discoverocean
These two 🐋🐋! Some days we may get in the water 20 times and the whales don’t play. Then on the 21st time at 5 in the evening a couple of whales decide to dance and come within inches of you and your group. Over and over for almost an hour these two entertained us with epic dancing and swimming up to us to check us out. . . . . . #uwpics #underwater #underwaterphotography #humpbackwhale #humpbackwhales #freedive #scuba #uwphoto #tahiti #moore #frenchpolynesia @delta
Happy birthday to my amazing and most beautiful wife Mika (@mikawoyda ). What a year here’s what you’ve done so far- ...... ⭐️ brought our baby girl Ella into the world. ⭐️ designed some of the most beautiful spaces in Boulder. ⭐️ committed to a huge home adventure including moving home twice, knocking down walls, basically destroying an entire floor to our “new” house, living in our basement with two young kids, and showing me that we just need to smile through it all. ⭐️ flew from Denver to Tahiti with two girls by yourself to join me to do this (in the picture) while our guide and captain looked after our girls. ⭐️ and then finally- being you always! ....... HAPPY BIRTHDAY MIKA..... 👨‍👩‍👧‍👧🐶🐋🐳😃
You just never know what’s below. Love these nurse sharks. Don’t be complacent with their calm demeanor, there have been so many people bitten by these sharks because most think they’re harmless. These sharks can reach 14ft and unknown to most they can pretty much bite their own tail. That means they have a huge defense radius with their mouth, and while their teeth aren’t like other sharks, 14ft of muscle thrashing on your arm is not fun. Get in the wrong spot, spook them or grab them expecting a ride and you might be unpleasantly surprised that you get bitten. This is a public service announcement. 😂 . . . . . #nurseshark #dontgrabme #IcanBite #underwater #underwaterphotography #uwpics #uwphoto #sharklife #sharkies #fromtheboat @discoverocean @scubapro @fathomlesslife
Want to see these amazing whales? 🐳🐳🐳🐳. Sperm whales are so ‘otherworldly’ that it’s hard to describe a moment with them. So come join me and experience it for yourself. One spot just opened for my November 14-21 trip this year. DM me your questions. . . . . . #underwaterlife #spermwhale #humpbackwhale #whales #underwaterphotography #underwater #travel #scubadive #freedive #apnea #freediving
One of the highlights of this years humpback whale expedition was having my family join me at the end of it. Getting to paddle out to, and show my three year old Lola the amazing wildlife in the lagoon was so much fun. She was a bit apprehensive at times, which given the size of the rays is pretty understandable. She generally preferred to see the sharks!! 🦈🦈 nonetheless she loves talking about the sharks and rays she saw while on her trip. @mikawoyda . . . . . . #adventurekids #expeditionhappiness #rays #sharks #kayakingadventures #moorea #underwaterlife #blacktipshark #uwpics
Sometimes you have to experiment. While in the lagoon in Mo’orea early morning before the crowds I wanted to try new things. It was challenging to come up with something new(ish) there. But I figured it can’t hurt to slow the shutter down. Once I started to explore the images in slow motion I realized that sharks where swimming in both directions around me. Ah hah, I thought if I can track one one way and catch another going the other way I should get something cool. Well dozens of attempts and I got this. It’s cool, not amazing but fun to get an idea of what I can work on. Perhaps in 2019 I can go back and refine this image. ————— Got any fun photo experiment stories? tag me in the images so I can check them out!! ————————- . . . . . #neverstopexperimenting #notnorthface #uwpics #underwaterphotography #blacktipshark #shark #motionblur #underwaterlife #freedive @scubapro
This might be one of my most memorable encounters with whales. Why? Because I got to share it with my amazing wife @mikawoyda. We took a private tour with @mooreaoceanadventures (thanks guys) and brought our two girls along. The guide and captain (Trevor and Troy) looked after our girls while Mika and I jumped in late in the day with this mother and calf. It was so cool to be with our kids and share the ocean with this mother and her kid too. Since having kids my wife and I are always juggling the kids and often have to take turns (as all parents do), but to have our eldest (she’s three and our youngest is 7 months) be able to watch Mum and dad in the water with whales was even more amazing. While I’m not sure our daughters will remember it into their later years we hope moments like this leave an impression on her vision of our world as they grow. Here’s to all the parents who epic with their kids. Be it a hike or an overseas adventure getting them in the wilderness is often a challenge (so much stuff to bring) but every moment is worth it and will no doubt leave a lasting impression on them that they’ll carry through to adulthood. Lastly thanks to Mika who travelled solo with the two girls to bring them to Moorea. I was already there working and she did a two hour and 8 hour flight plus layover with them- mega epic and super wife!!!
More whales... Sorry!! Given the size of these animals and the incredible nature of these encounters I think that our phones just don’t do the moments justice. Who wants prints? It was such an incredible season that I’m still editing and getting through all the amazing encounters we had, so bear with me as I bring more whales to your feed. And maybe prints to your walls. . . . . . #underwaterphotography #whale #humpbackwhale #humpbackwhales #uwpics #underwaterphotography #underwaterlife @scubapro @discoverocean @fathomlesslife
When the heat is on! Jumping in front of multiple whales as they cruise by on a heat run is a crazy thing to experience. From sitting on the side of the boat waiting to deploy to jumping in and tying to line up and hope the whales keep on their same course is all so intense. But when those whales appear out of the blue and come by the effort is rewarded and everyone is stoked. Join me next year. Just a few spots left out of my five weeks with session 1 through 3 already full. DM me for info. . . . . . . #humpbackwhale #humpback #freedive #freediving #freedivingphotography #scuba #uwpic #underwaterphotography #uwphoto #uwphotographer @discoverocean @scubapro @fathomlesslife @discover_earthpix @ocean
No trip to Mo’orea is complete without a couple of thousand frames shot in the lagoon with these sharks and rays. Swipe through to check out some more. . . . . . #moorea #underwaterphotography #freediving #sharks #rays #stingrays #blacktipshark #uwpics #scubadiving @fathomlesslife @discoverocean @scubapro
The time has come to say good bye to these beautiful animals. I’ve spent the last month swimming with them almost everyday. Only the days I wasn’t on the boat I didn’t swim with them. We had some truly memorable encounters with my guests from all over the world finding out why we spend 6 days to seek and swim with these animals. Not only do we see them, they see us. They interact with us and leave us breathless. We experience all sorts of behaviors and multi-species interactions. In the days to come when I get back to the states I’ll get through more content and share more from this amazing season. A big thanks to my guests this year (not all of them on instagram). @bellaboxer07 @emilymarieee531 @adammartinphotography @shauna.stannard @chelseavonmonro @carolinenicolehatton @_seabean_ @casino_apte @pepo_nemo @world.wide.wanderer @cba.maertens // Next year my first three sessions are already full. So I’ve opened up two more. But good chance there just some space left in the last session. If you want to be a part of this get an email to me. If you miss 2019, then get on the priority list for 2020. ——— 🐋🐋🐋🐋🐋🐋🐋——— #humpbackwhale #freediving #uwpic #uwencounters #whaleencounters #scuba #underwaterphotography #uwphoto #whales @scubapro @fathomlesslife @ocean @ocean_magazine @discoverocean @discoverwildlife @discoverychannel
When they decide... the amazing thing about humpback whales and encountering them in the wild is their willingness to be curious. They don’t do this all the time but sometimes they just want to look at us and I guess try to understand us. They will come within inches of you if you let them. Here my mate @adammartinphotography is getting a moment he will never forget, eye-to-eye with a 30 tonne animal on its terms. Love this place!!! . . . . . @discoverocean @discover_earthpix @fathomlesslife #humpbackwhale #underwaterphotography #uwpics #uwphoto #freedive #whaleencounters #wildlife #scuba #underwaterphoto #humpbackwhale #humpback
It’s not just the whales that brings me back year after year. It’s the phenomenal ocean wilderness here in Moorea that I love. Nothing beats the excitement of an unexpected encounter in the deep blue. . . . . . . #humpbackwhale #uwpic #whales #freedive #oceanicwhitetip #oceanicwhitetipshark #sharks #sharkie #scubadiving @sharksdaily @discoversharks @fathomlesslife
Maybe the best ballet I’ve ever been to 🧜🏽‍♀️🧜‍♂️💃🕺————— Join me in 2019 with front row seats for the ultimate in wildlife encounters. Dm me. . . . . . . @scubapro @mooreaoceanadventures @fathomlesslife @ocean_magazine @discoverocean #uwpic #uwphoto #wildphoto #cainedelacy #scuba #freedive
About to welcome the next group for session 3 of this years humpback whale expeditions. These two incredibly curious whales entertained us for an hour or more. It’s these events that we seek and will forego the warmth and comfort of the villa to stay out just that little bit longer. There is a difference between seeing whales in the water and actually encountering a whale on their terms. Join me for the latter! 🐋🙏😃 . . . . . #humpbackwhale #whales #underwaterphotography #uwvideo #uwpic #underwaterpic #scuba #freedive #apnea @scubapro @fathomlesslife @tahiti_homes
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