Krystal De La Cruz

In love w/Bear Lupe 11.3.2K16 Calif209 4 Life Fam come first You give me respect, I return respect

Love will not stop us ♥️
God has a plan for me. Just gotta keep living my life the best I can. Life is too short. Do it to Have fun, be happy, think positive yourself...
You’ve captured my heart and I wouldn’t want to be with anyone else. I love you with all my heart, Baby Lupe ♥️🤟🏻 @818_valifornia
My 4th Boxycharm Box is here today!! The pigment is so great and I love it!! 😍♥️ @boxycharm #boxycharmjune2018 #boxycharm #alamarcosmetics
I love being in a relationship where you can act absolutely silly together 💕 @818_valifornia
That is what best friends do that to keep rolling with it, I love my best friend since childhood forever ♥️🏳️‍🌈 @xaquarius31x
Happy Gay Pride Month to Everyone 😍
Dear Baby Brother, I’m so sad and cried, I couldn’t be there at your graduation high school. In my heart spirit I’ll be there for you. I’m so proud of you and everything you’ve accomplished. I have so much faith in you and what the future has in store. Congratulations you made it through high school. I love you so much 🎓♥️ I called him on FaceTime today
“we're dreaming of our bright future together to stay stronger love don’t give up for our dream goal come true 💛🧡💚💜💙❤️” Quote by me
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