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Might be a bit chilly for a canoe, but it sure is beautiful. Photo by @mddyelrck #Canada
Not safe enough to cross, but enough to sit and enjoy the beauty of it all. Photo by @long.explorer #Canada
The trees in Quebec are exploding with colour making for some breathtaking scenery. Photo by @stevint #Canada
A beautiful drive in Nova Scotia, surrounded by the amazing colours of the season. Photo by @kyleremcgregor #Canada
Making friends in the fall at the University of Toronto. Photo by @arjsun #Canada
Manitoba showing off its beautiful fall colours. Photo by @andre.brandt #Canada
Without question, one of the most beautiful ways to see Peyto Lake is right before it freezes over. Photo by @dreamingandwandering #Canada
Emerald Lake is always spectacular, even if its too dark to see that beautiful coloured water. Photo by @mindz.eye #Canada
A light snowfall turns The Pas Manitoba into a dreamland. Photo by @andre.brandt #Canada
Is there a more beautiful time to explore the trails than fall? Photo by @sakithranaweera #Canada
Looking down at the magical landscape of Newfoundland and Labrador. Photo by @tomcochrane #Canada
The end of another great day in Vancouver. Photo by @erikandersen #Canada
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