Cameron Ryan

"Don't limit your challenges to what you can do, challenge your limits to see who you really are".

Does anyone have any ideas on how to fix this? Was up at kalumanda, wasn't riding fast or hard and some how hit a small wrong ( not hard ) and did this. A bit pissed but this stuff happens. Hoping it's fixable.
The new pedals are in and they are looking rad. Crank Brothers Loic Bruni designed mallet DH pedals.
Mad day out up at kalumanda yesterday, things got a bit sketchy with me hitting a rock and my ankle but managed to pull of my biggest jump yet of a distance of 5.5 metres.
Getting ready for a ride up at kalumanda!!!
Giving the pup here medication in slow Mo!
Bottom bracket clean out with my pup and chooks!
Just some of the things I've been printing the past couple of days.
Well ain't that nice, decide to print the Skyrim emblem for some reason, was a pain though as it took two failed print due to the speed and thickness being set wrong. The third and last print came out perfectly and all that is left is to remove the expendable base. FUN WITH A 3D PRINTER FOR 2 WEEKS!!!
Learning how to 3D print stuff at the moment. Printing some form of power station that was already on the printer.
It's when I finish a full clean out of my bike and have put it all back together I sit there and think... Right of to the jumps to get it nice and dirty, lol.
Honestly now that I've watched it a thousand time, I could have come out of that a lot worse but am glad to have been to hospital to get sent out with only some bad sprains. (Always ride with someone just incase) thanks to my dad for being slower and taking the safer path so he could clean me up from my mistake. ALWAYS WHERE A HELMET!
This has to be the best seat post on the best bike in the world!!!!
I'm a big boy now!!!
How I eat in a full face helmet.
Ah... Hmm... Anyone know what happened to my mealworms. (Don't mind my puppy I'm the background, she's a bit of a wose we I'm around the chooks)
The dog got pegged????
Fun day out at Fremantle for lunch and a movie!
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