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What are your “happy places”? Are any within ten miles of your home? When was the last time you visited one? 🌸🏠 . #thejoyfulexperiment is about finding joy in ordinary things to create extraordinary happiness and one of them is recognizing our happy places, the energy that flows within that space and how it makes us feel 💗 . . Sheikh Zayed Mosque is one of my happy places, It’s an Architectural masterpiece that sits majestically at the entrance to Abu Dhabi city and is well recognized by its pure colour due to it's white marble cladding ✨ Have you been before? . . Now it’s your turn, name one of your happy places 💫 👇🏻 . . #36tomy37th #joyfulbook
What brings you Joy? Cooking for family? Sharing laughs with a friend? Surrounding yourself with beautiful things? Or perhaps these yummy cottage cheese crackers sprinkled with pumpkin seeds and drizzled with honey 🍯 😋 . I was thinking about the day I took this photo, it was an overcast day, I was feeling down and wanted to cheer myself up, so I walked into my kitchen, grabbed whatever I could find and decided to make a snack and photograph it 📸 When I got the shot I felt inspired to do more and was filled with a true sense of “Joy” ✨ . . So here is the deal, in 37 days I am turning 37, in celebration I’m launching #thejoyfulexperiment following some of the tips from @aestheticsofjoy in an attempt to create extraordinary happiness out of ordinary things 💗 Are you in? . . If you’d like to join my quest, head to my stories and vote yes so I can make sure to deliver “Joy” to you everyday for the next 37 days 🙌🏻😘💃 Now tell me, what’s your idea of Joy? . . #joyfulbook #Mahainthekitchen #Foodphotographer #TravelPhotographer #ShotonCanon #37tomy37th
Picture this, your morning filled with sunshine, fluffy pancakes & the intoxicating smell of coffee, all served in bed ☕️ 🥞☀️ Now hold on to this thought, isn't it a good day to have a good day?💗 ✨ . . It’s #AskMahaMonday and one of the most requested topics I get is “Lighting”, so today I am sharing my setup, lighting technique & camera settings to achieve this dreamy breakfast in bed concept 😍 🥞 🛏 . . Check out my stories for aaaaallll the details & drop me your question in the comments, nothing is too small or too big, I am here to help 🙌🏻😘 . . #MahaintheKitchen #Foodphotographer #TravelPhotographer #ShotonCanon #morningslikethese #storyofmytable
Miss me? 📸 Because I really miss YOU! So much has been going on & as I whip up new content, reflect on my travels and gear up for the new year, I was wondering if there is such thing as too late to say “Thank You”! But I figured better late than never 💗 . . I know Instagram can be so frustrating with its ever changing algorithm 😣 not showing up on people’s feeds 😵 or even seeing all the beautiful posts and let’s not talk about the risk of falling into the comparison game 😖 but this community is amazing and powerful 💥 There are so many creative and beautiful souls around the world I would have never connected with if it wasn’t for Instagram ✨ . Last weekend we celebrated #CanadianThanksgiving and as I was thinking about all the things I’m thankful for and what makes me happy, I couldn’t help but think about You! Yes you! A supportive, loving and inspiring community of people many of which I never even met but already feel bonded’ve been with me on this my kitchen...behind the scenes and on my travels ✈️ . You are such an inspiration and motivation for me to keep doing what I’m doing...heck, you make me want to get better at what I do, just so I can share the love with you, so yes, thank you 🙏 😘 . . Now it’s your turn, what do you love the most about this community? . . Happy Friday loves 💕 . . #MahaMunaf #FoodPhotographer #TravelPhotographer #Architect
He asked me if I could give him a piece of the cake, I wasn’t following, because there was no cake, I had just spread crunchy peanut butter, sliced some bananas, sprinkled coconut, dusted cinnamon and drizzled honey on a piece of toast...but my 4yr old nephew perceived it as a cake! It definitely was a treat and I shared it with him, would you like to share this with me? 💗🍞🍌🥜🍯🥥 . . It’s #AskMahaMonday and today I am posting a link (in my profile & stories) to one of my favorite videos of how I edit photos with my phone because we don’t always have time to use photoshop or Lightroom 📲 Check out the video and let me know what photo editing challenges you have and need help with ☺️ ( . Have a fantastic Monday 🌸 . . #MahaintheKitchen #Foodphotographer #TravelPhotographer #ShotoniPhoneX #morningslikethese #bbcgoodfood #lovefoodhatewaste
“This smells sooo good, what are you making?” she asked as I pulled a tray of warm zaatar and cheese mana’eesh out of the oven, with the intoxicating aroma filling my tiny apartment, I knew it will be a winner..I smiled and said: If I was stranded on a beach, this is what I would want to eat everyday! . . Yesterday I introduced a couple of my friends to Mana’eesh, it was messy, a little over crispy but they loved it, we shared a meal, deep conversation and had a good time filled my heart with so much joy that I didn’t care if it was perfect or not 💗 . It’s #askMahaMonday and today I want to know, what’s the one thing you hope to communicate through your food photos? What message would you like to send and what kind of emotion are you looking to evoke? . . Drop me a line in the comments so I know how to help you get there 👇🏻 Stay tuned for exciting changes coming up this October 💃 Until then, have yourself a fantastic Monday 🌸 (Also, if you have a mana’eesh dough recipe you’d like to share please feel free, as I’d rather make my own 🙌🏻😍) . . #FoodPhotographer #TorontoPhotographer #MorningsLikeThese #lovefoodhatewaste #ShotOnCanon #bbcgoodfood
I think your Monday should start with fulffy pancakes topped with bananas & dates, drizzled with honey, sprinkled with coconuts and paired with a catch up session...don’t you agree? 🥞☕️ 🙌🏻 . It’s #AskMahaMonday & I wanted to let you know that I am back in Toronto and really missing you all! I’ve been traveling for the past month and missed out on so many of your stories and updates! So, I decided to spend the next few days catching up with you, please leave me a comment so I can visit your profile and find out what you’ve been up to 👇🏻💗 . . I am also working on new material and have lots of stories and photos to share from my trip, so stay tuned 😘 . . Have a fantastic Monday 🌸✨☀️ . . #Foodphotographer #Travelphotographer #torontophotographer #torontoigers #torontolife #torontonian #storyofmytable #cuisinesworld
“Cook with love, eat with passion” Do you agree that this is the best way to experience food? Would you also agree that the best way to learn about a culture is to learn how to cook their food? . If you’ve been watching my stories, you know I am now in beautiful Budapest and I can safely say the theme for this city is Fooood!! . It’s #askMahaMonday and today I am taking you behind the scenes of my experience learning how to cook Hungarian food! It was such an amazing day where I got to learn more about the cuisine and culture of Hungary and I can safely say I bought paprika, lots and lots of it to experiment when I am back home in Toronto! . Check out my stories to understand the reason behind my smile in this photo 💗 . Have yourself a fantastic monday 🙌🏻 . . #MahaMunaf #FoodPhotographer #TravelPhotographer #Architect #Chefinthemaking #HungarianCooking #Budapest
Imagine a place full of colour, no straight lines and bursting with Character! Allow me to introduce you to “Hundertwasserhaus” an apartment house in Vienna, Austria, built after the idea and concept of Austrian artist Friedensreich Hundertwasser (often referred to as Austrian Gaudí) with architect Joseph Krawina as a co-author 🏢 . . If you’ve been watching my stories, you know I travelled from Prague to Vienna, what you don’t know is, this is my 30th country!!! Since it’s #AskMahaMonday , it’s the best way to mark this milestone that I’ve been dreaming of for 7 years now and celebrate in style 🎉😍 My ultimate dream is to visit 40 countries before I turn 40, thank you for following my journey 🌎✈️🎉 . Check out my stories to see the big fat smile plastered on my face as I explore Vienna 💗 . . Have a fantastic Monday ✨🙌🏻 . . #Mahaonthemove #travelphotographer #foodphotographer #Vienna #Wein #Austria #Hundertwasserhaus #travelanddestinations #hundertwasser
Why hello beautiful! May your Saturday be as sweet and charming as this smoothie bowl 😍🌸💗 . . You probably know by now that I am in the enchanting city of hundred spires...Prague that is, and I am on a mission to find you the most insta-worthy yet yummy spots, don’t you think this smoothie bowl looks pretty amazing? Thank you @chloeprague 🌸 So got Prague recommendations for me? Ready...set...go 👇🏻 . . Check out my stories for all things Prague and stay tuned for my next destination 😉 🚊 . . #Mahaonthemove #prettycityPrague #foodphotographer #travelphotographer #praguefoodie #coconutbowl #veganbowl #healthysmoothie #eatingsummerparty
Forget everything I said about scones, I found the cupcake shop of my dreams in London!! How beautiful is this place?! 😍 🙌🏻🌸🌷 Would you like to join me for a treat? Even my friend who is not big on sweets enjoyed sharing one of their yummy cupcakes! But keep in mind, if you plan to visit, there’ll be a queue 😢 . . So I spent the past few days in London and by just visiting a couple of museums I already feel twice as smart! Haha I am on my way to the next destination, can you take a guess? Check out my stories for some clues 😉 . . Have a fantastic Thursday my lovely 💗🌷 . . #Mahaonthemove #prettycityLondon #foodphotographer #travelphotographer #londonfoodie
What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear London? . Me? Scones, lots and lots of warm scones covered with clotted cream and homemade jam 😍😋 . It’s #AskMahaMonday and I have a question for you, where would you get the best scones in London? If you’ve been watching my stories you probably know by now I am in the beautiful crazy busy city of London where I came for my best friend’s wedding (sharing all the deets in my stories) . . #AskMahaMonday is going through a major makeover and you will be so so happy! Stay tuned 💗 Until then send me your London food recommendations 😘🇬🇧 . . Have a fantastic Monday 😘 . . #Mahainthekitchen #Foodphotographer #Travelphotographer #torontophotographer
Soft yet crunchy, sweet but healthy, chewy and nutty...these are few of the things I could say about this super yummy date snack filled with nuts, drizzled with chocolate and sprinkled with coconut 🥥 How does this sound to you? Thank you @healthy_genie 💗😍 . . It’s #AskMahaMonday and as promised, today is all about planning your feed, having a strategy and batch-creating your content!! . . Head to my blog to find out how you can save yourself time and frustration when posting to Instagram 📲 (Link in profile: . . As always, connect with me through the comments or submit your question on my stories or at the website and I will do my best to get it answered! . . Have yourself a wonderful Monday 💗 . . #Foodphotographer #Travelphotographer #torontophotographer #torontoigers #torontolife #torontonian #storyofmytable #cuisinesworld
Hey beautiful! This is your friend Maha, the girl behind the gram and I want YOU to tell me three random things about you!! Here are mine 🙌🏻 . 1️⃣ My favourite colour is Red! 2️⃣ Coffee is the reason I get out of bed in the morning 😉☕️☕️ 3️⃣ I love photography so much, I’d probably give you a 5min lesson as part of our chat even if you didn’t ask me to 🤣 . . This is mainly why I started #AskMahaMonday , a weekly series where I get to take you behind the scenes and answer your most pressing questions! I am currently working through your questions and next week you are getting my strategy of how I batch create my content to save time 🙌🏻 . . Feel free to submit your questions on my website or through the “ask question” feature in my stories and I’ll do my best to get it answered for you! . . Now it’s your turn, what three random things you’d like to share with me? Have yourself a fantastic monday 🙌🏻 . . #MahaMunaf #FoodPhotographer #TravelPhotographer #Architect #FemaleEntrepreneur #BossChick #GetToKnowMe
How do you like your raspberries? Fresh or baked? Pie or scone? Gelato or sorbet? 🍓🍒 . . Happy Friday love, I am back in Toronto from a weeklong retreat in Grimsby, there was so much love, nurturing and aha moments, can’t wait to share my experience with you 🙌🏻✨ . . Have a fantastic Friday 💗 . . #Foodphotographer #Travelphotographer #torontophotographer #torontoigers #torontolife #torontonian #storyofmytable #cuisinesworld #bakewell #niagaraonthelake
Nutty, nourishing and fulfilling...that’s how I like to start my morning 🙌🏻 Who wants almond blueberry pancakes, topped with almond slivers and drizzled with maple syrup?! I’ll have coffee with mine, what are you having? 🥞☕️ Big thanks to @gowithnancy for making me breakfast and taking care of me 💗 . . I know it’s #askMahaMonday , but I am taking this opportunity to announce that I am going to unplug for the week and spend the next few days nourishing my body, re-focusing my energy and working on how to get stronger and healthier so I can serve you better! . . I have so much amazing content coming your way and I can’t wait to share it with you! . . In my stories, I am sharing where I am and what I’m up to, so follow along and let me know how you like to disconnect and nourish your soul 🌸✨ . . Have a fantastic week 💗 . . #Foodphotographer #Travelphotographer #torontophotographer #torontoigers #torontolife #torontonian #storyofmytable #cuisinesworld
What do you get when you combine avocados with mango, broccoli and carrots? Oh and did I mention quinoa too? 🥑🥕🥦🌽 Fresh, colourful and vibrant! One part sweet, two parts crunchy, creamy and hearty, all in one go 😋 . Summer on a plate 🥗 . It’s #AskMahaMonday and today’s question came in last week: “How do you manage to cook delicious food everyday and shoot it so quickly? I've been trying but unable to even decide what to cook! 😔” . The short answer is in my stories 👉 The long detailed one will be coming your way next week with a step by step of how to do it 🙌 . . Got a question for me? Post it in my stories in the question section or submit it through the website 💗 As always feel free to connect with me and let me know your thoughts in the comments 👇 . . Have a fantastic Monday 🎈 Recipe styled and shot for @healthy_genie ✨ . . #Foodphotographer #Travelphotographer #torontophotographer #torontoigers #torontolife #torontonian #storyofmytable #cuisinesworld
This veggie lentil burger flavoured with pomegranate molasses, mixed with cilantro garlic paste and topped with fried onions and pita bread is everything you need for your #meatlessmonday fix! So, who is in? 🍔🍟 . . This is my own invention, a burger version of “Hora Osba’o” (A traditional Syrian recipe) and I can’t wait to share with you all the details of how I transformed this traditional recipe keeping all the delicious flavours 😍😋 . . But It’s #AskMahaMonday and in my stories I am showing you the one simple trick that will transform your photos from average to amazing! It’s the way you see light and how it falls on your food! This is what elevates your work and give your photos that extra edge, check out my stories 🎥 . . Have a fantastic Monday 🌸 . . #Mahainthekitchen #Foodphotographer #Travelphotographer #torontophotographer #torontoigers #torontolife #torontonian #storyofmytable #cuisinesworld
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