Thalassophile🌊 Everything you can imagine is real -Pablo Picasso

We are all better versions of ourselves when we are loved
Here for the 3rd time. This round with my family and relatives
Life begins when u stop complaining and start appreciating ✨
Finally I get to meet Bubbles and Button! #fanmodeon hahahah
Sot x1= sot liao Sot x2=sot sot 😜
Went to Cream by Chin Chin for a piece of quality cake but alas! Full house 😓went to a nearby hotel for a shot instead 😁
Can we just go back to being us again?
Still wondering how ppl r able to take nice pics of coffee. Dear pros,pls drop me some tips 🙏
超难得的聚餐with @junsze_ @hooixin
I always love a good bowl of smoothie after yoga 😍especially on a beautiful Sunday morning like this #smoothie #vegan
Happy birthday Siti yg comel & cantik! 😛Bila nak balik kerja dgn i ni 😢
I'm so tired everyday..exhausted,drained.😫😵😩
Do u have days when u feel exceptionally pretty? Today is one of those days for me bcz i dun look like me 😂
Honestly the best pizza ever Not oily not salty with great flavours! So good i wanna cry 😭 #pesto #vegan #pizza
Sushi burger!!!a heavenly combo of fried rice cakes+layers of salmon,tuna n white fish
Alaaa xjumpa pula part 2 baju kurung saya,xjd pula pakai ari ni >< dahla someone siap bercaption lg xD
Post-yoga treat at the possibly best vegan cafe ever, it's time for more self-improvement!
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