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Welcome to the official Campagnolo Instagram profile. Campagnolo S.r.l. designs, produces and distributes high-end components for racing bikes.

Crafted to a higher standard, each and every Campagnolo component…from the quick release to the corkscrew, from the derailleur to the chainlink… is made with the same nearly obsessive attention to detail that has been synonymous with the brand since its inception. Move better with #movementbycampagnolo . . . Photo: @joshua_thomas_riddle
Frame by Cicli Olympia , #movementbycampagnolo – Two historic and authentic Italian cycling brands, one with over 125 years and the other with more than 85. Both have seen an evolution in both the sport and the technology used to improve the tool of the cyclist’s trade. However, one thing has remained constant: the undying motivation to create a better and more reliable tool to improve the cycling experience. The 125th anniversary of Olympia is celebrated by the Boost 125 and represents the most sophisticated frame produced by the company yet. It is only fitting that it be finished with the latest in Campagnolo transmissions and wheels. . . Photo: @joshua_thomas_riddle
Behind these doors lays a factory. A factory that perhaps doesn't lie in the same spot as when it was founded but it hasn't moved far and it continues to run under the same philosophy as it did on day one. Improve the cycling experience by creating the finest componentry available via unique, exciting and advanced solutions that are as reliable as they are beautiful. #movementbycampagnolo Photo: @joshua_thomas_riddle
Campagnolo Tattoo Tuesdays: Very few brands can boast having as many loyal fans that feel such deep rooted passion for its products that they are willing to declare it in the most permanent of ways. We are happy to show the world what you have already decided to show those close to you...your love of Campagnolo Srl. Thanks to Manuel Alejandro Diago for sharing such a fantastic Campagnolo tattoo.
Looking for a truly authentic Campagnolo experience? You can't get much more Campagnolo than the @granfondo_campagnolo_roma and there is no event with more history or culture anywhere in the world. Sign up today! #movementbycampagnolo
The new standard for aerodynamic wheels solutions applies aerodynamic design to the entire wheel, not only the rim. Starting with an extremely aerodynamic rim, studied to interface perfectly with 25 and 28mm tires the Campagnolo Bora WTO incorporates aerodnamically optimized spokes and hub as well. #movementbycampagnolo photo: @joshua_thomas_riddle
Frame by @bassobikes , #movementbycampagnolo - two brands born and raised on racing that have held fast to their competitive origins combine to make one potent, all-italian racing machine. The finest Vicenza has to offer will leave no rider wanting and plenty struggling to keep up. #thoseintheknow choose Campagnolo. Photo : @joshua_thomas_riddle
The best disc brakes in the business... #movementbycampagnolo photo: @bassobikes
While Campagnolo wheels are tested in the laboratory and on the road it is the seal of approval that comes from the most demanding and accomplished athletes that ultimately determines whether or not a product is worthy of the cursive logo. By striving not to be good enough but better than their expectations is what makes #movementbycampagnolo special. #worldchampion @alessandroballan79 Photo: @joshua_thomas_riddle
Frame by @deanimacicli , #movementbycampagnolo - for a brand that takes its name from "soul" its frames certainly have a lot of it. Plenty of pedigree and plenty of soul are but two of the ingredients that go into each frame made painstakingl by hand in Pergine Valsugana. However, the myth must be experienced to be understood and such an experience sould only be carried out atop components made of the same caliber, attention to detail...and soul. #thoseintheknow choose Campagnolo. Photo: @joshua_thomas_riddle
Campagnolo ergopower commands are designed to be the most ergonomic available...offering comfortable, safe and intuitive grip and control that is world class....worthy of a #worldchampion . ...because control is everything whether racing or getting high fives! Photo: @gettysport
While red and white might be the colors of the current season, they also correspond with one of the winnengest wheels in professional cycling history: Bora Ultra. Is it a coincidence that team @uae_team_emirates 's bikes are of the same color? #lookfastbefast @gettysport
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