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East TN Run the sights, not the trigger

“Cadence” not as hard or complicated as people lead it on it be. My thoughts in a video sometime. #runthesightsnotthetrigger
Tendency I have when running Glocks is to push it left/low left when I start to run them with speed. More time behind it will fix it. Got a NO-GO on 21 in 10. #runthesightsnotthetrigger #sheabigbitch #9mm
Two make up shots in 20.51. #teamNOass
Getting into a shooting position is not too hard. Present the gun as you're coming to a stop, look for where you're going and where your intended target is, and already have a plan on how your footwork is going to go. People overcomplicate this stuff, shooting is simple. The hardest part is consistently executing what you want to do, what ever it is. First two videos are the same run. #runthesightsnotthetrigger #letitdo #fantasticplastic
Hold on, let me pull my gun out.... #sheabigbitch #3 :10toyuma #runthesightsnotthetrigger #letitdo
100% Compensational. #gatdamnitsbig
145# on the DL and 80# on the Goblets. 8 - DL 8 - Squats 3 rounds. Time - 3.38 Deadlifts need work breh. #stillshoottoo #liftthedead #legsfeedthewolf #nfq #sameclothes #goblitos
95# Goblet squats, too big of a bitch to get the 100#. Crotch shot fo-yoo viewing pleasure. #legsfeedthewolf @nfqofficial Shorts doe.
The newest edition. #springfieldm1 #cmp #3006
Working wide transitions but do you call your shots? If you're solely going off of the report or "ring" of the steel to move on to your next task then you're probably not calling shots. But that doesn't mean you can't call shots on steel. When I transitioned to the second paper target I knew the first shot missed. Broke too early. The key to calling shots is the stay cognitively (#buzzword ) aware and connected to the gun. Aware of the sights in relation to the target, what you're doing to the gun while moving the trigger, and how the gun is acting/reacting with every other movement/manipulate you do to it. You want to learn the most from your rounds fired and time at the range? Stay connected to the gun. #runthesightsnotthetrigger
Let's talk about the FLINCH in regards to recoil anticipation. As you can see I had a massive flinch. (or a mini seizure, you decide) Understand the difference between pushing into the gun the same time it's going off to control recoil (in-time) and the pre-ignition push (out of time). Pushing into it in-time as it's firing is a positive thing. Where it becomes a negative is when you push into the gun BEFORE it goes off, a pre-ignition push. Thus moving the sights before it goes off. If you push into the gun in-time when it should have went off, you'll get that flinch. Many times I'll be tagging a 8.5x11 piece of steel at 50m or doing some B8 Bulls at 25m punching the 10 ring and have a flinch. Some people may claim it's anticipating recoil but how does that work? It doesn't. So the next time you flinch or see someone flinch don't automatically assume it's recoil anticipation, it may be but not always. I hope this is easily palatable for you guys. #runthesightsnotthetrigger #thecamstandard #everythingisnotwhatitseems
Shooting whilst moving. #runthesightsnotthetrigger #cz75 #sidecar
First time running the @guerrilla_approach Rifle Consistency Drill. I hardly shoot rifles so I'm happy with it, it'll be quicker with more time behind a rifle. #runthesightsnotthetrigger #guerrillaapproach #rifleconsistency #BCM
How would you have delt with this malfunction? Catastrophic malfunction? It's a split case so the neck portion of the case stayed in the chamber while the rim of the case ejected. Was lucky enough to have the next case that fed in the chamber form to it and pull it out, usually not that easy. #runthesightsnotthetrigger #thecamstandard #556 #BCM
Running the Head Hunter Drill. Five rounds from 20, 10, and 5 with par times of 3.5secs, 2.5secs, and 1.5secs trying to keep them in the head box. Dropped a couple from not accounting for enough height over bore. #runthesightsnotthetrigger #rockoutwithyourstockout #BCM #middy #556 #headhunterdrill #tothedomepiece
Cold Rifle Bill Dreezies at 50m. #suckage with some make ups. I was also informed that only one round was allowed to be fired per second.... I didn't stay long. Shortest range trip in the history or range trips. #didyoujustassumemyfinger #rockoutwithyourstockout #datnewhashtagisfire
To my fastest Bill Drill at 25yds. I'm big on gripping the gun hard with both hands, it aids in accuracy. Especially when running the gun at speed. I just got done shooting about 300 rounds of .45ACP before this so I was definitely gripping it harder than I normally do. Oh and this was with Wolf Mil-Spec lacquered ammo, Wolf and Tula are usually sufficient in the accuracy department. #runthesightsnotthetrigger #itsnottheammo #itsyou #billdreezy #cz75 #cajunized
Back on the Moon. #runthesightsnotthetrigger
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