Callum Turner

Personal Training Available🏋🏼‍♀️ Tailored Diet Plans🥗 Training Plans To Suit Your Goals💪🏼 DM Me For Enquires📩

Back down to 17 stone and feeling good💪🏼😌 📷 @brxdleywxlker_fitness
If at first you don’t succeed....
@georgeabbottt tryna make my legs look small😂📸
Makin’ em all count 📽 @neocapture
When you squat so hard you forget where you are😂 swipe to second video😂👆🏼➡️
Lifting Big To Maybe Get Big🤙🏽
Rare Deadlift Session From Earlier In The Week, 202.5 for 6💪🏼 Need To Do This More Often😬 @neocapture 📽
3 Sets 3 PBs 155, 160 & 165👊🏼
Last Nights 210🏋🏼‍♀️ Thanks @gaztaverner5 & @brxdleywxlker_fitness for the support👊🏼
First time taking 3 plates for more than 1 lap around the block🚗🍽
Sunday Funday😊 Chest this morning with @gaztaverner5 & @nick_j_1992
Was curious to find out my BMI and found out I’m obese😂
Last weeks 200kg squat🏋🏼‍♂️
All smiles😆😁😄 Very Happy With 150 Bench Tonight 📹 @neocapture
Wake Up Callum!!😂 In a night full of PBs it was nice to get one too 175kg for 6👍🏼 Thanks @gaztaverner5 @brxdleywxlker_fitness @neocapture for the seah💪🏼
Throw back to fairy liquid bcaa’s😂
First time in a long time, managed 170 for 8, might be time to hop back on the deadlift wagon🤔
Felt cute might delete later😂 Currently 228lb 💪🏼
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